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Found 58 results

  1. Hi guys, I thought with how Fiendish Formations changes, it might be a good idea to have a thread dedicated to those changes, to help others out with tips or advice, even just a "heads up" about some change between days. So I noticed that Fiendish Formations finally says it's Day 3, I tried for the Day 3 achievement prize. Managed the prize, a book called " Enchanted Map of Neopia ", but the Wraith Assassin, is a NEW twist in Day 3, and ANNOYING. So here's what I've got on the little nuisance. On your green side of the field in EACH level, the Wraith assassin can be found (in Day 3). There's a counter in his icon, and when it reaches zero, he assassinates one of your placed units. Then the counter counts down again. Place your pieces quickly. I don't know if you lose points when a unit is assassinated, but it will at least eat into your time bonus placing another unit there. For today, the units we place seem to be just axes and arrows, no cannons. Not yet anyway. Good luck!! And remember, you can replay to get a better score if you don't reach a day's requirement met. Day 3's achievement requirement is 2000 points. I managed 2,444 having to replace a few units on some levels, so it's definitely doable even if you mess up a bit! Good luck!
  2. I was just wondering when the next cup starts?
  3. Kiko Match Easter Egg

    Has anyone seen this on Kiko Match II before? I was pretty surprised when I saw this! Do any other games do this on Christmas?
  4. Prizes have been released for this year's GMC. Make your way to the Headquarters to claim your prizes now!
  5. Hey guys~! Just me, Kenji, a Southern sergal who is new to TDN and its forum but a returning player in Neopets after nine years. While I'm back at Neopets (with my new pet, actually named after myself lol), I went to the "Games Room" to find some games that are easy to gain Neopoints. And just as I stumbled on the "Action" section I see this game that I was a big fan of it despite of the downsides, "Escape From Meridell Castle". That game also got me into wanting a Draik, but didn't had it because the egg and the morphing potion costs 10M-18M of Neopoints (until now, the prices are dropped drastically, I finally got a Draik ^^). I played it again, and it felt like I'm back at zero. Then minutes or 4 attempts later, I'm like "I'll just play the other ones", because of my lost experience and it's now hard for me to get to the points where it will give you 1000 Neopoints. At the same time, I was thinking about a sequel for this game. A better one, with the downsides and glitches fixed (but a bit harder). It may have another character to be imprisoned and escape, or still it's Valrigard like the game is just rebooted. Either way, it's going to be a great game if it happens. So....any other ideas you wanna put for the EFMC sequel?
  6. BTY frustration

    So where I live, it's rather difficult for me to get the Better Than You trophy in gold as the new rounds tend to be released in the middle of the night. But tonight, I checked and the new round started around 1am, so I was like let's give this a go. NGL, I am not a fan of the game - Gwyl's Great Escape, but I have sat here struggling to get the 300 score for 50 minutes. Now last I had checked there were 19 people who had beaten the challenger, so I was like okay, well a silver trophy is still an improvement. Anyhoo, I finally did it, I don't know how but I did, I passed that 300 mark. I was tempted to send the score straightaway, but I was all nah don't be paranoid ranga, just finish the game, I won't last much longer. So I did, and I made it to just before the end of the next level, sent my score (no problems, phew), and saw the delightful neomail notification informing of my victory. Then I refreshed the BTY page, and saw the fateful words "55 people have already beaten Gwyl the Symol". I then opened my neomail to confirm the bronze truth. I am cry now. Just having a bit of a whinge. It's late and I'm tired and I've been aiming for a silver/gold trophy for over a year, and I came so close, and yet it was so far :( On the plus side, I do have a new background which makes me happy
  7. Nay for getting your score reviewed

    I got my score reviewed on Pterattack after playing for a few hours (several games) just to get a good score, and then didn't even get bronze. It wouldn't be so bad (Extreme Potato Counter seems to ALWAYS review my score) if it didn't bring on a panic attack that then had me move over 100 items over to my side account. I also made myself come to terms with possibly losing my Zombie Aisha and Grey Kyrii, only for TNT to send me an 'everything looks legit'. I wish I could draw so I could make that into a comic.
  8. hellllppp! i can not play games!

