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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome! <3 I haven't been on for quite some time. o: I'm back now. XD I'd love it if we can do an art trade~ (: But I'm currently doing my pet's refs.... o: Their old refs are.... really old and I'm hoping to give them a new look. (: Trade: OPEN (finally got my pet's ref up! ;u;) Request: Close / Open TEH RULEZ: [Well, I don't like them either] 1) NO ENTERING ANY KIND OF COMPETITION WITH MY ART! o: 2) Please don't try to erase my username from the art... ;n; 3) Don't claim my art as your own. 4) ONLY take the ones I did for YOU. Theif will NOT be tolerated. 5) PLEASE don't get angry if I refuse to draw your pets... ): {Most of the time it's either your design is too complicated for me/I don't know how to draw that species) It won't be anything complicated. heck, I might even draw in chibi style/black and white/head-shot.(YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) Not first come first serve~ Your pets have ref = I'll more likely to draw for you Slot: vyvren- zombie krawk-to-be (Chtulue) Empty Empty {only taking 3 at the moment and see how it goes} Done: none... yet. I bet everyone is waiting to see some examples, eh?? :rolleyes_anim: [newest on top] Sorry if I've made any typos... English isn't my first language. XD That is all for now. :rock:
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