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Found 52 results

  1. So I'm a new battledome-er & I've read articles but the difficulty rating of opponents is still something I don't understand. I know I remember reading the difficulty of an opponent has something to do with their hp and/or strength. My question is how do I know what opponents I may be able to beat? Is there a way to come up with my own 'difficulty' & just compare it to the opponent I want to fight?
  2. ShadowyIce


    Hey there, everyone! I'm new and am super excited to be joining this community. The biggest reason I am here is I'm interested in the APL, which sounds like a lot of fun and would be very helpful to me. This also seems like a very helpful and awesome community, so I just wanted to say hi! I've been playing on and off for a rather long time, ever since I was about 6. My username is hidalgo500h and I have four pets: a Meerca named Chamox, a Gelert named Helianthe, a Uni named Mint58102, and a Zafara named Morgan5000.
  3. Zimmerchild


    Thought I would finally join the forum. Howdy. I've been on Neopets since March of 2001. I also enjoy playing W.o.W., boating, and nature.
  4. TaffyTaffyYumYum

    New Year's Giveaway!

    I have decided to do a giveaway. How it will work is you post a reply below saying "#TaffyTeam2016" and you will be entered. Each person who enters (aka replies) will then get a number assigned to them. The number is based on what post you are. I will then use random.org to get 5 numbers randomly. These people will win the 5 top prizes in order, and the numbers will be drawn January 1st, 3 PM PST. Names will be posted within 15-30 minutes of that time. Note: You MUST claim your prize by February 1st. After that, your prize is lost. Prizes: ​Grand Prize: 100k Neopoints! 2. 2 Money Tree NC Items and a Dyeworks Winter Potion! or 50k NP! 3. A 100 dubloon coin, 5 Crypt of Chance Scratchcards and 10k NP! 4. 10k NP and a Super Kit! (Dubloons, Food, Codestones, Scratchcards, Miscellaneous, Wearables) 5. 20k NP! If you want to donate to try and support another giveaway for February, just gift me whatever you want to donate for a giveaway. It could be a one dubloon coin or some omelettes, it is all helpful! Since this giveaway will tear about 1/7th of my bank account apart, I do need support! Thanks to all those who entered, and I hope you win! Extra Note: Since the gift boxes sometimes do weird stuff and do not work every once in a while, the NC items can be switched out for 50k if you would like. Next giveaway is around February 1st! This giveaway should be bigger, so I hope you guys will enjoy it! BIG NOTICE: You are not required to donate anything, it would just help out since I don't have a whole ton of neopoints, and I cant go crazy really. As Rune Valentine said, don't mention it on Neopets. To the people who are trying to donate, you are totally not required.
  5. dalviktor

    New to tdn!

    Just thought I would say hey! I have been using this site years for the dailies links etc and never created an account, until now :D so thought I would introduce myself! So uhm, hi! ^-^ This topic has been edited by a member of staff (.Brianna.). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'General Chat' to 'Introductions and Welcome'.
  6. Well, hi! As the title suggests, i'm just a drop in the ocean of the sea of new members. But, hopefully this introduction message makes a splash! Well, i'm Jae, and i'm 18 years old. I'm currently a student, and from the Fair English Isles! I've been on Neopets for 8 years, but due to Young Me making amazing username and password combinations, my account is very well locked up :( I've been on my main account for 9 months now, and i've decided to stop lurking the TDN forums and start posting! Anyway, i'll stop rambling. Just wanted to say hi, and hope I can make some new friends here. Jae x :mario:
  7. Xenobia

    Hi Everyone! :D

    Hi guys! I'm Juliana and I'm a 20-yo playing from Singapore (currently). I'm pretty new to TDN forums, I used to play neopets a long time ago and coming back this year, I have completely forgotten what my old username and password used to be. My new main is pretty young, still waiting for my account to age so I have more freedom to joins chain lends and TDN's ALP. :laughingsmiley: I'm currently working on avatars (slowly but surely, also because I can only transfer pets once a month and my account isn't 4 months old YET), my current goal is 200 avatars and then it'll go up to 250 :thumbsup: I'm not very good at html coding and my lookup's still a work-in-progress. It's not good, I keep procrastinating. I'm working towards 15 trophies now, I've never really been a good game player, even back when I used to play neo years ago. Oh well, practice makes perfect? The current game I'm on is Faerie Bubbles and it's the current bane of my existence. I'm not sure how to get more points, I can get to level 20 and yet still fall short of the avatar requirement by 300 points. :guiltysmiley: If anyone has any game suggestions that I should try, do let me know! And I like making new friends so HI THERE! Thanks for taking some time to read this. :D
  8. I've been on Neo for a long time, and while I use TDN every day to do my dailies, I've never been a part of the boards :/. I'm looking to change that though. Nice to meet you all!
  9. sunsetsandsilhouettes


    So, I'm new to the forum- I think that's kind of obvious. Anyway, hi. uwu
  10. Okay! Hi, I just need a few people's opinion on this. Today, when I did my dailies, I went to the Forgotten Shore and I saw a heap of sand with a shovel and when I clicked on it it said I found a Pirate Draik Egg. (you don't need to read this... it's just backstory...) Now, I'm very excited that I got it, but I am not sure if I should use it or sell it...... Cause' I've wanted this for a VERY LONG TIME... But I'm not sure.. PLEASE HELP AND GIVE YOUR OPINION? This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'TDN Questions' to 'Neopets Help'.
  11. CrunchMunchkin

    Hello there.

