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Found 14 results

  1. Figured I'd start a thread to find out where my Pirates are at! Let's bring home the cup this year! This is my 5th official (7th total) Altador Cup and I have been supporting Krawk Island every year since the "Glory Days" when we won the cup. I have always been drawn pirates and growing up in and around the Caribbean, pirates have always been a part of my life and history. I would love to eventually (if there is enough support) create a Krawk Island guild on neopets! What are the goals of the current players for this Altador cup? I am looking to become an all-star for the first time. Good luck to all and raise the Jolly Roger!
  2. Here is my latest Neopets coloring page. I colored this and it's cool. Thanks for looking.
  3. Here we are again, Altador Cuppers, ready to explore the results of today's labours. I'm Brooke with The Daily Neopets, reporting live from our comfortable, air-conditioned studio. Today was the last day of round three; we're in the home stretch now! So as long as no more staffers go missing, and no one gets blown up or falls out of a tree or drinks a bad slushie, we'll be here to the end. Let's head right into the Alabriss bracket together, shall we? The results of the match between Tyrannia and Meridell seemed all but a foregone conclusion as the teams took the field today. The frightening prospect of going up against the nearly-unbeatable Fossils for the second time this round did little to daunt the mighty Knights, however. They gave it their all, as they always do, but still came up short against a team that has taken no prisoners all season. After their second round in a row unbeaten, Tyrannia stands third in the standings; Lost Desert is close on their heels. Meridell is resting comfortably in sixth place; not a bad showing so far! The Haunted Woods haven't managed a single Yooyuball win this year, but today they came tantalizingly close in their match against Roo Island. The Rooligans swept the Zombies, making their second sweep this round. They are now in seventh place, whereas the Zombies are sitting at the bottom of the standings, tied with Moltara. If they really work at it, they may be able to pull themselves out of the bottom and pass up Virtupets, or even Brightvale. Time will tell! The last match of the round fell to Maraqua and Faerieland. The Faeries have been doing better than expected this year, pulling off some upsets against teams with much better records. Today their strength in Yooyuball paid off, as they bested the Mermaids on the field. Elon Hughlis rallied the troops, however, and Maraqua sideswept Faerieland. Maraqua has ended the round in tenth place; the Faeries are not far behind in thirteenth. I'll turn things over to Midtime now for the Minitheus bracket. How are things going your way, Midtime? [Midtime looks up, and clears their throat.] Thank you, Brooke! Er, as we are both in the same studio I believe our total velocity should be very similar. Oh! Yes, the Minitheus bracket. Let me see to that. The Mummies found the tide turned against them in their first encounter with the Kikos this season. No effort was spared, as always, in the Kikos' onslaught, and despite their most valiant exertions, Team Lost Desert could only somewhat lessen the margin by which they lost, and the match ended just as one-sidedly as all the rest of today's. Kiko Lake are by now the only team never to have lost a match this season, thanks in no small part to their own efforts; and in view of how steadily they have kept up this record, it may not be too early to say that they took home the Cup! [The reporter visibly freezes.] Um - I apologise. Due to the function of grammatical tenses, it would, in fact, be too early to say that. Let us move on. The Robots outdid themselves in spectacular fashion, executing an unforeseen sweep against a capable but unsuspecting Team Brightvale. While Virtupets have snatched their share of small triumphs over the course of the Cup, their performance today, according to commentators, was far beyond anything they have mustered so far, rivalling this year's most prominent contenders. Virtupets fans, in justifiably high spirits, managed to flood the news conference their idols held, forcing it to be cut short - unfortunately - before our interviewers could solicit a comment from team captain Keetra Deile. To compensate for this, we have instead sent a list of questions to Team Virtupets' official email address. If it has not been intercepted by their spam filter, we can expect it to be read and responded to as early as next year! Fortunately, our email practices are absolutely professional. I sent the questions a dozen times, just to be sure that they would be noticed. Last in the bracket, Team Krawk Island's rematch with Altador ended in another sweep on the Pirates' side. Both teams may be able to say they have had a rough three rounds. For the Pirates, this is a valuable accomplishment, boosting them to eighth in the rankings - tied with the Minions. For the Suns, it is merely another in a long string of crushing defeats. It may be easy for fans to be demoralised by Altador's present record, but let us all remember that it is the spirit of the game that counts! The greatest motivator of all is revenge. Er, I mean camaraderie. One of the two - I often forget. This has been the Minitheus bracket. I will pass you on to Matt, now, who will stall until the Vaeolus results arrive. [Cut to Matt.] Thanks Midtime! The results from the Vaeolus Bracket just came in, so let's get started right away! Kreludor ended the third round with a bang as they brought out the brooms once again to blow away the Minions. Although the Minions came close to preventing a sweep in Slushie Slinger, they weren't able to make that final push to tie with the Moons. As a result, the Moons finish the third round on a high note. Currently second place overall, Kreludor will be looking to retain their podium position. On the other hand, the Minions will try to make a push to rise up from the middle of the pack. The matchup between the underdogs of the bracket, Mystery Island and Moltara did not disappoint spectators today. Although the match ended in a sweep in the Natives' favor, the Magmas fought valiantly and had a close match in all of the games. With a score gap of only one point in all of the games, the Natives inched slightly ahead of the Magmas. If the Magmas focused on one or two games rather than spreading their energy to all four games, a different story might've occurred. However, the past is in the past and both teams will be looking ahead to round four as they try to redeem themselves and rise up from the lower brackets. The final matchup between Terror Mountain and Shenkuu was also a rather close match. The Chillers were able to dominate Make Some Noise like usual, and with only two losses up to this point, it seems as if the Chillers' fanbase is bigger than ever this year. However, Yooyuball and the remaining two side games were a different story as the Ninjas were able to make a close push to close the score gap to one. In the end, the Chillers were able to finish the third round with a solid sweep. The Chillers have a good chance to make a run for the podium this year, but will they be able to keep this momentum up throughout the next two rounds? That wraps up today's report! Tomorrow is a bye day so teams will be resting up, and so will we. We will return later with the results from the fourth round but for now, this is Matt signing off. Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'll be making my way back to the newsroom. I've had enough of the outdoors experience. Brooke, Midtime, I hope you'll both be delighted to hear that I'm returning to the studio! Until next time Neopians. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  4. Hello again, my friends, and welcome back to The Daily Neopets, where we bring you the newest scoop, with fun pictures that are sometimes even relevant! I'm Brooke and sweet Fyora is it hot. And I promise, it's not just me. [Brooke winks at the camera. She shuffles her notes and prepares to go on, but a man in a headset runs onscreen, whispers something in her ear, then bids a hasty retreat.] *sigh* I've just been informed that my previous comment and accompanying facial gesture were, in fact, inappropriate. My apologies. I just can't win, can I? Anyway, moving on. Let's look at the results of the Alabriss bracket. Today the Lost Desert continued their impressive sweep-streak (sullied only once, by Kreludor) as they took the Haunted Woods for a wild ride. The Zombies have not yet achieved a single shutout, and in fact have not had a win since day three. The Mummies' right defender, Rhee Solters, was spotted outside the arena consoling a rather dejected-looking Zo Junior, centre forward for the Haunted Woods, in a display of heart-warming sportsmanship. There seems to be a lot of good will going around this year! Next up, Pirates versus Ninjas was the name of the game, in a series of incredibly close matches. Krawk Island fought hardest on the Yooyuball field, and their fans cheered the loudest today, and although Shenkuu struggled valiantly as they slung slushies and... shot out... showdowns? Erm... the remaining two events ended in a draw. In the last round of the bracket, the brooms were back! Tyrannia is off to a great start this bracket with their second sweep in as many days. The Darigan Citadel, however, is having precisely the opposite level of success this bracket. They've brought their scores up a bit since the games started, but as they face increasingly strong teams, they're having more and more trouble standing up to the challenge. But as we've all seen over the years, things could change at the drop of a hat! Speaking of dropping hats, let's turn things over to my esteemed colleague, Midtime, for the Minitheus bracket! [To someone offscreen:] What?? I don't know what I meant by that, okay? Segues are hard! "Thank you, Brooke! As luck would have it, I do indeed appear to have dropped my hat. As I have no idea where it could have gone and am now susceptible to mind-control attempts via brain-wave, I'll try to finish up the Minitheus results quickly. Hopefully no one's stepped on it by the time I find it. "First, the Kikos continued their prodigious work today in their match against Moltara. Once again their incredible offensive play crushed all opposition, and once again they dominated the side events, scoring themselves yet another complete victory. Although we are now well into the season, fan turnout for the Kikos' matches has not diminished in the least: supporters from the Lake, many of whom have clearly never been to Altador before, have become commonplace in the tourist strips that surround the Colosseum, all eager to see their beloved national team finally receiving the attention they have always felt it deserves, although I am currently staring at the astral projection of one young woman who is at present far more excited about the fan-exclusive slushie discounts." [The reporter blinks, and rubs their eyes.] "I do need my hat; I miss it already. Er, where was I? Upside-down in a large dustbin headed for an incinerator about two blocks down Iter Librata, I think, or something like that. "The Kreludor Moons seem to have bounced back from their recent loss, pulling ahead in a very close Yooyuball match to sweep the Faeries soundly. Captain Kakoni Worrill of Faerieland addressed supporters after the match, describing the game as 'one of the best learning experiences we've had this season', and displaying his usual infectious optimism towards the team's future. Ealyn Hawkshanks of the Moons fielded questions in a separate event: when asked how he felt about the rematch against the Kikos tomorrow, he simply responded, 'We're always ready for another go.' This was also his response to a question about the team's attitude towards ice-cream, much to the delight of fans. "Finally, Team Meridell came out on top against the Brightvale Wizards, their neighbours at home. Brightvale forward Hireck's superb performance in the penalty shootouts made the game a close one, and that area of the match was awarded in their favour, but thanks to Ballos-Meuler's brand new Intergalactic Nail Polish! Available for order in your nearest Sloth Perishables outlet-" [The reporter shakes their head vigorously.] "Hat. Er, thanks to Meridell Captain Windelle's brilliant running plays and an excellent last-second save by Obbles, the victory did indeed fall on the side of the Knights. Team Brightvale seem collectively determined not to dwell on their recent losses, and have taken to the practice field to prepare for tomorrow's match against the Faeries. "I've got to go find my hat now. Go to- go to Matt, now, if you please. He will bow now before your Meepit overlords or get a one-time exemption for the low, low price of nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine the Vaeolus Bracket. Pax vobiscum, abolish telepathic spam, and all the other valedictions. Um. Goodbye!" [The reporter can be briefly seen dashing away with a silver umbrella clutched in one hand; then the feed switches back to Matt at the studio.] Brooms were everywhere in today's matches, and the Vaeolus Bracket was no exception! With two sweeps, and one near sweep, it was either go hard or go home today. Of course teams still have a few weeks of matches to complete before they can actually go home, but that's beside the point! Diving into the Vaeolus Bracket, the Maraquan Mermaids and the Mystery Island Natives clashed on the battlefield today. The Mermaids were able to sink the Natives' hopes for a victory today by dominating the side games. The Natives were able to redeem themselves by forcing Yooyuball to end in a draw, barely surviving being swept by the Mermaids. The Mermaids are in high spirits as they face off against the Rooligans today, while the Natives are up against yet another tough opponent, Terror Mountain. Roo Island and Terror Mountain faced off against Altador and Virtupets respectively. Both Roo Island and Terror Mountain were able to dominate in the side games, while scores in Yooyuball showed that the Suns and Robots didn't go down without a fight. The losers of both matches are facing each other today, so it'll be interesting to see which team can finally earn some wins in this bracket. Moving on to our interesting matches for the day, Darigan Citadel and Shenkuu will be facing off on the field today. Shenkuu has been performing very well in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. Will the Ninjas be able to take those two side games from the Minions? Meridell and Faerieland will also be butting heads on the field today. Although Meridell is predicted to side-sweep the Faeries, will the underdog team be able to pull off a victory in Yooyuball? Find out the answers to those questions and more in tomorrow's report. As for now, this is Matt, live from the studio signing off. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  5. Greetings, dear viewers, and welcome to today's report! This is Midtime reporting from The Daily Neopets with another day impressively full of sweeps, and carrying a small dustpan to fulfil my pun quota. Having only one hand free to shuffle these papers is already starting to annoy me, so let's start off. In the Alabriss Bracket, following a few heartening victories against easier opponents, the Lost Desert have suffered another crushing defeat at the hands of mid-tier contender Darigan Citadel. The Minions, whose scores have lagged somewhat in recent matches, impressed fans with an enthusiastic 6-4 victory, followed up by landslide victories in all other events. Currently tied with Tyrannia for fourth place behind the tournament favourites, Darigan Citadel seem to be on top of the game once more, and captain Layton Vickles confidently announced his expectation to "finissssh ahead of the - " What? It's a sibilant, of course he - well, how do you expect me to tell the difference between east and central Darigan accents? Fine. Citadel captain Layton Vickles confidently announced that he expected to end the season in fourth place, ahead of Tyrannia. Leera Heggle of the Mummies, meanwhile, attracts fewer people who adhere to species-specific pronunciation… Moltara, one of this year's powerhouses, came off better in their second match against the Haunted Woods - despite losing Yooyuball in a very close game, they maintained a solid hold on Shootout Showdown, and dedicated fans ensured that this time the Magmas won out in Make Some Noise, as well - splitting the events evenly both ways. Despite this setback, the Zombies remain in the lead, and fans still expect them to be the first team to take the Cup home twice. The Kikos' renowned talent for upsets did little to help them against the Knights, who have consistently outperformed other teams in their tier. Kiko Lake's tense, high-risk plays gave the Knights an opportunity to prove the integrity of the conventional, and a series of equally close battles across the other events left Kiko Lake just one draw short of a sweep. As this follows close on the heels of a surprising loss against the Mermaids, Kiko team captain "Poke" Cellers acknowledged that the team was perhaps in need of "a bit of a regrouping". [Midtime absent-mindedly reaches up to rub his eyes, and succeeds in hitting himself in the forehead with the dustpan, producing a faint 'thock'.] Er. On to the Minitheus Bracket. Speaking of Maraqua, things seem to be back to normal for them. The sweep by Virtupets is disappointing but expected, even given their record-breaking results last round - results which they could not reproduce today. Although some remain hopeful for their next match, which is against the less psychologically imposing Mystery Island, the Mermaids are quickly running out of opportunities to show their mettle; though the Natives' scores have dropped recently as well, they aren't likely to let down their guard. Both teams seem absorbed in practice, as requests to interview them were flatly denied. Yes, the Natives' performance somewhat disappointed their supporters, who after a poor showing against the Faeries were hoping for at least a sound victory against Krawk Island to help the team gain their footing again. The Pirates redeemed themselves from a poor showing against Meridell with an unexpected sweep, just edging out the Natives on all fronts - the cause of much celebration among their fans. While the Pirates have seen little change in their performance over the course of the Cup, they've certainly got the spirit to make Pirate supporters proud. Meanwhile, Tyrannia, having weathered the tournament's most fearsome opponents, return to their usual routine, sweeping Shenkuu off the field by a considerable margin. The Fossils are clearly as spirited as ever; while the enthusiasm of Ninja supporters is undampened, and as the Cup proceeds into its final round it seems the cheering is only getting louder. That's all for the first two brackets. I'll send you over to Brooke for the Vaeolus Bracket - I'm not sure where she is this time. Any way, where does this dustpan go? "Thank you, Midtime! Be careful with those dustpans, they can be a bit hard to handle! Get it? It's funny because they... have... handles? Okay, that was awful, sorry. This is Brooke, reporting to you from the janitor's closet immediately adjacent to the newsroom. I may or may not have been caught sneaking into the newsroom after hours to film a report early, even though I was expressly forbidden to do so by my boss. Maybe. Anyway, she said if I behave myself I might just see the inside of the newsroom again before the Cup is over! And I may possibly have accidentally dropped a fake mustache in her morning coffee, so I'm hoping that by staying out of sight (and therefore, ideally, out of mind), I might avoid further invoking her wrath. "In any case, here's the results of the Vaeolus Bracket. "In the first match of the bracket, Kreludor faced off against Faerieland, and the results came as a shock to approximately no one. While the Moons just came off the bad end of a hat-trick of sweeps, their scores have been consistent and proved much more effective against the Faeries than the powerhouses that are currently holding the top three overall positions. The matches were close, however; the Faeries may just have a chance to snag a few more wins as the Cup draws to a close. "Meanwhile, Brightvale and Roo Island were going head-to-head. The Wizards zapped the Rooligans on the Yooyuball field, and then carried that power to Shootout Showdown as well. The Rooligans, however, retaliated by bouncing solidly all over the Wizards in both Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger. Roo Island is currently in a three-way tie for thirteenth place in the overall standings, but the margin between thirteenth and twelfth is close enough that they may be able to pass Maraqua. "In another less than surprising turn of events, Terror Mountain pulled off a sweep against Altador. The Chillers have achieved their first sweep of the season, which may spur them to a few last-minute wins. The scores, however, were close, and the Suns' bright disposition may yet carry them through to pass Faerieland and take them out of last place. "Today, Virtupets will face off against last year's victors, Tyrannia, for the second time. Last time they won all events but Yooyuball. Perhaps Tyrannia will be a little luckier this time. Faerieland has a chance for a few more wins as they'll be facing Terror Mountain, and our eyes will also be on Maraqua for a surge against Mystery Island. "On behalf of the entire team here at The Daily Neopets, I'd like to thank you for sticking with us. We're on the home stretch now, and we'll be sure to continue bringing you up-to-date coverage. This is Brooke, signing off for now!" Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  6. This is LivCat for The Daily Neopets! I am on location in Altador where signups have just begun. After camping outside the Colosseum for the past week it is a relief to finally be able to get inside. I was lucky enough to bump into Feldon Collibridge, better known as Dinksy, and when I asked if I could interview her she was more than happy to cooperate. I am really excited to be conducting my first interview this year. [beams] Feldon, Feldon! Oh my gosh I am a huge fan, can I please have your autograph? Arrrr, who should I make it out to? [hands over picture of Feldon] LivCat! [squeals] [signs picture: "Ahoy LivCat, Never Doubt Team Krawk Island, Feldon"][hands back picture] [smiles] Thank you so much! Before you go I was wondering if I can interview you? I don't much like reporters but you are obviously a big fan so I will make an exception. But I don't have much time, I gotta get aft t' practice. Great! [beams] Well, I think everyone want's to know how you think Krawk Island did in the games last year? I think we could have done better. I was quite shocked with th' outcome especially since Tyrannia came first. I thought we was goin' t' win but I be happy that we didn't drop below 5th place. I see. What do you think you will place this year? I think we be in with a good shot at comin' first, second or at t' very least third this year. Durin' t' off season we have been trainin' very hard. Especially since we have Coco a part o' our team this year, with this our team really needed t' bond and work out new strategies. Yes, I saw that Coco had transferred from Team Kreludor. What is it like having Coco on the team instead of Ealyn? At first we thought it were a hoax, but when we realised it wasn't we had t' work together t' train her in our strategies an' t' make sure that she was at t' very least capable o' bein' an asset t' our team. But I personally be not happy with t' change; Ealyn was a good mate o' mine and she did not tell me she was transferrin' teams. Hmmmm, do you think this year you have something to prove because of past results and Coco? We don't have anythin' t' prove, we always overcome challenges and come up on top because we arrr and will always be champions. I see Garven Hale: [shouting] Collibridge, get your butt over t' practice immediately and stop runnin' your gob! Feldon: I'm sorry but I must be goin'! Wait, I have one more question! Aye? Fans everywhere have been wondering why you have the nickname "Dinksy?" Because I be an excellent player and because I be very hard t' go up against. I- What do you mean? Garven Hale: [shouting louder] Don't make me come over there and drag you t' practice Feldon: I really must be goin'. It was nice t' meet you! [flies towards Garven Hale who starts giving her a lecture] Before leaving, I stopped at a food stand and ordered some chocolate covered strawberries. And with that I left with a satisfied grin, knowing I had just succeeded in my first interview ever. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free representation of the parties involved, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. If professional analysis is what tickles your fancy, take a look at our predictions (global/daily).
