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Found 7 results

  1. I asked a question about transfers yesterday, and after a bit of research, I'm confused again. :worried: Okay, so I'm allowed to transfer pets from my main account to my side accounts and I'm allowed to then transfer those pets back to my main account, right? So, after I send my pets to my sides, am I allowed to adopt/create/be lended new pets? I'm only looking to get some pet avatars that I don't have yet, and this all seems a bit confusing. :weird:
  2. Hi guys! I'm currently at 203 avatars, and I'd like to get more pet avvies. I already have 4 pets, so should I get premium so that I could get lends, or should I move one pet to a side account? I've never moved a pet before, so the idea of it kind of freaks me out. I've spent a lot of time on my pets, and I wouldn't want anything to happen to them. Your input would be much appreciated! :D :whistle:
  3. Okay, so I know this is probably the wrong place to put this so sorry!! buuutttttt.... I just got the I taunt the pant devil and I am willing to lend out the items to anyone who wants them. There are around 90ish items and I would set up 10 trades. If anyone is interested, reply to this and if this gets shut down for the wrong section, feel free to send me a message on tdn or neopets. If I "recognize" you (as in have seen you before in post or when customizing) I will ask for zero collateral otherwise collateral is 3.5K. Let me know if interested!
  4. DearDeanna


    I hope I'm in the right section and not going against any TDN forum rules. First post here, whooo! Anyways, I was wondering if there were any private SuAP lenders here. I have a friend who is willing to lend me her Pea Chia upon getting confirmation of a lend. It will take place on 5/1/2014, because she doesn't have any transfers left for the month and I DO NOT trust the pound. If anyone has a SuAP and is willing to lend, please respond/neo-mail me. My UN is brokenheartedgirll (working on my account as we speak, I've invested way too much time and money to flush it down the drain by scamming anybody). If it helps, I also pay for premium. Thanks for your time!
  5. Basically what the title says. I have borrowed avatar items from TDP before, which I'm really grateful for. Now that I've found myself with an avatar pet, I'd like the chance to join in and become a lender. Is there a way for a regular member to do that?
  6. My any chance is anyone on here lending MSPP? I have some collat and a credible account. I also have vouchers and safe lends and lendees in the past.
  7. I spent the past week picking up Obsidian Daggers at 1 np a piece. Having already received the avatar, I am giving any lucky users who would like this avatar a chance to receive it! Contact me and I'll set up 9 separate trades to get the items to you! I'm not sure how many people will want me to lend this avatar, so please send the items back afterwards!! Please contact me by neomail if I don't respond on here.
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