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Found 9 results

  1. Hey there :) I've been seriously thinking about creating a official guild related to Team Lost Desert and the Altador Cup. I'd need some partners and helpers and i'm looking for some here, but the main question I wanted to ask you... Would you join? I'd like some feedback please and if you think you can do anything for the guild (Like creating a custom background for the main page) Then feel free to offer. I'll be sure consider it! Thanks for reading and hopefully we can do this!
  2. As you all know, the Altador Cup has begun! Fans are creaming up some noise in the stands, slushies are being ordered like mad to quench the throats of the crazed fans, Players and fans alike are shooting practice goals to sharpen their skills and the various teams from around Neopia are working hard playing Yooyuball to win the 8th Altador Cup. Now you may be wondering how else you could possibly support your awesome team or maybe you just want to share your AC themed customizations? Well look no further, This here board is dedicated to all of you fans of the Altador Cup and all you fans of Customization! Post your awesome AC themed Customizations, ask about what you can add or change, even give details on what your wearing! So post your awesome Altador Cup customizations now! Just remember to be nice to everyone whether they're on your team or not. This here is Fownder, my Lupe. As you can see hee is an avid supporter of the Haunted Woods and he may not be Ghost, Mutant, Zombie or even Halloween but, his Spotted color matches nicely with the team's colors.
  3. soccergurl2967


    So I was wondering, I know you need a minimum score for each game to increase your rank, but I was wondering: Does getting better scores increase your teams score or is it just the number of scores you send? Basically, I realized that I may be wasting a lot of time on the side games if I just need to reach the minimum score. Thanks in advance.
  4. the-vast-derp

    How to decide what AC team to join?

    Okay, so I don't really have an allegience to any specific AC team because I've been absent the past few years and when I was a kid I didn't get involved in the Cup much. My favorite lands are Shenkuu, Lost Desert, Maraqua, and Dargian Citadel. Faerieland too sometimes, I do really like their colors. I'm just curious, how do you all think I should pick my team? Does winning the Cup give the winning team anything extra besides bragging rights?
  5. Come all ye monsters... Come all ye ghostly ghouls... Come all ye wandering zombies... Come all ye spooks... Come all ye denizens of the night... Come and haunt the field... Come all and join... HAUNTED WOODS! Rules: 1. No Flaming, Harassing or Hating on us or other teams. 2. Discuss anything relating to the Haunted Woods and/or the Altador Cup. 3. No eating the other team's brains. 4. Anyone can post here. 5. Be nice and have fun! So some one had to make this thread and all I have to say is good luck to everyone in the Altador Cup and lets all make ACVIII an Altador Cup to remember! Go Haunted Woods!
  6. This is the perfect place for persuasion. :shiftyeyes_anim: I'm just wondering what teams other people are picking and how popular other teams are. I already chose Maraqua for 3 years in a row! We shall prevail! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (vyvren). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from Neopets General Chat to Altador Cup VIII (2013).
  7. Hey Neopians, For years now i have supported Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup. This might sound weird but i'm a massive fan of team Haunted Woods because i think of it like this... in real life people show support to their hometown/state/country by wearing for example NY hats if their from New York, well on Neopets i am from Haunted Woods and so i show support to my land. When i first started playing Neopets, i chose Haunted Woods as my land, i built my Neo home in Haunted Woods and i support team Haunted Woods in the Altador Cup. Why i chose Haunted Woods has something to do with the offline fact that i am a fan of horror movies and i love the holiday Halloween. Anyway, i am making a new neopets account called _team_haunted_woods_ so that i can travel around Neopia and rep my land. i need to choose a Neopet species and i want a species that is relavent to Haunted Woods. For example, i typed in haunted Woods on Google images and there's a picture of team Haunted Woods and in that photo, one of the team players is a Korbat but there's a few other species in that picture too. On my old account xx_em_world_xx i have a Lupe. What species do you reccomend me choosing?
  8. the teams that have the highest 9 votes will stay in the running for favorite team in next post the 9 with least amount of votes will begin for least favorite team voting ends whens i feel like it but don't worry i will post voting ends soon when it does the least Favorite team round is one post only in round 2 most Favorite is a 3 round vote you get 1 vote on each bracket and also you can post who you voted for and who's your least Favorite teams i know squirrels1666 did somthing like this and i wanted to also his winner was shenkuu so lets see who wins here well then i hope you like and keep posted [POLL OVER GO TO TIE BREAKING ROUND TO VOTE AGAIN] LOST DESERT FOR THE CUP
  9. So I have seen some posts on these but they don't ask questions that tell why you joining your team. Q.1) What team are you joining? Q.2) Is this your first time joining this team? Q.3) Is Yes to above why? If No to above how much times have you joined them? Q.4) Do you join different teams every year? Q.5) Is this your first year doing the Altador Cup? Q.6) If Yes to above is this your first year on Neopets? If no to above have you been playing the AC since AC I? Q.7) If you have played before on another team which team were you most successful on? Q.8) Have you ever won a trophy for the Altador Cup? Q.9) Have you ever made it to Rank 1 before? Q.10) What Team do you like the most but are not joining it? MY Answers: Meridell Yes I have faith in them. Yes Nope have been doing it since 2008 Nope, I started AC III Lost Desert, got 1st place Yes! :D Lost Desert 2010!! Yes!! 2010-2011 Darigan Citadel, Brightville