    Laptop died, had to get new one with Windows 10, running google chrome. The flash player is not compatible to Neo!! SURELY someone else has had this problem.. How do I solve it!???!! I'm reallllllly panicing - having Neopets withdrawal symptoms! Thanks for any suggestions :sad01_anim: This topic has been edited by a member of staff (.Brianna.). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'Neopets General Chat' to 'Neopets Help'.
  9. Shockwave plugin in Games

    Hey everyone! I've had trouble playing shockwave games on Neo since I started playing, I don't know why, I used to play on windows and now im using a mac but I always download the plugin and do everything they say but it still doesnt work :( Any help please would be amazing!
  10. Not sure if this helps anyone else, but it sure got me excited as I thought I missed my chance to get All-Star; Even if you started the Altador cup tomorrow after NST you can still get the All-Star rank if you play this many games a day; 46 Yooyuball games until the the 29th 188+ Make Some Noise Games until the 29th 188+ Shootout Showdown Games until the 29th 43+ Slushie Slinger Games until the 29th So that is a total of; 414 Yooyuball Game Wins 339 Slushie Slinger Games 1498 Make Some Noise Games 1500 Shootout Showdown Games Hopefully this helps some people! I'm aiming for that gold Trophy and All-Star rank!!! Good luck everyone!
  11. Neopets Games Not Working

    For some reason I'm having trouble playing games. The rest of the site is working fine. I already e-mailed neopets support but haven't heard back yet. When I try to play games, they get really glitchy and slow to the point where they are impossible to actually play. I've already updated my flash player and tried the site and three different browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox), and I'm still having the same problem How can I fix this?
  12. Weird Shockwave Question

    So, everyone knows Shockwave games are hit and miss and a pain to even load, but finally after a couple of months of fighting across an array of browsers, I managed to get Revenge of the Slorgs to load and get an avatar score. Problem is, when I finally hit submit score, I wasn't taken to a score submission box thingie, I was taken to the "load soundtrack" page. Has anyone else ever had issues with this specific issue? Is there some weird trick to get it to trigger (like, opening other games or putting the game in a new tab instead of pop-up or whatever)? I'm just kind of bummed that I finally managed to pull it off (did a lot of frog shots, lmao) and didn't actually get my avvie or even a posted score at all.
  13. I'm so sad because I can't get the advertisments before the games (with un-paid membership) to play - therefore I can't get to play the games. Anyone else having that problem??? Guess I'll try a reboot...... and will let you know. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Songbirdsara). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'Neopets General Chat' to 'Neopets Help'.
  14. Is it possible?

    Is it really possible to get a score of 155,000 in sutek's tomb (sorry if that's someone's score from here)? I realize you can use the code "plzsutekcanihavemoretime" ONCE, and I realize you get lots of points for special tiles, ie. TPOSG, Ankh, scarab. But because of the timer, I find it difficult just to get the avatar score of 2000, let alone 155,000, actually it was closer to 156,000. I am surprised it wasn't reviewed being that much above the avie score. Maybe I just stink at the game. LOL Is that actually a legit score?
  15. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, or if someone already asked this(I searched and couldn't find anything). I have a question. If you play Ghoul Catchers on Facebook, is there a way to add friends/other players, too? When I run out of lives, it says I can ask, wait, or buy. I usually wait. But does the ask option mean you can ask other players to send you lives? I've been stuck on level 22 since May or June, and I stopped playing for like 3 months 'cause I got annoyed, but now I'm working on it and was wondering if you can add other players as friends. Does anyone know? Also, if anyone has any super helpful tips for level 22, that'd be awesome. :)
  16. Favourite Music?

    Neopets games have some weird and wonderful soundtracks to their games. What're your favourite tunes? For me, it's the following (in no order): The Great Qasalan Caper Stowaway Sting Kreludan Mining Corp. Time Tunnel Destruct-O-Match II Spacerocked! Clockwork Codebreaker (reminded by Icesoteric) Legends of Pinball (reminded by Icesoteric) Invasion: Blastoids! I'll add more when I think of them.
  17. Ruin a Wish

    I'm surprised this isn't already on here somewhere. Anyways, here's how you play, basically one person wishes for something, and the person below them grants them the wish, but finds some way to ruin it (think genies) Example: Me: I wish I had a million Neopoints Person: Granted, but TNT freezes your account for hacking. I wish I had a cup full of snot. See? Easy, here goes. I wish I had a slice of cake. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a current wishing game here. Please continue the game there. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Spritzie if you have any questions regarding this action.
  18. Or does it just get automatically added to my rank totals? Sorry for this probably obvious question, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
  19. Ghoul Catchers: Level 23

