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Found 2 results

  1. I am in some serious need for help for the customisation of my Uni. I'm saving up to paint him royal (or spotted, I'm not sure yet), but if anyone can come up with a cute yet tough kinda looking look with another colour, please share. I'd prefer to spend just NP, and maybe NC, but I'd rather not. Thanks in advance :)
  2. Hey peoples! I need some help with customizing 3 of my pets :3 First off I have my baby Lutari, xxLovertjexxx, Female, which I want to be dressed in like a cute style. Then I have my glowing Aisha, Pleaseturncoconut__, Male, which I like something like cool for, something that mixes well with the Fancy Frock Coat he already has. And as last I have my Sketch Chomby, Xhatic, Female, looking for a girly style with her, something mixed with her Candy Cane Hair Bow :3 I can only but Neopoints wearables, so please keep that in mind c: