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Found 5 results

  1. Ok, so a couple of days ago, my Grarrl was hungry, so I got some junk from the money tree (silly thing has the oddest of tastes) and fed him some stuff. After feeding him an old rotten left boot, this happened: Weird that his hunger spiked like that, but I wasn't complaining. Now, it's been a few days, and here is when the glitch shows: his hunger hasn't changed from very bloated. I haven't fed him either. I know what your thinking: he's a Grarrl, he probably ate something from your inventory to satiate his hunger. To all non-Grarrl owners, Grarrls only eat something from the inventory when their hunger is low, and usually never past "not hungry". Plus, my inventory doesn't have anything missing anyway.
  2. I am trying to play games that require the space bar such as Faerie Bubbles and it will not work. I am using Safari 12.0.2 and have my Adobe Flash up to date as well as Java. The other games that do not require other games using.the space bar such as Turmac Roll and Snowmuncher work fine it is so far only the other games that do not work. Even though I am clicked in the game so my arrow keys work, it is just my space that will not work. I have tried using other web browsers like Firefox(that made no difference) and have even cleared my cookies. I also restarted my computer any restarted Safari many times with no success. I cannot get a response from Neopets when I contact them about it. Does any one else have this issue and could you give me some advice. Thank You
  3. Lately I've been getting this game error that shows up on every game I try to play on my Neopets account. Everytime I click on a game (doesn't matter which one), then click play, the page reloads, but it never shows up with my game or the black "loading box". It only gets stuck on this blue and white gradient screen that keeps on showing up with this message on the top, "[the game: i.e. Meerca Chase II] will start after this message." - and it just stays that way forever, it never changes or loads up the game. I've been experiencing this problem for over weeks and I let it go, thinking it was just a small bug that would eventually go away, but it never did! It's been weeks since I got on and that problem still continues to persist. I've tried using different browsers but I still get the same issue. I've tried deleting all my internet cache, cookies, and history, but the problem is still there. I've even tried doing that option, then restarting my computer. Then I tried the same method, and instead shut my computer down. Still am experiencing the same problem. I've even tried submitting a ticket to the Neopets team, but I'm still awaitting that, and am not sure if they're even going to respond. I've submitted another ticket recently about another question, but it's been over week's since they've responded. I'm starting to lose a bit of hope here. Can anyone offer some advice on what the problem may be, or if anyone else experiences the same problem, can relate, and have found some ways to resolve the issue? I would really love some advice here. Thanks. Also: Here are some screenshots of what the error page looks like: This is the frequent one I get with the error message, "[game] will start after this message.": This is also what I get, just without the error message:
  4. Does anyone have the same problem I had today? I was in the middle of the cycle to get 100.000 NP and it randomly reset.... I am 100% sure I played yesterday and today it suddenly only gave me 1,500 NP.. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not create duplicate topics. We already have a topic regarding Trudy's Surprise error HERE. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above this topic has been locked. Please contact Mouseykins if you have any questions regarding this action.
  5. I recently acquired a few new faerie abilities and decided to put them to the test before the test ended, against some of the more difficult opponents. When battling Plumbeard, my HRoT didn't succeed in stealing anything, even when I refreshed (I got a message that I had stolen something, but nothing showed up). I tried again with the Koi Warrior, even letting one battle go for 3 rounds, but still, the HRoT appears to be completely broken suddenly. Is this happening for anyone else? When I tried to send a bug report, I got an error message that the service was unavailable, so I can't even let TNT know to fix it before the truce ends. :( ETA: I just tested it again against the Koi Warrior, playing 30+ rounds to see whether any of his weapons disappeared, even if I didn't get them. He used every single weapon against me, so the HRoT is 100% broken.
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