  7. Hello and welcome, everybody! The Altador Cup is finally over! It's been a crazy month, to say the least! With everything from Austin being arrested numerous times, to explosions in our very own newsroom, my first year as a reporter has definitely been a memorable one! After twenty-nine excruciating days, the dust has settled and the long-awaited results have been announced! Here to share them with you are myself, Matt, and my co-anchor Katie who is out on the field for the first time! Now we have Katie to get us started with the results! [The feed first cuts to a panorama shot of Altador. Then, it follows the celebrations taking place outside the Colosseum.] Thanks, Matt! As my co-anchor mentioned, it's my first time venturing out into the throng of Altador Cup fans, and boy, are things lively! To my left are some lovely pastel-colored jerseys and pennants marking the camaraderie of the Faerieland team; the scene on my right has gathered some Virtupets fans, garbed in chrome; and further ahead are the distinct camps of the Moltara and Mystery Island supporters. I'm here to discuss this year's Bottom Four, whose efforts won't go without notice. Even when they were down, they simply did not give up! Such raw determination is admirable, don't you think? [An eager Magmas fan sneaks up from behind and swipes the microphone away.] Moltara fan: Yeah! Of course it is! Uh, well, that was a rhetorical question-- Moltara fan: We nearly swept Mystery Island and Faerieland, and everyone thought our team was full of hot air. We had results, it just didn't show! True. You did also have nine Shootout Showdown wins to show. A real question for you now: what are you hoping for Moltara to improve upon next year? Moltara fan: We've got to get out of last place, duh! Our team is much more capable of a higher ranking. That's pretty much it, as we've got to take it one step at a time. Great. Can I have my microphone back? Moltara fan: I'll play you some trivia for it, how about that? Really? Okay, fine. Let's play. [An intense round of Altador Cup trivia ends in the reporter's favor, allowing her to continue meandering around the various celebrations.] Now that the microphone debacle has been sorted out, we return to our final results coverage. Next up, we have our first tie -- Virtupets and Faerieland are sixteenth! [The mention of both teams draws attention from the respective supporters.] Faerieland fan: We had five Yooyuball wins! Go, Worrill! Virtupets fan: Yeah, well, we had seventeen! Faerieland fan: Both of our teams got side-swept by Mystery Island, so there! Virtupets fan: You know what I have to say about that? 001010101010 010101 0101010110 01010 010101011101 0101011110100110 110110! Whoa, there! This is family-friendly television! We don't need another lawsuit on our hands, okay? Both of your teams deserve some merit, no matter what the standings say. Virtupets fan: Right, sorry. Faerieland did win Yooyuball twice against Kiko Lake, which is rather impressive. Faerieland fan: Seventeen Yooyuball wins are amazing! See? That's the Altador Cup spirit! Both Virtupets and Faerieland have the potential to climb in the standings, and next year could be the year they do! The Robots need to establish a stronger presence in the beginning of the Cup to amass points early on, which may be holding them back from a higher finish. Faerieland would like to prove to everyone that they can be a force to be reckoned with, and especially a team that can cause upsets. We'll have to see if captain Kakoni Worrill can make that a reality next year. Before I hand over our coverage to Matt in the newsroom, I've got one more team to report on: Mystery Island. I'm approaching the festive campsite as I speak -- the music is quite loud, but also very spirited. A kind Island Techo has put his flute aside to speak with me. I'm from TDN and I'd like to ask you-- Mystery Island fan: The Daily Neopets? Like Austin from TDN? The one involved in the Kau explosions? Er, well, yes, our emphatic Austin is our usual field reporter... and I cannot comment on the allegations of Kau explosions. I'm just your regular Altador Cup reporter. I'd like to ask you about Mystery Island's season this year: Was it what you expected? Mystery Island fan: Going from second to fifteenth place isn't exactly a picnic, I'll tell you that. Sure, it may have been a rough year, but certainly there's a silver lining to it all? Mystery Island fan: Some of our best outings came against teams Virtupets and Faerieland, who we side-swept during our match-ups. So I heard! Not too bad. Any comments on what you'd like to see next year for the Natives? Mystery Island fan: We all agree that we would like to place higher than fifteenth place, and a Yooyuball win wouldn't hurt either. We still have faith in Volgoth! Thank you! I've got to pass off the report to Matt now to report on the next ten rankings, as I've been coerced into jamming out with the Natives of Mystery Island. What a fun bunch! This has been an enthralling field report from yours truly, Katie. Thanks, Katie. It seems like there's a lot of action at the colosseum! It's lively in here as well! Plushies from all teams have been scattered around the newsroom. Isn't this Darigan Citadel plushie the cutest? Before I get too distracted, let's get on with the results from the middle of the pack, the middle ten! In fourteenth place we have Kiko Lake! The Kikos had a fairly good season this year, and although it's a big drop from their finish in sixth place last year, they certainly had some highlights. The Kikos were able to nearly sweep Meridell twice, which was no easy feat. The Kikos' record of 19/25 wins in Slushie Slinger is also nothing to scoff at! Next year, the Kikos hope to have a stronger presence earlier on in the Cup, and to use their Slushie Slinger skills to their advantage. Tied for twelfth place we have the Lost Desert Mummies and the Shenkuu Ninjas! These two teams had a decent run this year, each team having some highlights to note. Lost Desert was able to nearly sweep Terror Mountain, and was also able to win Yooyuball against Shenkuu and Brightvale. It seems that the Mummies have fallen through the rankings again; will they be able to recover next year? If they're able to strengthen their core, and make sure that they don't stretch themselves too thin, they'll definitely improve next year. As for Shenkuu, they were able to side-sweep Virtupets and the Lost Desert and were also able to deal a loss to powerhouse Roo Island. The Ninjas have fourteen Slushie Slinger wins, and if they can work on their Yooyuball skills and focus on Slushie Slinger, they'll have a chance at placing higher next year. The Brightvale Wizards were able to take eleventh place. Like other teams in the middle, the Wizards were able to do very well in Slushie Slinger, obtaining fifteen wins total. They were able to deliver Altador's first loss in Slushie Slinger, which was amazing! They'll be looking to keep their consistency up, and also focusing on advancing in the rankings. We'll see if they have what it takes to rise in the rankings next year. Tied for ninth place, the Maraqua Mermaids were able to pull off an amazing year! Sweeping powerhouse Darigan Citadel, and former champions Kreludor, Maraqua was a force to be reckoned with! Their eighteen wins in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown were also very impressive. At the end of the day, however, those wins don't make much of a difference if the Mermaids don't place well in the brackets. So next year, they'll be wanting to be a stronger presence in the beginning of the bracket system as well as the remainder of the Cup. Now before we get on with the rest of the results, we have breaking news to report! The charges against Austin have been formally brought up, and the trial is being aired now! Let's watch! [The feed cuts to a stone floor. Light can be seen from the upper-left.] We at TDN would like to thank the Magistrati for their aid in transcribing parts of the following segment. Peregrine Praetor Livia: Austin Johan Mustachio, you are hereby charged under Altadorian Council Law with the following criminal offences: Child Destruction, Endangering the Safety of an Aircraft, Arson, Riot, Cruelty to Persons under 16, Assaulting a Prison Officer, Hostage Taking, Abduction, Offenses Against Neopolitic Protection of Nuclear Material, Breach of Prison, Assisting Prisoners to Escape, Bomb Hoax… [The camera swivels upwards, focusing briefly on a field reporter, Midtime, standing in front of an arched window.] Oh! Is that camera -- ah. My mistake. Salvete, dear viewers! You see before you now -- [Visible through the window is the centre of a vast court, enclosed by terraced seats in Altadorian fashion, whereunto the camera turns.] -- one of the famous tribunals of Altador, constructed, in fact, in the second century of the kingdom, specifically for the discharge of criminal cases -- what? I am not rambling. This is important information that the audience may well find relevant. They wo’n’t -- they are hardly going to change the channel: we are, and have been, the primary source for -- this is very important work: d’you understand that? [The cameraperson is heard to mention the name 'Lydia'.] You cannot er well all right. Criminal cases, dear viewers, such as the one going on at this very moment: a villain of the most classically dastardly sort (one whose acts, of course, we have nothing to do with) has finally been detained, and the charges against him have just finished being read by the praetor inter cives et peregrinos, Gaia Altadoria Livia Librata (which is translated, Livia the Staid), whose personal presence here is clearly indicative of the gravity of these accusations. It is not customary for such procedures to be open to the public, for fear of disruption; but as this is a matter that concerns a good portion of Altador’s population, and much of the rest of Neopia besides, we have been specially permitted to observe, and to broadcast the results throughout the television-attendant world. Now the legal proceedings in Altador differ somewhat from those in Central, and as such you see neither prosecutor in person, nor the impassioned rhetoric that usually attends an adversarial trial. The work of the advocates both for and against the accused can be seen in the