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Found 42 results

  1. Hello, so for background, when I first started playing neopets one of my favorite activities was the money tree. I would stalk it basically and have gotten a ton of cheap nc items because of it. I have a lot in duplicate or triplicate that I don't wear/need and don't really buy nc or doing nc trading. If anyone wants one of them, let me know, I have quite a few boxes saved up from Trudy's. Bone Necklace Bouncing Tennis Ball Candy Cane Hair Bow Hero of Neopia Mask Pretty Flower Headband x2 Cherry Blossom Branch x2 Fireworks Face Paint Clockwork Eyepatch Facepaint Sparkling Emerald Earrings x2 Basket of Apples x2 Dainty Blue and Purple Face Paintx2 PLEASE NOTE: It is against the rules to trade NC for NPs/NP items 🙂
  2. I have no experience trading Neocash (NC) items. I have purchased a few over the years from the mall using NC won on the Expellibox. I also recently gifted an NC item to a friend. Is there a page or thread somewhere teaching the right way to do the trading? I have seen wish lists on another site. Is it all just a long process of contacting people one by one to see what they want for each item or is there a site comparing asking prices? I'm also wondering if anyone has had good luck using NC to get an item they thought would be worth more later and then successfully trading for something of higher value than the NC they spent for the original item. Also, is it possible to use Neocash to get an NC item in a trade, such as offering 100 NC in a gift box? I'd like to get NC back for some items that I don't want, if possible.
  3. TNT added a new mystery capsule to the mall yesterday. It's the Baby Bottle Mystery Capsule, and it contains retired baby stuff, a couple exclusives, and (By my count) 20(!) items you can still buy or get from the not retired Nursery Time NC Fortune Cookie. The list may not be complete, but judging by Jellyneo's list, they probably just added every nc items for babies, sort of like how people are getting Everlasting Apples and Daily Dare prizes from Apple Bobbing. I'd be tempted to get a few, but I really don't want to risk spending 200 nc on a buyable 100-150 nc mall item.
  4. Hello all, I am awaiting to be paid 175 NC for NC giveaway after the purchases done in December. Anybody still awaiting this? I have no idea whether my account "Was in good standing" but I had no info it haven't been. Please someone confirm it's normal now, or shall I send ticket to the Staff?
  5. Hey does anyone else have anywhere to enter their discount code? I can't find it on either the shopping cart or checkout pages, and I'd like to blow some money on a war booty chest 20 pack. Is anyone else having this issue or can I just not find it?? Also... PLOT HYPE EDIT: someone on the boards said- I sent a ticket about it the day the bag came out. Rico responded and said the box should appear after we open the bag, so I opened it, and it did not appear. I replied to Rico telling him that didn't work, and I haven't gotten a response yet.
  6. A strange thought keeps running through my mind when I see the amount of NC I have: I wish we could use Neopoints to buy NC. It would run on the same scale as real money. 500NP for 500 NC, 1000NP for 1000 NC, etc. I know there isn't a profit to be made by this, but it would make things easier for those of us who can't spare the real money for NC. I'd love to hear the Mods take on this.
  7. title speaks for itself. What are the best ways to trade using just starter nc? (i've never been able to buy nc I saved my starter for a while) any tips from skilled nc traders?
  8. Hey guys! Thanks for taking a second to help me out with my dilemma. I just morphed my Aisha into a baby and I have this custom in mind. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1146436 I'm incredibly new to NC trading and I don't want to make a really bad decision. I have one person on the line saying that they will trade 3 not-so-rare and items (only 2/3 are even part of the custom) for Scaly Sea Monster Facepaint which is worth about 5-7 GBCs and I have another willing to do a 1 to 1 trade for Baby Summer Wings, which I've come to understand are more difficult to come by. Do I go with the wings or the three less expensive items, one of which is still a buyable? It's really time sensitive so I would greatly appreciate the help!
  9. Ultimate dream Woodland Uni Customization: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1090055 Current: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=aubrey_kaydence Should I maintain with the current theme of purples and pinks or go for the lighter customization? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Do not create multiple threads of the same topic. The forums move slower than the NeoBoards and don't always get answers immediately. If you would like to add more to your old topic, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Rune Valentine if you have any questions regarding this action.
