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Found 20 results

  1. UndeadNinjabit

    Team Neopia Central

    If Neopia Central had a team it will Henry and his fearless team. He lead them though love and friendship because Neopia Central had been ignored sometimes. Now it's time that his team and himself to never be forgotten. They are the best players of Neopia except they have three weaknesses that made them so forgotten. It's no wonder that no one pay attention to them. As long they overcome their weaknesses they will be the ranking top of Altador Cup. During the Aftermaths of the Altador Cups, Ashy has a Yooyuball School in one at Altador and the other in Neopia Central which this little guy teaches the next generation teams the basics of being a true team member. Joey's part time job is at the Rainbow Pool's Food Stand while Natasha basic hobby is doing artwork out of jello. Lily likes to stargaze and tries to practice to the next Altador Cup. Henry's hobby is being a one flotsam band with his guitar at Roo's Island. As the team is forgotten will they ever come back to compete in the next Altador Cup. We will never know. Default Yooyuball Formation: 2+2 Name: Henry Anderson Species: Flotsam (Male) Position: Centre Forward, Team Captain Strengths: Scoring, Improved Catching and Throwing, Leadership Weaknesses: Getting Dizzy, Unable to find a solution, Bad fallowing Paint Color: Electric Name: Natasha Hoppers Species: Blumaroo (Female) Position: Goal Keeper Strengths: A better at jumping, Fast Thinker, Smooth Speed Weaknesses: Hit on the forehead, getting out smart, unable to block in time Paint Color: Jelly Name: Ashy Colorful Species: Kacheek (Male) Position: Centre Defender Strengths: Speed Blocking, Holding competitions, Great Charging Weaknesses: Disco Music, Loosing speed, not competing Paint Color: Rainbow Name: Lily Cosmos Species: Shoyru (Female) Position: Left Defender Strengths: Blocking hard, catching Yooyuball, helping her teanmates Weaknesses: going too slow, unable to catch it, being hotheaded Paint Color: Starry Name: Joey Berry Species: Zafara (Male) Position: Right Defender Strength: Being Super Rad, Great Guarding, Helping the Captain Weaknesses: Getting Hit, Unable to think properly, getting distracted Paint Color: Strawberry This my contest attempt to give Neopia Central the respect it deserves. If you want I want you to draw and make pictures of my dream team if you like. Feel Free what you think of my idea below. Their theme song is similar to the Aquabats song called Super Rad. I hope you like it.
  2. Scoobert_Doo

    Random Contest - It's Back!

    It looks like the Random Contest is back! This was posted in today's, 24 January 2018, "News": ref: http://www.neopets.com/nf.phtml Good luck to those who enter!
  3. memepolice

    Beauty contest! :'D

    Hey guys! Could you do me a huge favor and vote for Novymbyr in this weeks beauty contest?! http://www.neopets.com/beauty/details.phtml?pet=novymbyr I'll vote for your pet if you entered! :D
  4. Musical_Shoyru