documents that the iudices are now examining, which are supposed to present the entire case as clearly as possible, and not to influence their judgement or interpretation to the extent of which a skilled speaker is capable. The iudices are those other figures that are visible in the seats below the sella curulis. While the praetor is an official selected for her position by Altadorius Venator himself, each iudex has been selected by the praetor specifically for the occasion. Well, it appears -- to no surprise -- that the guilt of the defendant has been ascertained in almost the full list of his alleged crimes. However, if I recall correctly, it is generally considered necessary to secure the firm testimony of the defendant, whether for or against his culpability in each matter, and furthermore his willingness to accept his punishment. The first part of this obligation was discharged earlier on; but -- ah, here it comes. We will greatly benefit from listening in silence for this section. Peregrine Praetor Livia: Mr Austin Johan Mustachio, do you admit your guilt concerning the aforementioned charge of Child Destruction? Austin: I'm innocent! Ah, he motions for an -- what? Oh, all right, I’ll be quiet. Peregrine Praetor Livia: Do you then uphold this claim against the verdict of the quaestio? Austin: Ma'am, I don't understand French. You're gonna have to speak English. [The iudices are seen to converse briefly among themselves. After a few seconds, the praetor motions them to be silent.] Peregrine Praetor Livia: Very well. Do you admit your guilt concerning the aforementioned charge of Endangering the Safety of an Aircraft? Austin: Safety of an Aircraft? What on earth are you talking about? Peregrine Praetor Livia: I refer to the self-same charge of which you were convicted in the hearing of the court, some twenty minutes ago. Austin: Look, the only reason I destroyed the aircraft was because it had a bomb in it. I was saving countless numbers of innocent lives. Peregrine Praetor Livia: You have already given your testimony in this regard, with... Indeed he did; it was defeated by video evidence, which is by law accounted to be invincible against verbal testimony -- oh, sorry. Peregrine Praetor Livia: ...according to which we will no longer accept further assertions. The court requires you to answer the question asked. Austin: You know what? I don't need your criticism. Y'all don't know me! I'm out of here! [Austin kicks away one of the guards standing at his side and tosses a small metallic object at his feet, which produces a sudden flash of white light. The camera is abruptly dropped to the ground. A few seconds pass before it is finally recovered and turned to the centre of the court, where various personnel are shown collapsed and unconscious, and whence Austin -- along with his guards, and a perfect hemisphere of the ground below him several metres wide -- has disappeared.] Well! I think that concludes our segment; don’t you? I am going to pass the baton back to Matt very quickly. Thank you for watching, friends. Pax vobiscum. Well, wasn't that...interesting. Hopefully we'll be able to hear from Austin later on. Let's continue on with the results! Also tied for ninth place, we have the Haunted Woods Zombies. Haunted Woods has had a good year as well, nearly sweeping Brightvale and powerhouse Meridell! They were also able to give Roo Island two losses, which you all probably know is not an easy thing to do. Like Brightvale, the Mummies’ consistency is good, but they've made slow progress in advancing to the top. Their slow start set them up for a poor bracket ranking, so next year we'll see if they can get out of their slump at the beginning! We have another tie to report! Terror Mountain and former champions Team Kreludor are tied for seventh! Kreludor did very well this year, and despite winning last year, they haven't faltered from the winner's curse as badly as previous teams have. They were able to give losses to Roo Island in Make Some Noise, and were also able to sweep Darigan Citadel and Haunted Woods! They did very well considering that they had the winner's curse with them. Does this mean that the winner’s curse doesn't have as much as an effect as in past years? We'll see if Tyrannia will be able to do well next year. If Kreludor can improve in all the games slightly, they'll be a force to be reckoned with next year. As for Terror Mountain, they did very well from the middle to the end of the Cup! They stood fast against numerous powerhouse teams, such as Altador, whom they were able to give losses in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. They also had a sixteen-day Yooyuball streak! Amazing! Their hopes next year are to have a stronger presence early on, and to keep that presence remaining for the Cup! Meridell took sixth place. The Knights were able to do very well at the start of the Cup! They were also able to take numerous first-place bracket finishes, which resulted in their high-ranking finish! The Knights were able to do very well in Shootout Showdown, only losing five games in the entire Cup. They were also able to sweep their powerhouse rival, Darigan Citadel! Amazing! Next year, they'll be looking to be on the podium and to do so, they'll have to keep up motivation later on in the Cup, along with improving their Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger skills! Rounding out our middle ten, at the top in fifth place we have Darigan Citadel! The Minions had an average performance this year in comparison to their other years, and they were able to keep their team from falling below seventh place! They nearly swept powerhouse Krawk Island and also Haunted Woods. Their fourteen Shootout Showdown wins are nothing to scoff about, but they do need to improve their skills in all the games if they want to do better. Their hopes for next year are to keep up motivation, especially middle-to-late in the Cup, which is where we saw the Minions struggle. They also have some redeeming to do, and hopefully they'll be able to show us that they have what it takes to remain a powerhouse team by rising higher in the rankings next year! Now let's turn it over to Katie, who will finish off this report with the top four teams! I'm back from my jam session with the Mystery Island Natives to report on your Top Four this season! This is Katie, your newly-turned field reporter, giving you the scoop on all the wild celebrations from the top teams this year! Krawk Island supporters are blasting off cannons filled with confetti and petpets, which seems highly questionable, while the Rooligans are having a massive gathering to celebrate their podium finish. The two most humongous celebrations, however, belong to Altador and Tyrannia. The Fossils are rocking the house with their guest musical performers, but the Altador fans are going absolutely nuts, just like our favorite Crazy Techo! Krawk Island had an exceptional season this year, especially as they destroyed their competition during the third round of play. That round in particular, in which they cite no losses, helped propel them to a higher finish. [interjecting] Krawk Island fan: And we nearly swept Meridell, Kreludor, and Maraqua too, arrrrgh! Right on! What are you shooting out of those cannons? Krawk Island fan: Confetti, o' course! What about those petpets, mhm? I'd watch out for the PPL if I were you. Krawk Island fan: Oh, don't you worry your pretty little head, lass. They enjoy it! It's like a game! I'll abstain, thank you. I'm just here to record your reaction to the final standings. Krawk Island: We're overjoyed! We're in the mood for plundering, arrrrrgh! Fourth place is decent enough, but we'll get back to the podium next year... Fantastic! Carry on. The next scene I'm walking toward is that of our third-place winners -- Roo Island! The fan fervor is intense for the Rooligans, who have a shiny new bronze trophy to take home. Roo Island's record is-- [interjecting] Roo Island fan: TeROOfic. Spontaneous, okay. I can dig that. Can you elaborate, please? Roo Island fan: I mean, we ROOlly pounded Tyrannia in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, and that's not even the best part! We bROOke their undefeated streak. That's brilliant. Excellent work! Didn't you also give Altador a loss in Shootout Showdown? Roo Island fan: Yeah! Our team set out to pROOve that previous champions can be consistent, and we Rooligans will try to do the same next year. BOING! Indeed. Thank you for your time! And now we're heading to the extremely bright celebration over to my right, which seems to belong to the Suns... The hosts of the tournament have outshone most of the other teams this year, as they have taken second place! Many of the supporters are simply basking in the ambiance of their victory, while a few of the younger fans have been keeping things lively with some Clockwork Yooyus. [The distraction with the Clockwork Yooyus works. Two of the Altador fans steal the microphone and fight over possession of it.] Oh, no, not again! Altador fans: WE ARE THE BEST! Well, second-best, technically... Altador fans: Who cares? Nuance! We're going to celebrate all night! For the first time in eight years, we get to party hard! I need to ask you about this season, so hold off on your celebrations for a moment! What was special about your run for the podium this year? Altador fans: Nine losses. Nine losses the entire Cup! Isn't that just awesome? That warrants some celebration, baby! Well, certainly. Any hopes for next year? Altador fans: Probably watch out for that pesky winner's curse or whatever Mystery Island had. For now, we're going out with a bang! Oh, okay... can I have my microphone back, please? Altador fans: Sure, and you should probably stand back... [They hand back the microphone before riling up a few Clockwork Yooyus. The Yooyus start glinting with red light.] Are they going to... explode? I didn't sign up for this, argh! RUN! [bOOOOOOOOOOOOM!] [The reporter is out of breath by the time she gets to the Tyrannian campsite.] Finally! I've arrived at this year's champions’ bash, where various guest musical performers have been playing nonstop since the standings were announced. The Fossils' music is simply timeless. Let's see if I can snag a willing interviewee for a brief moment while the concerts rage on... Excuse