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Found 3 results

  1. I have been refreshing my inventory with the Drakonack and several cheese items for almost an hour..could anyone tell me how long it took them to get the avatar? Is this normal?
  2. I need a little bit of help. I've been refreshing a couple min. over the course of three days. I have the cheese and the drackonack in my inventory. I still have no avatar. Does anyone have any tips/advice?
  3. Is there a way (other than just waiting for it) to make a Neopet hungry again? With the Big Bruisers out in the Battledome now, I could use all the healing I can get my hands on, and it seems a shame to have this mass of Blue Furry Neggs just sitting useless in my SDB, but the faerie at the Healing Springs really seems to enjoy magicking away Pyrodrax's hunger. Usually, I'm all in favor of magically not having to worry about that, but right now? Is there a way to magic his hunger back?
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