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Found 9 results

  1. I've been pretty much saving any r80-r99 items I come across and have a select r90-r99 items I buy daily. My goal is to try and get about 10k items in total (More so r90-r99) by the time it comes around. I'm nearly at 2k items right now :) (Lots of doubles of items What have you been collecting for it, if anything? What do you think the next CC will be? Here's my list of items xD
  2. hrtbrk

    Charity Corner 2017 Begins!

    Granny Hopboppin and Charity Corner have returned for 2017. There are 5 categories of items to donate to the charity drive this year. To participate, simply donate 5 items from the categories below, within the same rarity range and receive an exclusive prize based on the rarity you donated. The more you donate, the better the bonus prize you get at the end of the event - which could be an avatar. Books – To fill the upcoming library in the new Community Hall Coffee and Beverages – For the construction workers to have while they take a break Food – To provide lunch meals for workers Furniture and Gardening – Will be reused to furnish the Hall or salvaged to help with the construction of the Hall Gifts – To be sold at a Garage Sale to raise funds for the construction of the Hall.
  3. emily_speck_15

    NC trading values

    So I am a bit of an idiot and read a guide showing what prizes tyou could get from the nc section of the charity corner and fell in love with the Window with Twinkling Lights Background and immediatly bought a backpack using the nc on one of my sides and sent it to myself... Anyone who is more knowedable than me probably realized that if you look at last years guide, the prizes will varry from what you can get this year. Yeah, I was that idiotic... So I was wondering, since I am planning on trading whatever I get fromt he store, what people think will have the highest trading value.... Moccasin Shoes-Handheld Green Spardel Plushie-Cherry Blossom Gloves- Short Golden Curls Hair-Stained Glass Feather Wind Chime Here is a picture of all the options plus the background offered last year. https://openneo-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/outfits/001/012/029/preview.png
  4. Musical_Shoyru

    Charity Corner Avatar

    Hey all! Does anyone know if the Charity Corner event is something that is going to happen this year? Is the avatar going to be available again? I wanted to get it last year, but due to the lag and the HIGH inflation of prices I just didn't take the time to do it. Thanks!
  5. Hi there TDN! The forums have been so helpful I thought I'd ask about this; After searching on here, I saw the last users to post status on receiving their neomails regarding the Charity Corner had 'U' and 'V' names and that was back on January 10th. On the neoboards, I last saw someone with underscores claiming they had already received their NC and NP prize (assuming then they were already done with all the alphabet names) My username is entirely numerical and starts with zero, so I've already assumed it may be one of the last based on the current system but my question is should I submit a ticket after the downtime or patiently wait for the Neomail to come in? Is anyone else still waiting, and do they also have numerical or names with a lot of underscores? Why did I pick numbers?
  6. So, the Charity corner managed to drain a lot of NP for me, and I am just back at 1mil due to selling red codestones, My next goal would be to aim for the Number six avatar, which I know will take me a while. What goals do you have that you want to reach with Charity Corner gone?
  7. I found a bunch of 90+ toys (mallard balloons, Pygui Hand Puppets, etc.) in my SDB. It's all stuff I paid just a few NP for, and now they are all 32,000 NP or more on the shopwiz. I put a few in my shop and they were gone within minutes. I have at least a dozen left. In general, is it better to donate to Granny and try to get something valuable, or should I just sell and get lots of NP? If I don't get something worth at least 150K, I'm better off selling. On the other hand, I read about people getting really rare items. What has been your experience? Are the prizes from Granny worthwhile? How often did you get something valuable if you donated toys multiple times? Thanks!
  8. Sixela102668

    Charity Corner

    Does anyone know how to do the daily requests for the charity corner? Are they supposed to pop up on the screen or do you have to click on something? It doesn't seem to be working with my computer...
  9. Musical_Shoyru

    Maraquan Apple

    Hello all! I'm looking for the Maraquan Apple, along with everyone else :/ I can really only pay about 30k-50k Anyone willing to part with one for that much? Thanks!