me, can you comment on your victory run and unprecedented win streak? Tyrannia fan: UGGA UGGA! UGGA SMASH! No need to get nasty! Can I get a translator, please? Yes, you can? Okay! Tyrannia translator: This gentleman says that his team enjoyed stomping on their competition in order to bring home the gold trophy. Make Some Noise was their favorite, as they have had much practice with making a racket. What poetry! Such lovely cadences come from the Tyrannian language. Can you tell us what your team hopes to achieve next year? Tyrannia fan: UG UGGA UG UG UGGA. Tyrannia translator: What else? Avoid the winner's curse! Truer words have never been spoken. You've heard it all right here from TDN! I've got a few more minutes to enjoy the celebrations taking place outside the Colosseum, so let's send it back up to Matt to wrap up our final report for the eighth Altador Cup! This has been your usual co-anchor, Katie, reporting to you live from Altador. Good night! Thanks, Katie, for your excellent report. I hope you have fun with the Tyrannians! Well, thanks for reading, everyone! I hoped you all enjoyed this year's Altador Cup, and I also hope that your fingers haven't fallen off! Get plenty of rest and have a great year, everybody! From all of us at The Daily Neopets, thank you for sticking with us through all our shenanigans! You guys are the best, and we hope to see you all next year for AC IX! I would also like to thank the Altador Cup team: Lydia, Theo, Livvy, Xepha, Noog, Midtime, Katie, Austin, and Bryce! Without them, delivering all this coverage wouldn't be possible, so I would just like to say: thank you all for your hard work, and I look forward to working with you guys next year! This has certainly been an Altador Cup that I won't forget! We'll see you next year! [static.] [The camera cuts to Austin holding what looks to be a detonator, with the Colosseum in the background.] You know, they call me crazy. I break out of jail countless times to stay on the crew, yet I'm still treated like some kind of criminal. They say my Johan character was too much, that rock isn't real, and that I'm a liability. I'll show them a liability... [Austin presses the button, and the Colosseum explodes.] Call me crazy again! I dare you! You know what's really crazy? All these shenanigans that I've been in have been for a good cause. You just don't know it... yet. Just wait, and you'll see how everything I've done impacts the world. It's been fun, Neopia. Have a great year! And remember, stay classy. [Hundreds of armoured guards have slowly become visible. All of them are running towards the cliff where Austin is standing.] You know, after a full month of doing this, you'd think those guys would have learned. I'm unstoppable. So long, Neopia! [Austin jumps off the cliff and swoops into the air with some sort of powered glider. He glides into the sunset.] Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  8. Hello and welcome, everybody! As the days remaining until the winner is crowned wind down, all teams are trying their hardest to claim as many points as possible! Everybody is hard at work, including our reporters! This is Matt reporting to you from the newsroom! I'm your sole anchor today, Katie has other work in the Altador Cup department to do, so I'll be reporting the results along with our field reporter, Johan! There's still no word on Austin's whereabouts, but we'll keep you informed! Anyways, let's get started with the results from the Alabriss Bracket! There was one sweep yesterday, and two near-sweeps! Both near-sweeps were lost by only a one-point margin! Amazing! Roo Island and Maraqua went head-to-head in an intense match yesterday! Roo Island dominated the field, and was able to come out on top, claiming a win in Yooyuball! The Rooligans were also able to take the three side games from the Mermaids, obtaining yet another clean sweep! Points are vital in this last bracket, the Rooligans are currently in first place in their bracket and third place in the overall standings! We'll see if Roo Island can hold their ground and stand on the podium once again! Kreludor and Krawk Island were pitted against each other today! The Pirates came out with their guns blazing as they were able to shut the Moons out for the first half of the Yooyuball match. The Moons were able to make a comeback but it was to no avail, as Krawk Island was able to claim the victory. The Pirates were also able to snag Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown from the Moons, but despite all this, Kreludor's fans cheered as loud as they could, and were able to claim Make Some Noise from the Pirates, preventing them from obtaining a clean sweep. Kreludor had been doing well in their last bracket, only losing three games in total! Let's see if they can brush off this rocky start to the final round and make a comeback. For our last matchup of this bracket, we saw the underdogs Virtupets go against the struggling Mystery Island Natives. It was an exciting match to watch! Virtupets in the past has focused all their attention on Yooyuball while completely abandoning the side games. It seems like they've gone back to that tactic once again! Virtupets was able to claim Yooyuball from the Natives with a close score of four to three! The Natives were able to side sweep the Robots, despite the Robots taking the overall win! The Natives have been doing slightly better in the past few days, and although it's a little too late to make a substantial difference, there's still some hope for an improved ranking. Now let's turn this over to our field reporter, Johan! "Good morning, everyone! This is Johan, live from the stands of the Colosseum. I apologize for my absence. I had some... things... to take care of. Rest assured, all is well and I am still totally NOT Austin. My facial aesthetics and my mustache are far superior to his. Everyone should remain calm as we continue our search for this dangerous man. The results from the Minitheus Bracket were very one-sided, with two of the three games ending in sweepy sweeps. The only game not to end in a sweep was Haunted Woods versus Meridell, where Meridell managed to dominate the side games, but fell in Yooyuball. At one point, Meridell looked like a front-runner for the Cup, but since then, they have fallen down to fifth place. Meridell will really have to turn things up and play very well if they want a chance at podium glory once again. Darigan Citadel was able to pull off their second straight sweep by topping Moltara in a surprisingly close manner. All four games were decided by two points or fewer, with Yooyuball coming down to the wire. The Minions were barely able to hold on to win four to three. Darigan Citadel will need to salvage some late Cup points to be able to push them into the top tier. Tyrannia swept Shenkuu. Not much more than that needs to be said. Tyrannia should be one of the biggest teams to beat down this final stretch. If they finish as strong as they currently are, they could easily win the Cup. We've seen monumental collapses near the end of the Cup before, so Tyrannia must maintain their composure to keep a firm hold of their championship hopes. Now we go to the Vaeolus Bracket, where there weren't many surprises either. First off, we start with Altador against Kiko Lake... See my analysis for Tyrannia. Well, except replace any instance of "Tyrannia" with "Altador" and "Shenkuu" with "Kiko Lake." Hahahahaha! Just playing! Johan is a real joker sometimes! The second-place Suns of Altador put on another terrific showing for their home fans with a sweep over Kiko Lake. Altador currently sits just three points behind Tyrannia, and still has plenty of time to play catch-up. One bad game from the Fossils could very well spark the Suns into first place. However, if they want to win the Cup, Altador will need to finish very strong. The Suns will be one of the most fun teams to watch down this final stretch. Next, Brightvale showed Faerieland a dazzling time on the fields, holding the Faeries to only two points in Yooyuball. Brightvale continues to play well, despite currently sitting in eleventh place, and even though they sit in the lower half of the bracket, the Wizards have only been swept four times in the tournament. While that may not seem that impressive, the fifth place team, Meridell, has also been swept four times. Brightvale will definitely be a team to watch during next year's Cup, and chances are they'll probably have a few interesting matches in this last round as well. Terror Mountain kept their opponents cold as ice while they stayed hot, as they once again pulled off a dominating victory. The last time Terror Mountain lost a Yooyuball match was June 7th, nearly twenty days ago. Aside from the front-runner, Tyrannia, there has been no team that has been more dominant in that stretch than Terror Mountain. The Chillers will try to carry the momentum along with them in the last bracket and attempt to land a spot in this year's top four. The final days of the Cup will be crucial for the Scary Terrors. This closing round of the Cup should be exciting to watch. There will be many hard fought matches to watch and look forward to. Hopefully this Cup ends as spectacularly as it started. Now, let's send it back to Matt in the studio. Stay neat, Neopia!" Thanks, Johan! Now let's wrap this report up with the matches to watch! Today, the Brightvale Wizards will be facing Kiko Lake. Both teams have been doing reasonably well so far in the Cup, so this match will definitely be an exciting match to watch. We'll see if the Kikos can stop the Wizards' sorcery! We also have former champions and space rivals Virtupets and Kreludor going against each other today! This will be a heated match to watch for sure! Kreludor seems to have the advantage going into this match, but we'll see if the Robots’ tactic of abandoning the side games and focusing on Yooyuball will help them today! For our last match to watch we have powerhouses Roo Island and Krawk Island going head-to-head! Both teams have gotten off to a great start in the final bracket! We'll see if the Pirates can pull off a victory, or if the Rooligans will be able to obtain a clean sweep!. That's it for now! Stay tuned for tomorrow's report! This is Matt signing off! Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily).
