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Found 5 results

  1. Hi friends! I was wondering (after searching and coming up negative) if there is already a topic for people who need help with gathering and selecting their battledome equipment. In case there isn't, here's the topic! And I need help! I have a pretty okay trained Kau, but have no idea what sort of weapons I should equip her with, both for attack and defense. Currently my go to weapons are a set of quite old ones, which mostly do the trick against lesser opponents. But I would love to give her an upgrade. My current weapons are: (most used) Sun and Moon Chakram, Sword of Elements, and Lesser Healing Scroll. Any tips or ideas? My budget per weapon would be about 2m to 3m MAX. (but would love something at 1m or below)
  2. Beat AAA or Abigail's score today at Dubloon Disaster, and win yourself a shiny new Homing Mine! Never misses its target, this one. This prize was awarded for beating a Daily Dare score on the release date in Y18
  3. Hi! My current battlepet is Saiboul. His stats are: HP: 75 Att: 68 Def: 67 Speed: 55 His equipment is: 2x scarab ring 1x Lesser Healing Scroll And some other items I rarely use, sometimes I add a muffin for him to throw. Now, Saiboul is retiring from the battledome soon, since Taipico(whom I have been training) is finally catching up to him! His stats are: HP: 70 Att: 70 Def: 70 Speed: 70 Now he needs equipment! NP isn't a problem. I don't want to spend millions so don't go over the top, but for good results I'm happy to pay some good NP. Especially since I'm going to keep training him forever so yeah :P My preference goes out to a set that matches him. E.g. a lance would fit the royal theme. But of course the most important thing is he'll be a powerful Aisha. I train him on a daily basis, and yes I am training all his stats and keeping it that way. So yes, please give me advice what equipment would be good for him! :D
  4. Hi! (in advance, I'm sorry this post is so large (._.) ) So, I recently got back into neopets with the goal to accumulate 1 million np. One day, I suddenly found myself looking through the pound, and found myself a cute little Uni at level 40. Suddenly, I found a desire to use the battledome. I spent all my money on equipment and soon I'd made 500,000 from selling codestones and neggs I'd gotten from the battledome. At this point though, I'd decided to upgrade a bit. However, I really can't decide what to get. Everything I read on guides are either too expensive, or I question whether or not it would be actually worth to buy, for the simple purpose of 1P. So I came here to ask 3 questions. 1. What equipment should I buy, in a budget of around 300-350k? and 2. Keeping in mind that I want profit, should I invest in my pet by spending codestones to train? and 3. Once I've gotten the gear, is there a reccomended challenger to fight in the battledome for neggs/codestones/map pieces/etc? My Equipment at this point is 1. Scroll of the Scholar 2. Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer 3. Green Frost Cannon 4. Golden Compass 5. Parchment Cloak 6. Downsize! 7. Parasol of Unfortunate Demise 8. Lesser Healing Scroll Abilites Static Cling Shade Positive Thinking An Icicle Stats Uni Hit points: 61 Attack: 36 Defense: 25 Agility: 31 Intelligence: 153
  5. I only play 1-P battledome and would like help with equips. I've been reading these sites for help... this[1] and this[2] Here is my current pet[3] http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Jzenx[4] Current Stats: Level 80, 154 HP, 162 STR, 157 DEF My equips are: 2x Scroll of Knowledge 1x Leaf Shield 1x Virtupets X-514 Super Shield 1x Downsize! 1x Rejuvenating Jar of Brains 1x Hanso Charisma Charm Note: I only have 7 weapons/items, I want a bomb but I am unsure if I want to get Rainbow Clockwork Grundo, or just go straight towards Ghostkerbomb, or go Honey Potion and then save up for GBomb Budget: I have 13mil in my bank to spend, but would like to only spend ~3mil for upgrades. My thoughts so far on what to do/upgrade: Of my current equips, I am keeping Rejuvenating Jar of Brains, Downsize!, and Hanso Charisma Charm. Everything else I am considering to replace. I was considering getting 1x Rusty Pitchfork for hopefully ~800k but would like TDN's thoughts on that as a dual-duty. I am unsure on which shield to upgrade to Sophies Magic Hat[7] but there is no solid price in TP, Royal Blue Cape[8] which is ~275k. I am unsure which weapon I should get for my constant. As mentioned earlier, would it be better neopoint wise to buy a Honey Potion[13] for about 450-500k and then save up for GBomb, or should I just get Rainbow Clockwork Grundo and then upgrade that into Gbomb. If I go over my limit, the two items I want to buy first are GBomb and Hubrid Nox Memorial Shield. Training: I am currently following the tdn training guides and working on pumping my HP to 190. After that, I plan to use a Fortune Faerie Cookie, Bubbling Fungus, and Armoured Neggs to power level a bit.
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