    Weekly Item Giveaway

    If you would like to enter in this contest each week press the "follow this topic" button in the top right corner and stay tuned for updates each week. I'm glad you made your way to this thread! This is designed to give back to the neopets community, young or old, long time player or newbie, anyone is welcome! Each week I will be giving away items to a lucky person (in some cases more than one). There is no purchase needed, COMPLETELY FREE. The week's Giveaway/contest can go one of two ways; It will either be a straight flat out giveaway, no participation needed, just sign up and you're in the running. The other way it could go is an actually contest weather that be a scavenger hunt, a question that needs to be answered, or a poem written, etc. It's almost a little bit of a re-vamp of the Random contest. Winners will be announced and posted every Thursday (Time may vary). Check back on this thread to see. You may ask to be in/enter the giveaway/contest up until 12a Eastern Time on Thursday/Friday. A new giveaway will be started the same day the winner for the previous contest/giveaway is announced; along with the new item I am giving away that week. Special instruction for contests will be given with each week (if there is any). Sometimes the items will be worth a lot, other times they may not be, the item rarity and value will vary. Item will be given to the winner. I will need the Neopets username to send the item to the weeks winner. (this information can be given via pm) Name's will be picked using this site http://www.miniwebtool.com/random-name-picker/ RULES (MUST READ!) If the contest is just a straight up giveaway, to enter you must comment in this thread saying something along the lines "I would like to enter". If it is not a straight up giveaway and a contest with some work is involved refer to Rule #2 Do NOT post answers in the thread if that weeks item giveaway is in a contest form (such as answers to the questions, scavenger hunts, etc.), they must be PM'D to me via TDN Private Messaging. Begging for items or for a redraw is an automatic disqualification for any future giveaways/contests. Begging the winners for items is an automatic disqualification for any future giveaways/contests. One entry per account only. Conduct must stay inline with TDN's rules. Getting mad at myself or the winners will be a automatic disqualification for future giveaways/contests. You are ALLOWED to enter the contests back-to-back each, even if you win. It is possible that the same person could win several weeks in a row as the participants of each contest are on the low side as of now. All names are picked randomly, so please do not be upset if the same person wins several times in a row. :wub_anim: Let's keep this clean and fun for everyone on TDN! :wub_anim: This Week's Giveaway (4/22/16) (Look below for this weeks requirements if any.) In honor of the Daily Dare we are going to do our own little daily dare right here featuring some prizes that you may have missed challenging the other player! (Look after prizes for requirements) You may only pick ONE price from each tier. Ideally you will be able to pick the other prize that you did not win. TIER 1 TIER 2 TIER 3 TEAM CHALLENGE TIER (THIS IS NOT A FOR SURE PRIZE, I WILL BE WORKING ON GETTING IT DURING THE WEEK, WILL UPDATE IF I DO!) THIS WEEKS REQUIREMENTS; Below is a series of games and a certain score you need to reach. You do not need to play all of them, just choose one. If you have never sent a score in that certain game before then just post a link to your high scores table in the thread. If you have already played them game then just take a screen shot of your score, paste it in windows paint and drag it to your comment on this thread! Happy gaming ya'll! Ice Cream Machine = 2,000 Points Destruct-O-Match III = 700 Points The Usul Suspect = 450 Points Freaky Factory = 500 Points Winners Circle!! (4/16/16) The items have been sent to you. If you have not received them it is because I was unable to find your Neopets username. PM me on TDN with your username please! <3 THE LATEST WINNER IS........ !pf_asax2372! CONGRATS!!
  5. UPDATE NO MORE ENTRIES PLEASE; prizes still giving out Welcome to Ixi's Magical Giveaway of Wonder! In my SDB, I have 400 items. So, you simply need to pick a number from 1-400. Since I'm still going for the SDB avatar, only 10 people are going to get to pick a number! Sorry! There's a lot of things in there; some rubbish, some good. You'll have to see what number you get! I wish you luck and may the best number win :)
  6. Greetings! If you are looking to host or participate in a giveaway or contest, you've found the right place! By following these simple rules and reminders, we can ensure a safe and fun environment for all participants. If you wish to HOST a giveaway or contest: Your initial post should clearly establish if you are running a GIVEAWAY or a CONTEST (ie, does everyone who posts automatically get entered or must they complete a task or competition to win?) Please post the rules in a clear and concise manner (Is a minimum post count required? Do the participants have to have been Neopets members for a set amount of time?) Absolutely NO entry fees or "prize pools" can be solicited from participants. While TDN supports your right to hold a giveaway on our site, requesting or suggesting donations/fees/etc will be viewed as solicitation and will result in disciplinary action. If there is a "random" element involved (ie, in a giveaway versus a contest), please use random.org to select your winners and post screen shots of the process. A tutorial will be posted soon. If you are regularly hosting a giveaway or contest, keep all contests on one board while keeping the original post updated with current rules and information. If you wish to PARTICIPATE in a giveaway or contest: Remember that TDN rules are in effect. Keep your posts at the 7 word minimum, no double posting, stay on topic, etc. Follow any additional rules established by the host. Do not beg for items or put down other participants. AND REMEMBER: Keep all contests and giveaway discussion STRICTLY to the TDN forums. If you need to contact a host or participant, please PM via the TDN forum only. Please help keep the TDN forums a safe and welcoming environment for all of our members. Those deemed to be abusing the right to host or participate in giveaways and contests will have the privilege revoked. Have fun, but play fair! Giveaways and Contests with prizes are strictly against Neopets rules. You subject yourself to this risk if and when you host or join one, and team TDN can not do anything about actions taken by TNT against your account should it be linked to holding contests. Please keep this in mind when you are using this forum.