  9. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily). "We should set up a slip'n’slide-" Uh, guys? "Hang on a sec, important conversation here-" Guys... "What?" We're live! "What, now?!" Yes. (clattering noises) *ahem* Welcome one and all to our coverage of the last day of the main round for the seventh Altador Cup! Yesterday saw some of the fiercest field action in the tournament to date, as tournament contenders made a final push to claim their position in the history books. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2011/teams/meridell_0.gif" alt="Yoris Obbles" style="float:right;margin:5px;" /> For two of those teams, the final push marked the end of a long and rocky season, as Faerieland fell to a sweep at the hands of Alabriss Bracket leaders Team Meridell, and Altador suffered a similar fate after facing Team Kreludor, leaders of Vaeolus Bracket. The result left both underdogs tied for last place in the standings, but despite the rough landing "Trapper" Remis of Team Altador remained relatively upbeat when interviewed after the match. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/freebies/2008/msnicons/micon_altador.gif" alt="Trapper Remis" style="float:left;margin:5px;" /> "I've said this for many years and I still stand by it: a low-ranked finish in the Altador Cup reflects little on your own team, but everything on the strength, courage, determination and skill of those teams you played alongside. What really matters is that eighteen teams - ninety players, numerous support staff and countless supporters from all corners of Neopia - came together, conducted themselves with honour, dignity and respect, and played some of the best Yooyuball matches Neopia will ever see. We all enjoyed the challenges and we all had more than a few chances to shine - we even took a couple of those chances if I remember rightly. So no, I'm not disappointed in the least. I'm proud of my team, and I'm proud of every player and every supporter that took part in the tournament. Well played!" It was certainly a well played season for Kreludor and Meridell. After yesterday's sweeps both teams settled themselves atop their respective brackets, with Meridell gaining enough points to end the round tied for second on the leaderboard, and Kreludor sitting comfortably in first place overall. Kreludor's Team Captain, Derlyn Fonnet, kept things relatively brief in her post-match comments, saying: <img src="http://images.neopets.com/nt/ntimages/296_cup_derlyn_kreludor.gif" alt="Derlyn Fonnet" style="float:right;margin:5px;" /> "It looks like we'll finally be bringing home the gold this year, and that's a good feeling. Well played to our opponents, as always, and a job well done to my teammates and our supporters. Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll be claiming my forty winks now..." Despite finishing the tournament at the bottom of Minitheus Bracket and in sixteenth place overall, the Shenkuu Ninjas' performance belied their placement, as they managed to slip in one last decisive strike against Team Kiko Lake. Brilliant strategy, knife-edge finesse and a solid day's worth of determined play earned the Ninjas a near sweep, stopped only when Kiko Lake's supporters rallied together to make a last stand in Make Some Noise, where they succeeded in forcing a draw. Despite yesterday's loss, the Kikos nevertheless managed to finish second in the bracket, claiming sixth place overall. Team Moltara didn't quite manage as spectacular a result against the Virtupets Robots, as Keetra Deile's squad kept a tight hold on Yooyuball throughout the entire match, while Virtupets' supporters did the same in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. The Moltarans did nevertheless manage to storm ahead in Shootout Showdown, hanging on to a fifth place finish in Alabriss Bracket, while Virtupets finished just above them in fourth. The final leaderboard puts Virtupets and Moltara in thirteenth and fifteenth place respectively. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/head_shots/rooisland_1.gif" alt="Lilo Blumario" style="float:left;margin:5px;" /> Team Roo Island settled in between those two spots, holding fourteenth place (finishing fifth in Minitheus Bracket) after a strong showing against top powerhouse Mystery Island. While the Mystery Island Natives proved too formidable for the Roos to take down in the overall tally, the Rooligans still managed to hit back with a win in the slushie stands, but that didn't stop the Natives from topping the bracket, or tying for second place overall. The last of the day's Minitheus Bracket matches saw Teams Brightvale and Lost Desert going head-to-head in a spectacular clash of wits and wizardry, with the Lost Desert ultimately emerging victorious in all but Make Some Noise, where the unquenchable enthusiasm of Brightvale's fans prevailed. The two teams have now secured spots in the middle of their bracket, with the Lost Desert leading slightly in third place. Their overall rankings were somewhat more spaced out, as Brightvale levelled out at eleventh place overall and Team Lost Desert ranked an impressive fifth. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/freebies/2009/msnicons/micon_terrormountain.gif" alt="Prytariel" style="float:right;margin:5px;" /> Tied with Brightvale for eleventh place are the Terror Mountain Chillers, who concluded a long, back-and-forth match against Team Haunted Woods with the Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger tallies dead even. It was left to Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown (where the Haunted Woods dominated the Chillers) to decide the overall outcome. Despite taking a loss for the day, Terror Mountain still ended the round second in Alabriss Bracket, just above the Haunted Woods Zombies. However, the Zombies topped the Chillers in the overall standings, finishing in ninth place. Team Maraqua ended their season on a relatively positive note, managing a surprise sweep over the formidable Team Tyrannia, and topping their opponents both in the Vaeolus Bracket standings (where Maraqua ended fourth and Tyrannia fifth) and the overall standings (eighth and tenth respectively). The Tyrannians didn't seem particularly upset by the outcome however. As one Tyrannia fan put it: "Hey, whichever way you want to frame it, it was a well played match by Maraqua. Besides, it's been a good season. You see those three teams who'll be standing on the podium this year? Well, we've beaten two of them, so I think we did pretty good." <img src="http://images.neopets.com/template_images/krawk_pirate_sword.gif" alt="Pirate Krawk" style="float:left;margin:5px;" /> As amazing a spectacle as the other Vaeolus Bracket matches were, it was the Krawk Island Pirates who really stole the show. Itching for payback after three previous losses to Team Darigan Citadel this season, the Pirates finally pulled ahead in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger yesterday, smashing expectations to end the match with an overall win. In spite of this, the Citadel Minions still managed to hang on to Shootout Showdown and Make Some Noise, ranking second in the bracket (over the Pirates' third) and fourth overall (with the Pirates in seventh). And that's it! The tournament's final standings leave Teams Kreludor, Meridell, and Mystery Island in the top three spots. With Meridell and Mystery Island tied for second, we can expect to see a tie-breaker match announced shortly, although the specifics of the match have only been loosely defined. For now, this is AA, reporting for The Daily Neopets, signing off.
  10. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily). <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/hauntedwoods_2.gif" alt="Wan Dirx" style="float:right;margin:5px;" />Morning folks, this is Mouseykins on location sitting on top of the left goal on the Yooyuball field. We saw some close matches yesterday, and they had everyone on their toes waiting to see what would happen next. The Haunted Woods and the Lost Desert went tail to tail yesterday and had their fans tiptoeing with anticipation. The end result was two wins for the Mummies and two draws. The Lost Desert obtained a win for Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown, which leaves the draws in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/mysteryisland_4.gif" alt="Vela Binal" style="float:left;margin:5px;" />In one of five sweeps yesterday, Mystery Island overtook Roo Island. As of now, the Mystery Islanders have snagged three sweeps so far in the first round of matches. The Roos have been holding their own so far in the tournament. In the last match of this bracket, Shenkuu went up against Terror Mountain. This round the Ninjas and the Chillers each collected two wins. Shenkuu scored a victory in Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger, while Terror Mountain triumphed in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown. This was an inspiring bracket to watch. Congratulations go out to all their hard work! This is Mouseykins for The Daily Neopets. Now lets head on over to the newsroom with Emily. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/meridell_1.gif" alt="Ilsa Ellits" style="float:right;margin:5px;" />Thanks, Mouseykins. Yesterday, we also saw the Meridell Knights take on the Altador Suns in what was a great match to watch. Both of these teams really embody the spirit of the tournament and are always a pleasure. Try as they might, the Altadorians were swept by Meridell across all the games. Meridell is really holding their own this year, putting on a strong showing so far in the competition. With the bracket shakeup today, it looks like Altador has some tough competition ahead of them, having to face both Virtupets and Darigan Citadel, strong presences so far in this year’s standings. But, if there's one thing the Suns are known for, it’s their determination, and they are one team who should never be counted out. In the match between Kreludor and Brightvale, Brightvale surprised many by pulling off a win in Shootout Showdown. Kreludor were able to take the rest of the games, finishing out their bracket matchups strongly. Both are teams to watch in the upcoming weeks, especially with the bracket shuffle. The match between powerhouse Darigan Citadel and underdog Faerieland yielded what can only be described as wholly predictable results. The Draconians swept the Faeries across the board, having the distinct advantage of a much larger team, as well as the momentum from their prior matches, in which they have been excelling. Faerieland will be in the spotlight over the next few days, facing games against top-seated Mystery Island and the formidable Maraqua. If Faerieland can get organized, there’s no end to what they could accomplish in the weeks to come. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/kikolake_3.gif" alt="Holbie Pinnock" style="float:left;margin:5px;" />Kiko Lake has really been holding their own so far in the tournament. Yesterday’s pairings saw the Kikos matched up with Tyrannia. Kiko Island surprised a few critics by sweeping Tyrannia, a team that has traditionally finished higher than the Kikos in the standings. They will be facing each other again soon, as the bracket mixing has them placed together once again. Redemption is in sight for Tyrannia, and this will be a match to look out for in the coming days. Another match with a not-so-surprising ending was that between Krawk Island and Moltara. The Pirates swept the Hotheads, the two teams incomparable in terms of size and skill, with Krawk Island being top-tier finishers most years of the tournament. The fairly new Moltaran team, having been part of the competition for just two short years prior to ACVII, put forth a valiant effort. As their fan base continues to grow, Moltara has the potential to be something spectacular. The matchup between Maraqua and Virtupets was nail-biting, to say the least. Equally matched in terms of skill, this pairing was really a pleasure to watch. The results were close, with Maraqua taking Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown and Virtupets claiming victory in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. The bracket shuffle means that both teams have some stiff competition ahead, and I have a feeling their upcoming matches will be ones you do not want to miss. Today is the first day of the first bracket changeup. The reformulated Alabriss Bracket will have Brightvale taking on Darigan, Haunted Woods facing off against Kreludor and Altador looking to reel in a win against Virtupets. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/faerieland_4.gif" alt="Ciona Broan" style="float:right;margin:5px;" />Over in the new Minitheus Bracket, we’ll be watching Mystery Island take on Moltara, Kiko Lake facing Tyrannia once again and Maraqua going up against Faerieland, one of two teams from their former bracket. Last but not least, we have the newest Vaeolus Bracket. Today, Meridell will be battling Shenkuu, the Roo Islanders will be going up against Terror Mountain and Lost Desert and Krawk Island will be finishing things up. Best of luck goes out to all the teams. With new brackets to shake up the competition, this is bound to be an exciting tournament day. This reporter has got to get to bed. Don’t want to miss any of the action! This is Emily from The Daily Neopets saying goodbye for now.