    Help!! I've been stuck on Ghoul Catchers level 23 for about a million years. This is the Faerieland level where 2 items must be delivered, with a narrower playing field. You're allowed 35 moves and must achieve 30,000 points. Is there any way to get 30,000 points in the allotted 35 moves, or is it neccessary to purchase the extra five turns or another power-up? I'm trying as hard as possible to play without spending any real money. Does anyone have any tips/advice? Anything helps! Thanks so much!! -CJ
  20. Hannah and the Pirate Caves

    I recently came back to Neopets after an almost 6 year hiatus. I've been playing games and working on avatars. I discovered that Hannah and the Pirate Caves does not load in Firefox or Chrome. In FF, I get a DGS error. In Chrome, it tells me I don't have Shockwave installed, even though I do. I installed Opera and can get HATPC to load there, but the left side of my screen is black and makes it hard to play. Here are some screenies I took: Does anyone know what would cause this or how to maybe fix it? I just want to get the avatar, but I can't get past level...5, I think it is. And my high score is only 130k-ish because of this. Any help is appreciated!
  21. Score Resets

    I apologize if this has already been asked and answered as I can't seem to find it anywhere to go off of. Does anyone know why the scores have not been reset yet? I thought maybe they'd reset today because of it being "March 32nd" yesterday, but they haven't. For some reason I'm still on quest 19 in Jhudora's Bluff and that was about 2 months ago when I started that. I wanted to start over and go for a trophy/avatar and it's yet to reset. Any clue why this is not happening on the 1st as it's supposed to? Is this another problem going on with neopets, or did I miss something?
  22. Ghoul Catchers has not been giving NP or rewards to lots of neopians, including me. It's a real bummer. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. There is already a thread for discussing Ghoul Catchers, including any on-going issues. Please continue the discussion there Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Spritzie if you have any questions regarding this action.
  23. Games You Play Daily

    Hi! Do you guys have a list of games that you guys play daily? I usually play games straight after I do my dailies, but sometimes if I'm craving playing a certain game, I'll play it before I get onto my games. These are my games that I play every day (almost always in this order, too): 1. Meerca Chase II 2. Turmac Roll 3. Hasse Bounce 4. Pakiko 5. Carnival of Terror 6. Freaky Factory 7. Faerie Bubbles 8. Destruct-O-Match And a couple of others from time to time too. I play them daily because I've gotten decent at them and they're my top NP earners. What about you guys though? What are your daily-plays, if you have any?
  24. Qasalan expellibox is up and working again. There are no changes that I noticed, unless there are new prizes. But nothing new that is obvious with the look. Just happy to have it back up.
  25. So... Today has been my lucky day on neopets. It starts with normal neopia good luck of seeing someone pound adopting out a biscuit Kacheek with a real name (Caitlihn) I magically was on my side with space & snatched her up. It'd been an accident that I had even logged into it, so it was a lovely welcome to the family. I then head over to my main, where I win the tombola & the fruit machine. The blue plushie gave me money, the shrine gave me a level. On all the wheels I at least make my money back. Then, I get a neomail from TNT: "the article that you submitted for the neopian times has been held for a later issue" - which I find out from a few guides means it's pretty much a sure thing I've been accepted! Next up, I try my hand at the Better Than You competition. At the time I'm lamenting it not being a game I've had more practice at.... ..But low and behold! I make the score, which gets me the trophy and the avatar! I'm more than chuffed, I had answered a thread on here earlier today saying I wanted to get into a better habit of checking for games I'm good at, and then this happens! So, I'm carrying on with my dailies, while chatting to my guild about today's good fortune.. I head to the coconut shy to do my daily waste of money, but on the third throw, the coconut falls to the ground. Nothing happened though, so I refreshed the page and saw that my money had went up and I had a coconut in my inventory! That's a nice 100k there! I'm was sure that I didn't have the avatar, as it's random as well, but I click on my userlookup to check, and my count had gone up! I check my neoboard preferences, and there it was! You have no idea how excited I am to never hear that cackle again. I head back to my guild to share my good fortune, worried that I now sound like I'm gloating, and jokingly say I'll keep the apprised of the rest of my dailies' results. Next up is apple bobbing, but really I'm only half paying attention, riding on the high, so I have to look twice when I see that the imposter apple I had in my inventory fell into the water.. I got me the avatar! I can't believe it. These a incredibly random event avatars, and they happen on the same day! So, I'm heading now to do kelp - hoping that this good luck will continue! Have you ever had one of the neopets days? Edit:: I just did some more dailies from the prompting of some of the comments, and I just got the symol hole avatar!! I've been doing that one for years!