  10. So the Haunted Hijinks has really got me inspired. There are practically no clothes that my Vandagyre, Hootian, can wear. Which is incredibly frustrating. So all these gorgeous clothes I'm getting from the event are making me so happy! I never thought I'd get into customization but ever since I got a Grey Silk Dress which I thought would look great on Hootian (but wouldn't fit :thumbsdown:) I've been kind of obsessed with finding something gorgeous for her. And a Halloween costume seems perfect. I'm nearly finished with Hootian, I just want to buy her a Litemite Background and a Black Candle and Pumpkins Foreground to go with her current design. I want to get wratewr a Hero of Neopia Superpack, and OndaGudinna a Woodland Archer Superpack. I think that I'll make Crysanthus Hippocamp either a Scary Faerie Pirate, or just a Regular Pirate. That would be Enchanting Boat Ride Background, Scurvy Pirate Jacket, Swashbuckler Trousers and A Rolling Fog as a base and either Skull Bow with Delicate Cobweb Wings and Gothic Lace Facepaint with perhaps the Golden Key Necklace for Scary Faerie or for straight Pirate would be the base plus Tied Bandana WIg, and Battle Scar Marking. But I can't decide which. I know these aren't exactly Customization Spotlight worthy but it's my first attempt at customization and I think it looks decent. I can't decide which costume to give ChrysanthusHippocamp so I;m hoping some advice. And I'd like some feedback on my other ideas. Thanks in advance!
  11. So I am a bit of an idiot and read a guide showing what prizes tyou could get from the nc section of the charity corner and fell in love with the Window with Twinkling Lights Background and immediatly bought a backpack using the nc on one of my sides and sent it to myself... Anyone who is more knowedable than me probably realized that if you look at last years guide, the prizes will varry from what you can get this year. Yeah, I was that idiotic... So I was wondering, since I am planning on trading whatever I get fromt he store, what people think will have the highest trading value.... Moccasin Shoes-Handheld Green Spardel Plushie-Cherry Blossom Gloves- Short Golden Curls Hair-Stained Glass Feather Wind Chime Here is a picture of all the options plus the background offered last year. https://openneo-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/outfits/001/012/029/preview.png
  12. Hi there TDN! The forums have been so helpful I thought I'd ask about this; After searching on here, I saw the last users to post status on receiving their neomails regarding the Charity Corner had 'U' and 'V' names and that was back on January 10th. On the neoboards, I last saw someone with underscores claiming they had already received their NC and NP prize (assuming then they were already done with all the alphabet names) My username is entirely numerical and starts with zero, so I've already assumed it may be one of the last based on the current system but my question is should I submit a ticket after the downtime or patiently wait for the Neomail to come in? Is anyone else still waiting, and do they also have numerical or names with a lot of underscores? Why did I pick numbers?
  13. My friend gave me a $10 NC gift card last Christmas, and so I now have 1450 NC to spend (150 of which expires in November). I have a beach-themed gallery because I love everything beach-related, but I missed out on the summer shop this year (I just redeemed the gift card today -- I meant to do it during the summer sale this year so I could use some this sale and finish it off at next year's sale... oops). I'm completely overwhelmed by everything going on in the Mall. I do have a couple of free Shenanigift plays, a couple of gift boxes (and some gift box capsules, bought when they were on sale), a huebrew potion, and 1 FQ cookie (but my battle pet is on a quest/lab hiatus while I bring her HP to 3x level, and she's already 50 over the current max boosts, so I'm not sure I need to spend NC on training for her...). I already spent the rest of my free NC game tokens (with some horrible luck -- I think I have two pairs of those hideous seashell tights, which makes me scared of the Wonderclaw beach machine). There are a number of lovely retired beachy items that I didn't discover until they were gone. I have done NC trading a few times, quite a while ago, using free gift boxes (I think the most recent was for MME7, so quite a while ago). In terms of things to trade, it's mostly whatever I got free (I have just about every free item since the mall opened; some unopened, but mostly opened), plus a few things from the various games that I didn't particularly care for (or from opening a few gift box capsules). I noticed there's a NC archive cookie, so I could get some items from there... plus I guess I could buy more capsules. (Although I'm not completely clear on how the various games/wheels/archive cookies work, in terms of getting to pick a prize from a pool vs. randomly getting one...) So... what's the best use of my NC? Should I try to trade for the old items I'm interested in? Wait for next year's summer shop and assume there will be enough things I like there? Do something completely different? If you had 150 NC to spend by mid-November, what would you buy? Finally, do you have any beach/island/water- themed NC items to recommend? (To get an idea of my taste, see this outfit. I'm a bit picky about things looking realistic -- I don't like backgrounds that have the sun rise from the same spot where it sets, or waves that defy the laws of physics... In addition to beach-themed items, I like really versatile items, like the cover of darkness foreground -- things that can create various light/dark effects.)