  7. With the encouragement of Sabs, her forum customization contest (FCC) is back! Once again, you don't have to own or buy any NC or NP wearable items for this contest. Using Dress to Impress (DTI) create your best looking "dream customization" for the selected theme. There will usually be one week dedicated to entering and one week for voting. There are changes that apply for new contest, including mailed entries. This board will now be used for all of your questions, comments, and suggestions. You may ask questions here or mail me directly. Make sure to read the rules below to learn more! :) Entering Dates for Contest #15: Monday, August 3rd - Sunday, August 16th Selected theme #15: Neopocalypse Selected species/color #15: any Voting Dates/thread #14: Monday, July 27th - Sunday, August 2nd Contest #13 Prizes: TBA Number of Entries Received: Upcoming Theme: Neopocalypse! (A Dystopian Theme) How to play: Anyone can participate in this contest, as long as they have a TDNF account created. There are no entry fees. You will be using DTI (Dress to Impress) to come up with your customs based on the selected theme. You can enter one of your own customized neopets as long as it abides by the current theme/specie selection. If the contest does not have a species, selected then you can choose any neopet species (Including UCs) and color. You can only submit one pet entry, unless the current theme states otherwise. *NEW* Entries will now me mailed directly to me (Shelley) via PM on The Daily Neopets Forums during the selected entry dates. You will not post entries on this thread. Please mail all entries with the following FORM (suggestion by Spritzie): Entry name (if applicable): Image: Link for animations: Story (optional): You can make changes to your entries once received in my inbox. You can find the EDIT button to the lower right of your sent message A new thread titled, "Customization Contest Votes" will be created with a poll for our voting process. I will preview all the submitted entries on the voting thread. The Top 3 multiple voted customs will have a special display on the voting thread. You will also receive a trophy you can choose to display on your user look-up or profile along with a prize if designated for that round. If you would like your entry cropped in a design software for better quality for the voting thread you may choose to do so. If I am not available for any reason to run the contest Spritzie will update the contest Rules: You can't vote for yourself You can edit your customization only during the entering dates listed above. Please don't use any of the trophy images from the Forum Customization Contest unless you have permission from Shelley. Do not use design programs to enhance your customization entry, unless you are only cropping it for better quality due to a DTI wearable glitch. If you won't be available for a contest entry week, you may PM (Shelley) early. Please do not post entries on this thread. This thread will be for discussion only* Important Links: Dress to Impress http://impress.openneo.net/ Linking your Image from DTI: TDNF uses BBcode for image linking. On the right of the screen in DTI, click on the "Share" tab. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the "BBcode" tab. You will see different sizes of links available. The "medium" size image is usually preferred (see examples on the past contest thread). Highlight all of the code, and copy it. Paste this code to the thread for your entry. Note: If your picture does not show up, double check the code you linked. Most likely you did not copy the complete code. Thread for Alternate Customizations (created by Lady Lyuba) http://www.tdnforums...rable-mentions/ Original Forum Customization Contest (created by Sabs) http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/41284-forum-customization-contest/?hl=%2Bcustomization+%2Bcontest Trophies: Banner/Advertising Team (open to anyone that would like to help) Katsuokai Deboratibi Banners https://imgur.com/a/zQvqq Donation Till: 0 nps (not reflective of the amount of donations past) Thank you Donors! Dan!elle (x2) deboratibi lillythegrundo acquarella Totu487 Anonymous Donations will be used to purchase prizes for future rounds. If you're interested in donating offer any amount on a jelly or omelette in my trades http://www.neopets.com/island/tradingpost.phtml?type=browse&criteria=owner&search_string=pancakesatthedisco
  8. Hi everyone, Pls vote for my 4 months old baby. There might be a msg pop up please click follow link. http://apps.facebook.com/mamypoko-ambassador/?app_data=17404 1 fb account per a vote / one time vote only. Make sure u click twice other first click and number runs up. Thk u so much no body helps that's fine - thk This post has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not double post, and make sure your posts have at least seven words. You can use the edit button if you have something to add. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  9. Haha, you guys are probably annoyed with my BC spam already D: I'm sorry! I have one last one for probably many weeks, so bear with me this one last time please ^^" I decided to enter my new draik, Kryogen, into the BC this week! It's a digital entry, taking around 5-7 hours to complete. Below is a picture of her entry, and you can click that to get to the direct voting page! Click here for the link to the direct voting page, and click here for the full, high quality image! Thanks for taking the time to check my board out, I appreciate it! You have a great day and take care. ^_^
  10. http://www.neopets.c...pet=Kleisthenus *pokes link* Hoping to get the avatar and shiny trophy for my darling! Thank you in advance My entry:
  11. Hey! Today I'm extra happy because I've won the Customization Contest (http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/41284-customization-contest/) on our forums! :D It is hosted by Sabs in the Contest Board. It was really fun to do and I got the #1 place so that was extra nice. I've also gotten an Ultimate Nerkmid as a prize! I posted the trophy, made by Shelleyjoy on my user lookup :D (credits where credits need to be given!) This was my entry: The link including all the moving bits I got the first place with 11 votes from the 31 votes in total. Which means I got 35,48% of the votes, yay (source=http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/41377-customization-contest-voting/)! There is going to be a next round, which I'm definately entering. The prize will be a Striped Paintbrush, we have a donation till over 60k NP and the theme will be warrior! Only restriction is that your species need to be a Kacheek. Which is a challenge for me, because I'm not that into Kacheeks. Oh well, it was amazing to be a part of!
  12. This is my first time I've tried out the caption Contest and what a nice surprise to see I got in! :D So I guess my first question is..how does this thing work? XD How do you get to obtain a trophy? lol really new to this guys.. and if you are compelled to vote.. here's my caption :) http://www.neopets.com/games/caption_browse.phtml By pancakesatthedisco: Mutant Koi: We strike... AT DAWN! Ice Koi: I'm really starting to doubt our whole "invasion of Brightvale" thing. Orange Koi: You know we can't breathe above water, right? if you scroll all the way to the bottom it's almost last :) (edit: wait...it randomizes doesn't it XD) here's a direct link.. http://www.neopets.com/games/caption_browse.phtml?page=0&action=vote&actionid=18716057
  13. dawnshine