  11. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily). Good morning everyone, and welcome back to the Altador Cup! The opening match results for AC VII have just been announced, and despite some initial confusion over calculation adjustments resulting from the new tournament format, it looks like the Cup is rolling forward with its usual explosive start. Without further ado, let's go over to Emily for the latest results from the Colosseum. Hi everyone! We had a long, exciting day of competition yesterday. With the matches finally tallied, we are now able to give you the results for the first day of Altador Cup VII! In a match that pitted the formerly third place Kreludor against sixth place Tyrannia, the Cosmonauts swept the archaic Tyrannians in every game. While Tyrannia is historically better in Slushie Slinger and posted an excellent Shootout Showdown record last season, the Kreludorians bounced their way into first place in the Albriss bracket. Redemption is in sight for the Tyrannians, however, as the upcoming days of competition will have them facing teams they have traditionally done well against. With a tough first day of competition over and their opponents sized up, Tyrannia has a bright future ahead of them in the tournament. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/altador_0.gif" alt="Salayne Ritad" style="float:left;margin:5px;">Though Altador put forth a good effort on opening day, it was not enough to prevent being swept by the historically stronger Brightvale team. The Brightvalians began their domination early, setting the pace for the rest of the day. It was thought that the Altadorians might be able to pull off a win in Slushie Slinger, a game they excelled in last season, but Brightvale would not let up, slinging those frosty drinks long after the hands of the Altadorians had gone numb. However, Altador's future matches will definitely give them a chance to bounce back, as the tournament is still young. Best of luck to Altador, the founders of the competition and namesakes of the Altador Cup! The only non-sweep of the Albriss bracket was a tough match-up between the Knights of Meridell and the formidable Kiko Lake. The Kikos surprised many by coming out strong in Yooyuball, a sport that has given them trouble in the past. They were able to carry the momentum into a Slushie Slinger win before the Knights retaliated with a draw in Make Some Noise. Not to be outdone, the Meridellians were relentless against Kiko goaltender Erli Quinnock, earning a win in Shootout Showdown. Fans of both teams are eager to see how their successes this early on keep them motivated through the rest of the tournament. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/images/msn_buddy/msn_custom_bruce.gif" alt="Slushie Fan" style="float:right;margin:5px;">That's it for the Albriss Bracket from the first day of competition of Altador Cup VII. There's a juppie and starberry slushie calling my name from the Slushie Slinger tent! Mary, back to you. Thanks Emily, and bring me back a Slushie if you can! Well, in a close match, Mystery Island was able to sweep the Haunted Woods away. Having focused on Yooyuball has worked as a strategy for the Haunted Woods in the past, but this time it cost them all four games when going up against a well rounded team like Mystery Island. The Zombies will definitely be a force for Terror Mountain to worry about in today's matches though! Lost Desert is also off to a strong start against Shenkuu, though the ninjas wouldn't let them take it all! While the Desert took Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, they sacrificed Slushie Slinger and were only able to pull off a draw in Shootout Showdown. Both teams are expected to do well in this tournament with the new format, so the next few days will definitely be telling. While Roo Island has taken the cup before, Terror Mountain has slowly been climbing the ranks, finally breaking into the second tier last year. Roo Island has traditionally been the stronger team, but only managed to draw in Yooyuball, barely taking Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise while losing the Shootout Showdown match completely. In another close match, Maraqua and the Darigan Citadel ended up in a standoff, with the Minions barely coming out ahead in Slushie Slinger. Both teams are strong contenders for this year's cup. The next few days against other teams in their bracket will tell a lot about who is the stronger team this year! Moltara was able to nearly sweep Faerieland away, only giving ground in Faerieland's traditional strong game - a draw in Slushie Slinger. This is a great start for Moltara; perhaps they will be able to pull out of last place this year for the first time! Faerieland should still be able to pull off a fourth tier finish again this year if they remain focused. Hopefully this new format is good for all the teams. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2011/teams/krawkisland_4.gif" alt="Zayle Sufhaux" style="float:left;margin:5px;"> Krawk Island is off to a great start, with a near-sweep of last year's victors. Krawk Island has long been expected to be the first team to take the cup twice, and may pull that very feat off this year. Virtupets did manage to pull off a draw in Make Some Noise, and may not fall as far this year as others have after taking the cup. Dr. Sloth was unable to be reached for comment on the first day's results. Looking forward to day 2 of the tourney, us reporters definitely won't be the only ones downing copious amounts of coffee so we can catch all the excitement. Over in Alabriss Bracket, Team Brightvale will be testing their mettle against the indomitable Kikos, while the Tyrannian Fossils go head to head with the Altador Suns. Most observers will be keeping an especially keen eye on heavyweights and old rivals Kreludor and Meridell, who will be duking it out for the first time this year. The teams over in Minitheus Bracket will have their work cut out for them as well. Team Terror Mountain will be facing off against the terrors of the Haunted Woods Zombies, while Shenkuu pit their finesse against Mystery Island's unstoppable offence, and Team Lost Desert push hard to get a head start against the equally determined Roo Islanders. Our final set of matches comes from Vaeolus Bracket, headed by a particularly interesting clash between two former champions and well respected powerhouses: Team Darigan Citadel and Team Krawk Island. Meanwhile, Moltara and Faerieland face off against Maraqua and Virtupets respectively. Most analysts agree that the Mermaids and the Robots are more than capable of heading off a challenge from their opponents, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of the underdog teams one bit - this is a fresh year, and they're more than ready to prove themselves worthy contenders for the title. A special thanks to AA for helping with this report in the wee hours of the morning! This is Lydia, reporting for The Daily Neopets, signing off. Good night, and good luck.
