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Found 7 results

  1. Blumaroo-Fire

    I now hold the little guy aptly named Fire_TDN, and I have no idea who I send him to.. If I did receive a neomail 2-3 days ago, I'm afraid I deleted it while mass deleting TNT messages. I'm sorry and wil try to do better..
  2. Hello everyone! I hope I am posting to the right place, if not my apologies, this is my second post on this form, so I may have missed the obvious. I suppose it is more of a question, upon trying to get some more avatars, I noticed all the hardest avatars I need left are pets or very expensive items. I noticed the insane approximate value of the Super Attack Pea, The ALP is wonderful and quite useful, especially for those expensive things. I was wondering if there was anyway I can help, either through a donation or any items that are needed that I may have. I realize that the ALP has a lot of items and pets already, and there may not be much need. Just curious. Thanks! This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto). The topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from Neopets General Chat to TDN Questions.
  3. I taunt the pant devil

    Okay, so I know this is probably the wrong place to put this so sorry!! buuutttttt.... I just got the I taunt the pant devil and I am willing to lend out the items to anyone who wants them. There are around 90ish items and I would set up 10 trades. If anyone is interested, reply to this and if this gets shut down for the wrong section, feel free to send me a message on tdn or neopets. If I "recognize" you (as in have seen you before in post or when customizing) I will ask for zero collateral otherwise collateral is 3.5K. Let me know if interested!
  4. To match recent market price changes, we have changed the collateral for several items we lend. Meowclops: LOWERED to 12,000,000 nps Zafara - Double Agent: LOWERED to 5,500,000 nps Let It Snow!: RAISED to 200,000 nps Kiko Ninja: RAISED to 30,000 nps Kau - Fortune Teller: RAISED to 500 nps Scorchio - Scordrax: LOWERED to 3,000 nps Toasty: RAISED to 500 nps Nabile: RAISED to 300 nps Be sure to keep these new collateral changes in mind when requesting items! :) Thanks, ALP Team
  5. We have confirmed that the Chokato and Codestones! avatars are now working again. :) Hooray! Requests have now been reopened for these two avatars. Some requests are still left from before the avatars stopped working, so please be patient with us while we work through those and then get started on all the new requests. Basically, if you just sent one in, there will probably be a delay before we get to you. We work, wheeeee! Hopefully we should be caught up soon! Thanks for your understanding, ALP Team
  6. Recently there have been some price fluctuations in the market, so we've made some adjustments to the items and required collateral to stay up-to-date with these. For collateral changes, we've adjusted the collateral for various items, including a large decrease for the Scroll of Dark Nova, which is down to 20 NP. For the Robo avatar, we are switching to lending the Robo Eyrie instead of the Robo Hissi. The Robo Eyrie is much cheaper thanks to being released as a prize in the Battledome and it will only require 15,000 NP collateral. Be sure to check the required collateral for items before requesting, in case they've been changed. Thank you, ALP Team
  7. Hi all, Because of recent market price changes, many of our items have undergone collateral changes. Both big-ticket and smaller items were affected, but I will only mention the big-ticket ones here since they had the biggest change. Meowclops - Lowered to 13,000,000 Zafara Double Agent Plushie - Lowered to 6,500,000 Chokato (TCG) - Lowered to 3,000,000 Both Faerie Queen Doll and Icy Snowflake, the remaining two big-ticket items, had no collat change. :) Be sure to check the collat for smaller items before requesting a lend since many of those underwent collateral changes as well! Hope everyone enjoys these lowered collats, ALP Team