    Love PINK

    My guild is having a customization contest where the theme is just "pink". I have a red female Kau (annefranksinatra) I would like to enter, limited to NP only. Some "pink" themed items I already have are: Heart Shaped Sunglasses Pink Sun Hat Melted Strawberry Ice Cream Cone Pink Flower Garland Door to Your Heart Background Those aren't what I'm limited to, just some pink stuff I had in my closet already. I'm not really into pink stuff so I don't want to spend an ungodly amount of NP but I'm competitive and haven't won a darn thing in my guild thus far, so I would be willing to splurge if an item was super awesome. But some inspiration/ideas would be appreciated. (: I entered gypsyboots last time with her super sweet customization job and she didn't win ): so hopefully annefranksinatra is up to the challenge. Thanks from annefranksinatra and I in advance. Also I work for most of the day so I will get back to anyone who posts (really) late tonight or tomorrow. The deadline for me to submit my customization is Friday, May 23.
  14. Hi everyone, I recently created a watercolor inspired by my new faerie lenny, with no intention of entering the beauty contest...but I decided to give it a shot :) A user was so kind to recently gift me my dreamie so I thought it only fitting to get him that gold trophy! I've been thinking it would be disqualified for looking too real, but so far, so good! I'm keeping my fingers crossed :) If anyone hasn't voted in the lenny category this round, I would gladly appreciate your consideration for a vote...and so would Phean! :D http://www.neopets.com/beauty/details.phtml?pet=Phean
  15. Hello! My faerie lenny, Shereze, is in the beauty contest this week! Please help me by voting for my drawing! I would really really appreciated it! ^_^ Click here to vote (there's a vote button at the bottom of this page): http://www.neopets.com/beauty/details.phtml?pet=Shereze
  16. poet_of_elves

    Beauty Contest

    Hi all! I recently decided to join in on the Neopets beauty contest and see what all the hubub was about. It's pretty intense, yeah?! I'm having a lot of fun, and making a lot of new friends. :woot: There are so many wonderful artist, I think it's going to be a good experience and a great chance to learn new techniques. Is anyone else here entered into this week's contest? I'd love to see your art (and vote)! My entry is http://www.neopets.com/beauty/details.phtml?pet=Lord_Elendil
  17. So the lab zapped my Uni Zombie and sealed my place with the Awakened last Monday Anyway, while I was trying to figure out how to customize him Idea’s started popping up into my mind on how his character should be and I started wanting to draw him. Thus the urge to enter him into the BC happened. So behold my wandering-undead-uni-mage. I’m sure he’d appreciate any votes if you like his picture! Thanks for checking him out! :P
  18. NeuroticRequiem

    Caption Contest!

    Simple! Caption it. This way everyones caption gets seen and not just who is selected. Come on make me laugh really hard!
  19. Hi guys, a friend of mine just told me that I'm on the CC, but not on the english one. I come from germany and just send a Caption - and I'm in :whaa: This is the first time for me, if you have some votes it would be awesome if you could help. You just have to change your Language to German or "Deutsch" and vote for me Thanks for every help! Here is the link: http://www.neopets.com/games/caption_browse.phtml Have a wonderful day, Julia
  20. sara1elo

    Random Contest Winner!

    Coltzan's Shrine Hot Air Balloon by sara1elo I choose Coltzan's Shrine because I wanted to try something different from the orbed and round hot air balloons. The shrine is made with paper sheets and the basket was created with an egg carton container. The passenger is a mummy watching the Lost Dessert from the air. Unfortunately this balloon does not float. http://www.neopets.com/random_contest.phtml -------------- I am so excited, this is my second time joining the Random Contest, and I can't believe I get into the seven better hot air ballons entries. I've been looking through the entries and most of them look way better than mine... It looks like that not many people participated into this one. Because there are only 29 runners up. I wanted the random contest avatar so bad! And about this: Does anyone know when will it show on my neoboard preferences?