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Found 3 results

  1. Sooooooo my neopets account is 10 yo, but I kinda abandoned it for a long while, which means I have a very ancient pet who's battledome stats are... well... kinda terrible. Also, I didn't have LOTS of money to spend. Anyway, after finding out about twr, I decided to play again and it took me quite a while (and some np) to finally beat up Hulking Wraith on easy (I know... ridiculous, right?) When I came back to neopets, my pet had lv 40, hp 38. I mostly used Psellia's Fighting Fan, Bronze Scorchstone and a Leaf Shield. Anyway, if you're in a similar situation, I'm gonna list the things that helped me finally defeat the Hulking Wraith (prices from jellyneo's item database): Trained my pet to hp 48 (also trained her to lv 42, but that was a mistake, since I couldn't train her at the Swashbuckling Academy, which would've been cheaper, so don't do that, children) Parchment cloak (9300) Blue scorchstone (71k, but I remember paying less than that) Sword of Malum (free) The training was the most expensive, since the training school asked for a Eo codestone nearly every time, but it was still pretty cheap
  2. Hello, i noticed the Hulking Wraith hits like a train :/ and i know i will get pulverized. these stats are weak and i know i cant fathom to beat it. however, i can spend up to 500k np for weapons if i need to if it means beating it.
  3. Hi guys, so, I checked out the wraith opponents and got what I believe are their full stats. So I'm posting them here, and requesting to the mods that this post get pinned. Some of them have certain combo-patterns to their attacks, such as pairing 2 weapons and an ability, Or 1 weapon and an ability, etc. I did not make note of those, but if you battle the same wraith for ingredients for potions, then you can pick out the patterned combos, but if you have Lens Flare, and/or Warlock's and/or a freezer, these guys should all be fairly reasonable to beat on their weakest difficulty settings. Though newer battlers may have some troubles. I'll place the stats below the spoiler tags. So i can make this one post. ;) So, in order here.... First up, Snapjaw Wraith
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