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Found 5 results

  1. http://www.neopets.com/customise/ isn't there anymore, at least not for me on Chrome. I came back several months ago after eight years or so and it's been like touring a decaying building, but at least the Closet was still working. I've tried to get to the working page through every sneaky backdoor I could think of. Help? Please? My beautiful Electric Peophin is still wearing the old man suit the lab ray gave him when he was colored Old (I forget what they called it).
  2. Not sure if this goes under help or customization but, I transferred my robot grundo,he has an aged petpet, to a NF and back. Now his zapped color cloths are missing, not on him, not in my closet, and not with my NF. What do I do? Where did they go? Robot Grundo Cranium Housing Robot Grundo Feet Housing Robot Grundo Hand Housing
  3. Anyone have RB Shoyru clothes they aren't using? Thanks TDNF :party:
  4. :questionmark: My focused feature, should there be a toy box feature? :questionmark: It seems with Neopia growing there have been many features added (lol I remember when the TCG first came out). Not that its unexpected, a new plot unravels, a new land is discovered, and features get added (Space Station Coins, Maractite Coins). :P Even item features for things as basic as sea shells and charms. SooooOOOOoooo whats brought me to this subject is that I've accumulated allot of toys to play with my Neopets and I love to collect them for them <3 . At this point some of you may be thinking just make a gallery BUT 1. I'm already going with certain items and themes in my gallery. 2. If I put them in my gallery I can't easily play with my pets the way I can when they're in my basic inventory. So for now they primarily reside in my SDB until I take them out to play. :questionmark: With that said I was wondering if anyone else thought similar or had any other features you wish Neopets had! (lol or would improve on!) :questionmark: darkestfairy56
  5. Hello :) I bought Water Curtains Foreground for my Maraquan Elephante, and I have put them in my closet, but no matter what I press, I can't seem to find them? Anyone who knows what to do?
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