  12. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily). Hello once again ACers, and welcome to our daily round-up for day three of the seventh Altador Cup. It's that time of the season again: even with the new tournament format, we can still feel the familiar tension of teams struggling to hammer out a spot on the leaderboard. That tension was definitely reflected out on the Colosseum fields today! At least, that's what I've heard, I've been stuck in the newsroom all day long. Let's go to Hanna, live at the colosseum! Thanks for letting me join you, Lydia, it’s great to be here. Now, from what we’ve seen with both Haunted Woods and Roo Island, would it be safe to conclude that both of their strategies when it comes to formations and sweeping clashed, making it too evened out for either team to score. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/hauntedwoods_0.gif" alt="Fanetti" style="float:right;margin:5px;"> Well, it didn’t help that they were stuck with a Darigan Yooyuball for more than half of the game. When half-time came around, both teams were utterly exhausted leading to a fair tie. Now, when it came down to Shootout Showdown, Roo Island had that kadoatie in the bag. I mean, let’s face it, no matter how good of a goalie Fanetti has proven himself to be, his small size has cost him a few yooyus. Their Make Some Noise competition still has my ears ringing. Both teams, however, proved once again, to be evenly matched. Speaking of messes, Haunted Woods made an enormous wreck today. [Lydia crackles over the speaker]Who said anything about messe-? Well, Roo Island barely let a drop hit the floor, while Haunted Woods well, let’s just say the Angry Yurble has another reason to be angry. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/shenkuu_4.gif" alt="Larcy Phu" style="float:left;margin=5px;"> How about Terror Mountain versus Shenkuu, they both did more than exceptional plays. Did you see how much of a come back Shenkuu made, I was certain the Terror Mountain players were already preparing their victory after-party. Shenkuu’s captain, Mirsha Grelinek, not only suffered from blurred vision, but her jammed hoof made it almost impossible for her to play. She was out of the game until the last quarter. I guess you could say she started off on the wrong hoof. Once she was back in the game, Shenkuu didn’t let Terror Mountain score a single goal and nailed the Yooyuballs in one after another, and with 4 seconds left on the clock, she didn’t have enough time to lay in the last, winning goal. Now, I missed the end of the Shootout Showdown while I was in line at the concession stand getting some good ole fashion neocola. When I came back, the crowds disappointed expression let me know right away that both teams scored evenly. I was quite surprised when Shenkuu won Make Some Noise, coming from such a quiet village and all, I thought Terror Mountain would at least win this one. I guess their vocal chords must have been frozen, haha get it, because they live on a frozen wastelan- okay I’ll stop. Today has just not been one of Terror Mountain’s better days, Slushie Slinger went down horribly wrong, the harder they tried to please the thirsty customers, the most they messed up. Most of the slushie orders got mixed up and we had less than pleased fans. Don’t get me wrong, though, Shenkuu didn’t do too great either, they really have never been the greatest to handle being rushed, it’s just that Terror Mountain did much worse. There was quite the mess there as well! Thanks, Hanna, and try not to get into any more messes! To wrap up the Minitheus bracket, the Mummies gave the Islanders a run for their money, but still lost. They were still able to take Slushie Slinger and draw in Shootout Showdown. Mystery Island has been doing very well this tournament and is currently placed first in their bracket! <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/kikolake_0.gif" alt="Erli Quinnock" style="float:right;margin:5px"> Well, onto the Albriss Bracket, which was much less messy, we have a full set of sweeps. The first sweep of the day went to the Kikos, getting past Altador in another very close match. The Kikos have had a very strong start this year. They've won all three matches so far, and are currently placed third in their bracket, behind Meridell and Kreludor. The new tournament format seems to have really benefited the Kikos, hopefully they will be able to keep the pace up. In a surge beyond their performance so far this year, the Knights swept the Dinos. Meridell and Tyrannia have always been close to one another in rankings, but today the Knights pulled off a full sweep. The Knights had been off to a shaky start, but have gotten back on their horses and are charging ahead at full speed! <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/darigancitadel_2.gif" alt="Tormo "The Terror" Frein" style="float:left;margin:5px;">The third sweep in the bracket goes to Kreludor, which surprised few. The other two sweeps of the day went to Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island, against Moltara and Faerieland, respectively. It was surprising to see the powerhouses dominate the smaller teams in their game of Slushie Slinger, but that puts both the Darigans and the Pirates as strong contenders for taking the cup. Rounding out the Vaelous bracket was the Maraqua/Virtupets match, and was that ever a sight to see! Getting in a last-minute miracle goal with a Darigan yooyu, Maraqua was able to tie up the match. Also taking Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown in the side games, the Mermaids ended up as the victors over the Robots. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/mysteryisland_0.gif" alt="Lor Benneveldt" style="float:right;margin:5px;">In a surprising turn of events, Mystery Island is facing the Haunted Woods again! It is unknown at this time if it is a mistake by the gamemakers or if this is intentional! Either way, it's the first time this cup two teams have met a second time on the pitch. The Zombies were swept the last time they faced the Islanders. They will be even more motivated this time, and may be able to turn the tables on Mystery Island! Another game that will be worth the watch will be Darigan Citadel and Virtupets! These two powerhouses will go face to face for the first time this cup. This match should keep you glued to your seat! Well, that's a wrap for today, folks! Don't forget to submit your dream team for the Fantasy Altador Cup tournament starting today! This is Lydia, reporting for The Daily Neopets, signing off. Good night and good luck.
  13. Obligatory disclaimer: This news report was written to inform you all of the latest Altador Cup results in as entertaining a manner as possible. The rest of its content is largely fictional, composed from various fan comments and the whims of our imagination in an attempt to inspire a sense of realism through our reporting. While we do our best to keep things reasonably neutral, this report is in no way intended to be a completely bias-free listing of the day's results, nor does it claim to provide critical analysis of past and potential outcomes from qualified Altador Cup experts. Please note that the opinions formulated in this report are from a full team of different reporters, and in no way represent the views of only a single faction. If you're looking for 100% unbiased performance data, take a look at our standings page. If professional analysis tickles your fancy, you want our predictions pages (global/daily). Hello, Yooyuball fans! I hope everyone got a good night’s sleep, as we’re coming into the third day of the seventh annual Altador Cup! Excitement is running high, higher than those yooyuballs were flying yesterday, even. It’s time to throw it over to Janice to get the results from Day Two of competition. Hello, Emily, it’s been a jam packed day here at the Colosseum, with the 18 teams playing in 3 different brackets. Some of the results from today’s matches were expected, but a few teams had surprises hidden up their sleeves and played exceptionally well. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/team_logos/brightvale_60.gif" alt="Brightvale Logo" style="float:right;margin:5px;"> In the Alabriss bracket, Brightvale has had a rude awakening after yesterday’s superb results, with Kiko Lake beating them in both Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise and drawing in Yooyuball. This places Kiko Lake 3rd in the Alabriss bracket, and Brightvale following in fourth place. In other parts of the Alabriss bracket, Altador has traditionally been a weaker team, as seen in yesterday’s all-round loss to Brightvale. Many people wondered whether they would be able to face up to Tyrannia, which also suffered all-round losses to Kreludor yesterday. In seat-gripping games today, Altador supporters had little to celebrate as they were defeated again in all components by Tyrannia, who were just too strong for them to compete against. Today, Kreludor looked like the stronger contender going into today’s match with Meridell, and they did it again in a resounding victory, winning three games to one. With seven winning games out of a possible eight, the other being a draw, it looks like Kreludor is set to stay in first place in the Alabriss bracket unless some major upsets are put into motion by the other teams. Meridell still had a positive outcome, currently in second in this bracket. Looking at the Vaeolus bracket, Darigan Citadel and Krawk Island both had outstanding results from yesterday’s matches. Many were anticipating the results from these two power houses, and it was indeed an impressive sight. It was a close match, with both teams evenly matched in three of the games, but Darigan Citadel had the upper hand today, winning against Krawk Island in Make Some Noise, drawing in every other game. With this win, Darigan Citadel stays ahead in the Vaeolus bracket, barely keeping in front of Maraqua. Maraqua started out strong in yesterday’s competition but were taken down to third place by Darigan Citadel. Moltara finished strongly yesterday and had some Maraquans worried when they were matched up today. The sceptical Maraquans were proven wrong though, because as the day progressed, they had slowly moved up in the Vaeolus bracket to second the last time scores were tallied, just before midnight. Maraquan is still in second place after today’s matches, cleanly beating Moltara in everything but Slushie Slinger. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2012/team_members/faerieland_2.gif" alt="Ebin Kroe" style="float:left;margin:5px;"> After yesterday’s wipe outs for both Virtupets and Faerieland, who would break the surface first? Virtupets took it in a sweepstake, winning Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. The folks over at Faerieland still put up a good fight, winning Slushie Slinger. That concludes our report from ground zero of the AC VII, back to you guys in the newsroom. I’m Janice, reporting from the Colosseum in Altador. Thanks Janice! I’ve got the results here from the Minitheus bracket as well.Terror Mountain and Haunted woods were perhaps the most equally matched opponents today. Rarely ranked very far apart, we saw some fierce competition from both teams. The Yooyuball match-up resulted in a draw early on, with Haunted Woods going on to claim victory in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Terror Mountain was able to rally around goalkeeper Minae Mitora and take down Haunted Woods in Shootout Showdown. We can only hope these two will meet up again later in the tournament, as they are truly a pleasure to watch. <img src="http://images.neopets.com/altador/altadorcup/2011/teams/mysteryisland_2.gif" alt="Teylor Nix" style="float:right;margin:5px;"> In what may be the biggest surprise of the day, the Mystery Islanders nearly swept the traditionally stronger Shenkuu Ninjas in yesterday’s match-up. It was not all bad news for the ninjas, however, as they were able to pull together a draw in Slushie Slinger. Perhaps the Islanders drank more than their fair share in the Slushie tent. Though this is a minor setback for Shenkuu, they will no doubt use what they have learned in their matches against Mystery Island to improve themselves in the upcoming competition. The audience was thoroughly enthralled with the match-up of the Lost Desert Mummies and The Roo Island Rooligans. Both are teams that have known the sweet victory of a top-tier finish as well as the claustrophobia of being stuck in the middle of the ranks. While the Mummies dominated the Yooyuball field, the Rooligans served up a draw in Slushie Slinger and went on to bury the Mummies in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. In these early days of the tournament, Lost Desert is strategically pacing themselves. Nothing like running out of steam too soon. I think we can expect them to really turn up the heat in the next few days. As we move into the third day of competition, the competition is really heating up in the Vaelous bracket. Today, spectators will be watching Virtupets take on Maraqua, a match of two top finishers from last season, the Pirates of Krawk Island battling the Sprites of Faerieland and in a rather terrifying pairing, the Draconians of Darigan Citadel taking on the Moltara Magmites. It looks like we’re in for another day of close competition in the Minitheus bracket once again, as Terror Mountain takes on Shenkuu, a once top-tier team, Lost Desert battles against the party pets of Mystery Island and the Roo Island Rooligans facing down the Haunted Woods. This is the bracket to watch folks, as it really is going to be tough to predict the winner, and if you only have time to tune in for part of today’s events, you’re not going to want to miss this. Rounding off the matches in the Alabriss bracket we’ve got Brightvale and Kreludor, both who have already managed to sweep opponents in this year’s tournament, Kiko Lake and Altador, which promises to be a fun and charming competition, and Tyrannia and Meridell bringing up the rear, who will likely both be taking advantage of their stone cleats on the Yooyuball Field. Not too sure what the Maintenance Yurble is going to say about that one. Good luck today, everyone. Remember to play hard, and play safe. This is Emily live from TDN’s Altador Cup Headquarters signing off for today. [Lydia looks around the empty newsroom] Oookay, I guess I get to post the report.
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