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Found 14 results

  1. I still don't get how to set up the code from the premade layouts so I can do different layouts for categories (on TDN Graphics). I've tried following the instructions, but keep getting error messages-- either "Not finding the category:" and the rest of the page blank, or "You cannot have text outside of your style tags. If you have text you would like visitors to read, please put it in your description". Help?
  2. Hey Im looking for a new Custom Userlookup and matching Pet page. If you can help me out let me know! :) Thank you!
  3. Hi, hopefully I posted this in the right section. I know someone else made a topic for this, but it was closed. Can someone please help me with adding an AC counter to my signature? I can not figure it out. I either get a broken image or the error message "Unable to retrieve signature image dimensions, please try another image".
  4. Hi, some weeks ago I was lurking the boards and came across a pet lookup I really liked; I followed the credit link and copied the code into my pet's description - but when I transferred him, the code of course disappeared and I had forgotten by then where this premade came from. I can describe a little what it looked like: The pet image was large on the page and the stats were hidden by the image and the original author had set the Clear Forest Sky Background as a full width background. If you changed a line of code, it became such that hovering on the pet image would scroll up to reveal the pet's stats. It was a really clean, nice pet lookup so if anyone knows which one I'm referring to I'd really love a link to it. PS. I tried google cache to see if I could recover the lookup but it wasn't successful.
  5. Hello! Now that these buttons have *finally* re-appeared on everyone's lookups, I have a few questions about them! I've done plenty of Google searching but haven't found anything that helps. How do you replace these buttons with your own custom made buttons? I know how to remove them entirely, but I'm not sure how to replace them with my own clickable graphics. Are there any sites that offer these buttons premade? I'm not above using someone else's stuff and linking back to them, I've just not been able to find anything! And finally, would anyone be willing to make buttons like this for me and provide the code and everything? That would be amazing and much appreciated!!
  6. Hello! My friend Mae, and I have decided to open our very own adoption center! Eventually, we would love to enter it into the site spotlight but would love to refine everything we can before we enter it. Any help or suggestions regarding the accessibility and look would be greatly appreciated! http://www.neopets.com/~beadle_ Thank you for your time!
  7. My gallery is starting to grow and I'd like to get a nice layout to match my gallery theme. However, going through my pre-made layout bookmarks I've come to realize that not a lot of people make pre-made gallery layouts at all, much less one with the theme I'm looking for haha. Can anyone recommend to me some places I can find some pre-made, graphic-based gallery layouts?
  8. Hey there :) I really want a signature to match my avatar, but I'm a bit hopeless with graphics, so can anyone help me out? I was wondering if you could use this https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMjm1d2RgEkxiAnk8GyM15KhfzVCbJ4Mj-5ANhUhZctcoYtj9HoQ Or this? https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQMRnpzxQeF9GI_PruJsuKttW4gS_ElUqhe7a54C0CpmnV6rc6XOA Or, if you know Vampire Knight then feel free to use any image of Zero and Yuki together, as long as it's nice :). I don't mind the size as long as it fits regulations and is roughly rectangular, I'd prefer it the size of the photos I've posted as a minimum however. And I want it to sort of match the style of my avatar, so I'd like it in colour but feel free to go crazy with effects? Haha as I've said, I have no idea when it comes to design. And finally I'd like you to add "Vampire Knight" in Gothic type font somewhere :). If you're a Vampire Knight fan, feel free to jazz it up, and maybe add a nice quote from the manga, or just some nice lovey-dovey words :). I hope that gives you a good idea of what I want, but again, feel free to make it your own too :). Thank you!
  9. OTL Hello, my apologies for likely shooting down and causing spontaneous combustion to your days. I was just wondering if there was perhaps anyone interested, or at the very least willing, to make a layout for my Neopets Pet page. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could; I had to restart accounts because I lost the first one, then the second got hacked, and then hacked again TT^TT. Again, sorry for biting the head off your otherwise good days. Toodle pip, CoconutSundae What I'm looking for: I'm hoping for a pet page for my active, and only, pet Xweetok, Karmelle Latte. I was most interested in, now, don't call me crazy, but "romantic macabre". By this I mean ala Edgar Allan Poe, but with a slightly whimsical twist. I'd prefer muted colors (beiges, purples, blacks, all lightly toned down) and perhaps a raven, or in this case Crokabek here and there. I don't need a complicated background, or even a particular complicated header. I'd just like a gothic font and the colors advertised earlier. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help!
  10. hii,,there, this is john,///\\\///\\\ i am new in this site..
  11. Hey there, I am a Graphic Designer for Banners, Buttons and Glitters. I'm also hoping to get into Icons and Backgrounds later on as well. I am looking for people to view my website as well to maybe Affiliate with me as well. Please take a look at my website and let me know what you think if you have a website yourself and are interested in being an Affiliate please let me know here or neomail me at sp_rox_28 Thanks http://www.neopets.com/~Narbri
  12. Hey Guys. :D So I want to make some graphics! I will be opening my premade site eventually and I need some more stuff to put in my portfolio! *What would you like made: (Banner/ Button/ Shield/ ect?) *What theme would you like: *Any special animation: *Any specific image: *What would you like it to say: *Username I can contact you at in case you forget about this thread:
  13. I downloaded and installed GIMP but I can't seem to find it on my computer? I uninstalled it then installed it again and I still can't find it! There's a folder but there's no application. Help! :ohno:
  14. Images http://www.jellyneo....igancitadel.png - Possible divider or header image I had a lot of trouble finding any good darigan images for a Guild layout so i apologize I'd like to request a Neopets Guild layout for my Darigan Guild. Its Darigan themed of course. I'd like it in dark rich colors like purples and blacks. Possilby even have a side image graphic and i'd like it to be wider than my current guild layout is. I want the top banner to possibly feature some of the darigan pets espeically the dragon ones and maybe the castle in the background. If not possible any already made image is fine as long as its really well done and ok with the artist and such. I'd like it to have catagories like my current one has and graphics like it has preinstalled in to it. There's a lot of nice already done graphics out there that would look nice on it as well. This is my current guild layout http://www.neopets.c...html?id=4133572
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