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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! I am trying to gather as much data possible on... the frequency of Scratchcard prizes!!!!! I am looking at all types of scratchcard available to all Neopians. That is to say, premium scratchcards are not included. We have (just so you know!); Ice Caves Kiosk! Deserted Fairground! and Desert Kiosk! Please tell me which kiosk, which card and what you got! Thank youuuuuuu! EDIT POST RESULTS HERE https://goo.gl/forms/UNymYzSsVPdD9Sw13
  2. Hey there :) I've been seriously thinking about creating a official guild related to Team Lost Desert and the Altador Cup. I'd need some partners and helpers and i'm looking for some here, but the main question I wanted to ask you... Would you join? I'd like some feedback please and if you think you can do anything for the guild (Like creating a custom background for the main page) Then feel free to offer. I'll be sure consider it! Thanks for reading and hopefully we can do this!
  3. Hey everyone! I am looking for the second generation desert lupe art. Been looking for about 3 hours and cannot find it, yet i distinctly remember about 11 year ago when I started playing as a kid that it was the reason I wanted a lupe. Actually got the brush after a couple years, but having a hardcore nostalgia moment and wondering where it could be found? The pic below is the model of lupe I mean, but using standard search engines is confusing me due to the models between the one below and current one (eg the "old model" usually seen on sites is much newer than this). Am I going crazy and it never actually existed? 8 year old me who started playing did think the "scallywags" cheat on dubloon disaster classified as hacking so maybe it was all in my head. Anyways, HELLO tdn forum! And any help would be more than appreciated in my search!
  4. It's Flotsam day! Let's celebrate! Remember that Cap'n Threelegs is giving away free training to all Flotsams who visit him on Flotsam Day! Marquee Colours Desert and Glowing Clothing items Neocash
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