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Found 13 results

  1. ranga_muffin

    BTY frustration

    So where I live, it's rather difficult for me to get the Better Than You trophy in gold as the new rounds tend to be released in the middle of the night. But tonight, I checked and the new round started around 1am, so I was like let's give this a go. NGL, I am not a fan of the game - Gwyl's Great Escape, but I have sat here struggling to get the 300 score for 50 minutes. Now last I had checked there were 19 people who had beaten the challenger, so I was like okay, well a silver trophy is still an improvement. Anyhoo, I finally did it, I don't know how but I did, I passed that 300 mark. I was tempted to send the score straightaway, but I was all nah don't be paranoid ranga, just finish the game, I won't last much longer. So I did, and I made it to just before the end of the next level, sent my score (no problems, phew), and saw the delightful neomail notification informing of my victory. Then I refreshed the BTY page, and saw the fateful words "55 people have already beaten Gwyl the Symol". I then opened my neomail to confirm the bronze truth. I am cry now. Just having a bit of a whinge. It's late and I'm tired and I've been aiming for a silver/gold trophy for over a year, and I came so close, and yet it was so far :( On the plus side, I do have a new background which makes me happy
  2. The trophies for Altador cup x are finally in our lookup. I think there are still some glitches. I won't say what MY problem is, but tell me if any of you notice any problems with yours. LOL I am just happy we have our trophies. Yay! :rock:
  3. NEW BATTLEDOME - The Top 100 Battlers http://www.neopets.com/~Kacheeken3D It seems that not so many people know yet the existence of that list The first time you'll get there it may take a few seconds for the 3 top pictures to appear. 3 trophies (animated gif)
  4. Bodhi

    This Is Insane!

    http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=bartdrunkeys I can't even imagine how much time you would have to spend on earning so many trophies! Or how skilled Bart already might be in gaming in general, so NP games are easy in comparison? Wow. o__o
  5. Musical_Shoyru

    Score Resets

    I apologize if this has already been asked and answered as I can't seem to find it anywhere to go off of. Does anyone know why the scores have not been reset yet? I thought maybe they'd reset today because of it being "March 32nd" yesterday, but they haven't. For some reason I'm still on quest 19 in Jhudora's Bluff and that was about 2 months ago when I started that. I wanted to start over and go for a trophy/avatar and it's yet to reset. Any clue why this is not happening on the 1st as it's supposed to? Is this another problem going on with neopets, or did I miss something?
  6. Musical_Shoyru

    Usul Subject and Illusens Quest

    So today I went onto my profile and noticed I was awarded a 3rd place trophy for Usul Suspect! I didn't know I was even in the top! This MADE my day. 7 years of playing games and I got my first trophy! YES! I'm also in the top 30 (#26) highscores for the Illusen Quests! SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Do you remember your first game trophy? How excited where you?
  7. So... Today has been my lucky day on neopets. It starts with normal neopia good luck of seeing someone pound adopting out a biscuit Kacheek with a real name (Caitlihn) I magically was on my side with space & snatched her up. It'd been an accident that I had even logged into it, so it was a lovely welcome to the family. I then head over to my main, where I win the tombola & the fruit machine. The blue plushie gave me money, the shrine gave me a level. On all the wheels I at least make my money back. Then, I get a neomail from TNT: "the article that you submitted for the neopian times has been held for a later issue" - which I find out from a few guides means it's pretty much a sure thing I've been accepted! Next up, I try my hand at the Better Than You competition. At the time I'm lamenting it not being a game I've had more practice at.... ..But low and behold! I make the score, which gets me the trophy and the avatar! I'm more than chuffed, I had answered a thread on here earlier today saying I wanted to get into a better habit of checking for games I'm good at, and then this happens! So, I'm carrying on with my dailies, while chatting to my guild about today's good fortune.. I head to the coconut shy to do my daily waste of money, but on the third throw, the coconut falls to the ground. Nothing happened though, so I refreshed the page and saw that my money had went up and I had a coconut in my inventory! That's a nice 100k there! I'm was sure that I didn't have the avatar, as it's random as well, but I click on my userlookup to check, and my count had gone up! I check my neoboard preferences, and there it was! You have no idea how excited I am to never hear that cackle again. I head back to my guild to share my good fortune, worried that I now sound like I'm gloating, and jokingly say I'll keep the apprised of the rest of my dailies' results. Next up is apple bobbing, but really I'm only half paying attention, riding on the high, so I have to look twice when I see that the imposter apple I had in my inventory fell into the water.. I got me the avatar! I can't believe it. These a incredibly random event avatars, and they happen on the same day! So, I'm heading now to do kelp - hoping that this good luck will continue! Have you ever had one of the neopets days? Edit:: I just did some more dailies from the prompting of some of the comments, and I just got the symol hole avatar!! I've been doing that one for years!
  8. Hydro_Pants

    Can I change my trophies?

    I have a question can change my trophy not change where I'll replace it, but to make the third place trophy to champion like my Neopian Battles trophy.
  9. MissRupa

    Question about mirror games

    Is it possible to get a trophy from a mirror game? I am trying to get a trophy for Jungle Raiders and I'd prefer to use the mirror version of it because it has an easier np ratio. There isn't anything about trophies on the page about mirror games.
  10. Okay, for this semester (until May) I am going to work towards getting Flash Game avatars and/or their trophies. My first game to tackle is: Extreme Herder For the avatar, I have to get at least 250 points. For the Bronze trophy, it is currently 318 to beat. Does anyone have any tips for me to win this game? Any tips, cheats, guides would be much appreciated. I know about the cheat code: Freeze. But that is all I know.
  11. I am curious to know what trophies you all are trying to get. I currently am in tenth place for the Jhudoras Bluff trophy, meaning I have bronze, and am two away from silver, (12hrs til my next one.) and I am also thinking of getting the cell-block trophies. (new account makes all my flash game progress gone D: ) When I hit 5 million dollars I might start getting the cats fed. So, what are you trying to get? Edit: You can also tell about trophies you already have, the pain you went through to get them, and stories of being so close but just missing the mark. We learn from trial and error you know! :)
  12. i_m_ur_chocolate_bar

    Broken game?

    Hey Guys, I was just wondering if anyone else has any solutions on how to get the game "The Haunted Shootery" working? It loads up, shows arrows spinning around but then goes black. I assume it is something to do with Flash or a similar program? I actually sent a ticket to TNT and they replied with "Thanks for contacting us about Meerca Chase II!" I was like, O_O um. The ticket is still open, so I suppose they are working on it? Obviously other people are finding it hard to get it to work too because there is currently no scores on the high score board, but I've noticed every now and then one or two players go straight to the gold trophy for a really low score because no one else is submitting scores, so somehow those people are able to play the game. Anybody want to try getting into the game and see if it works for them? Game ID is 1114. http://www.neopets.com/games/game.phtml?game_id=1114 I'm using an Apple Macbook, fully updated Flash... not sure what other specs I should have!
  13. Hi! I have a question about how trophies work for Daily Dare. I've been aiming for the silver trophy, which according to TDN's (amazing) daily dare page is awarded to those who " beat AAA's score at least once and complete all the challenges before the end of the Daily Dare." Does this mean each challenge must be done on the day it is released? I'm just a bit unclear! I won't be able to complete today's challenge by the end of the day (having some problems getting into my account that I am working to get fixed!) and am just really hoping I won't be giving up my change for this trophy! Thanks a lot!