  14. Dear TDNFers, I'm sure this will be answered quickly, as I know I have read about it before, more than once, but the answer eludes me and I have been looking for a little while for the answer in the wrong places. I want to buy some earrings for gypsyboots that cost 50 NC. When Jumpstart took over, they gave out 150 NC for free. They explicitly stated that we may collect this NC on side accounts as well. I only have one side acct, but I collected it anyhow. I want to use my NC from that account to get the earrings for gypsyboots, but I know that I need a gift box to transfer items. Does that mean if I transfer gypsyboots to my side, purchase the earrings and put them on her, that I may swap her back to my main acct to show them off? Or would the earrings be returned to the side as soon as the transfer takes place? I'm thinking that NC items stay with the account that purchases them and that my plan is invalid, but I figured I'd ask real quick anyhow. If this won't work I suppose I can just spend the NC on my side neopet, linkd0g the Lupe. Thanks, Clueless About NC
  15. So on my side, I opened up a capsule when they were on sale and got some boxes... And I have one left over and two items I don't need. If anyone wants one of them, let me know asap! First post can have whichever one you like. It will be coming from emily_speck_15_side1. Also, on a side note.... On my other side I have a and that if you send me a capsule you can have and I have a ton of stuff on my main if you are interested.
  16. How do you activate power-ups in shenanigifts? I just bought bought the second look and two item but I can't seem to see how to activate them... Any help?
  17. Missed out on items from a blueprint? Never fear, there may be a way for you to get wearables you want from retired blueprints. Secret Meepit Stache Retirement Bindles, when opened, will award at least one item from a specific past blueprint, along with the chance of awarding Limited Edition Bonus items exclusive to the bindle. View Our Guide
  18. What if King Coltzan had never been poisoned? This capsule celebrates the (almost) illustrious reign of King Coltzan III with 4 new Limited Edition bonus items! The last capsule in the series, the Reign of Coltzan Mystery Capsule will be on sale in the NC Mall through September 22, 2013. Twisted Histories Adventure Guide P.S. Don't forget that the Unscathed Maraqua Mystery Capsule is only available until the 11:59:59pm on Friday September 13! Get it while you still can!
  19. Remember when the Lost Isle opened to the public? Not. Celebrate what could have been with the Lost Isle Tour Mystery Capsule and four new Bonus Limited Edition items, on sale now through September 20! Twisted Histories Adventure Guide
  20. What if one of the greatest battles of the Neopian seas had never happened? The new Unscathed Maraqua Mystery Capsule explores this altered history with four new limited edition underwater-themed wearables! The capsule is only available until September 14th, so get yours while you can! Twisted Histories Adventure Guide
  21. Hi guys, I need your help! :) Last week and amazing person let me adopt Antiwink, the Water Kacheek. I was happy, especially because I don't have pets coloured such a special colour :) I immediately started on planning her new look and thought this was going to be easy but it's not.. This is what I came up with. I loved it at first, but now I am not so content. I'd like a faerie-magical theme. If someone would help me put together something amazing, I'd be really happy. Oh and I really love this wig, so if it could be included :D I have NC (willing to spend around 1500-2000) and NP. Any help is appreciated! Thank you in advance :*
  22. The Shenkuu Summer Garden Background has finished morphing! What did you get? (View our full MME guide here!)
  23. Tired from all the fun at Camp Wannamakeagame? Luckily, the prize from today's postcard is an Oversize Camp Chair Background! (View our guide) The Daily Dare brings us two more summery wearables obtained by beating Chadley today. Beating him will award Jungle Foliage Face Paint, while beating him as part of a team challenge will also award an Island Plants and Torches Foreground! Users who participated for all six weeks of the Smurfs 2 Community Challenge can also collect their prize of a Light Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig or a Dark Pointy Gnome Hat and Wig! If games aren't your thing, you can also pick up the new Summer Flower Tiara Face Paint in the NC Mall!
  24. The newest installment in the Defenders of Neopia II collection has been released! Scare your family and friends with the new Torchio Collectors Contacts! Time is running out to try your luck with the Enchanted Forest Wonderclaw Machine! The Machine will be retiring in a few days, so get your prizes while you still can! For full prize list, view our guide!
  25. It seems AAA and Lulu have finally had enough of the Daily Dare and have opted to take a trip to Camp Wannamakeagame instead this year. Each day from July 29th through August 19th, Lulu will send a postcard from Camp. Users can collect one prize each day by purchasing mailboxes from the NC Mall. View our full guide and prize information here.
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