    Online I prefer to go by Crunch. Hello TDN! This is the first forum I have ever signed up for. I've been playing Neopets for roughly 8 years (on and off) This is my third account and is a little over three years old. I am no where near as good as I probably should be:p I normally just lurk on these things and I'm not very great at being social. I make marbles, I love cats, and adore video games.. Erm. Goals: 1. make over 200k neopoints 2. obtain Draik 3. become game master Soooo.. Hi everyone!! I'm so sorry this post is terrible.
  12. john lennon

    Hello, lovelies ~

    Hi! I'm Jojo, an almost 20 year old college student, intending to get a nursing degree. Some random facts: ♡ I live in Florida. ♡ I have 3 rats (Marla [singer], Luna [Lovegood] and Tofu) and a cat (Bambi). ♡ I have several piercings: septum, ears 3x, nose, belly button, and hip dermals. & two tattoos: My wrist and my collarbone. ♡ I have social anxiety which makes it quite difficult to communicate with people, hence why I'm online pretty often. I've been playing Neopets since I was about 11/12 years old. It's been an on and off again "relationship", but I've remained pretty active for the past year or so. Although the site has changed dramatically and is a tad more stressful, I still manage to have fun and escape reality. I essentially have no Neofriends anymore (most of them quit long ago), but I do enjoy meeting new people and working on my pets. So, yeah. Nice to meet you guys. ^___^
  13. so I have NO friends on neopets :< and so feel free to add me ! i have a neat little pet and im on quite often :) thanks for the adds hopefully every one!!
  14. ladyaidahime

    New to TDN forums

    Hi I'm LadyAidahime. I've used TDN for dailes for a long time now but never it's forums. Thought I try it out
  15. Flying_Spidermonkey

    New to TDN, Returning to Neopets

    Hello! I starting playing neopets in 2005ish on a different account, and recently rediscovered it when I was on a quest for awesome, nostalgic flash games. I had to make a new account as I don't remember my login information from 9ish years ago... Now I admit I'm addicted again. TDN has been great to me, I wish my younger self had stumbled in this direction. I really appreciate the guides and I've lurked my way around the forums almost every day I've done the dailies... It's nice to see I'm not the only "adult" around. :) So, hello! Thanks for being a cool community that I actually want to be a part of!
  16. Xlithiumangel

    Wannabe Neopets Sites

    I'm not totally new here... I've been creeping around the forums for quite some time. I just never made an account.. But with the absence of neo I'm desperate for something lol. I've been searching the web for something to fill the void. There actually are alot of sites like neopets but let me tell you they are awful haha. Seriously I can not wait until friday x.x
  17. chakramwarrior

    *timidly looks around*

    Hey guys! Just created an account on here. Recently resurrected my neopets account, excited to play again!
  18. Mistress Dizzy

    Truly frustrated

    Hello! I have a level 2 pet and I was never too much for battling when I first started years ago. It seems that things have improved, so I'll give it another shot. I ran across this article somewhere yesterday, that you have to train your skills in a certain order at the Mystery Island training school. I can't remember where I found the article. Can someone help me out here? I have like 4 codestones from kicking booty at Key Quest, so I'm gonna give this Battledome thing a second chance.
  19. Ranaki

    Very excited ^___^

    So it's been about a week, more or less, and I couldn't hold it in any longer (Sorry ^__^ ; ) My fan girl/ childhood memories/ what-have-you got the best of me xP http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJTa36P8Ha8 (found the one with English subs for those that do not understand Japanese =3) Sailor Moon Crystal!! Anime that follows the manga more fluidly (supposedly), WITH the manga art design!! SUPER STOKED!!! *insert fan girl squee* Your thoughts on how it will be? (Also, Viz & Toei Animation are redubbing all 200 of the original episodes: Meaning SM, SM-R, SM-S, SM-Stars, SM-SuperS) ~*My apologies if the outside link is not permitted*~ *~Edit: I did not realized that nightfall8705 had made a topic about this back in May o.O I'm late in times -.-
  20. trapgoddess

    'Sup forums.

    'Sup guys, my name is Neo. I'm a HUGE Neopets fan with over 2,000 trading cards, 10+ plushies, and even a couple stickers! [somewhere...]. I've played Neopets since 2006 [the golden ages in my opinion] and I'm really glad I did. I stopped playing right around the time I was 9 or 10 because real life got the best of me and I never really had the chance to get on a computer. I started playing again when I was 11 to escape from the pressures of middle school. Neopets has always been and always will be [hopefully] my salvation from real life. I love playing it. The problem I've always faced was that I never made friends on Neopets. I never had a single friend to play with, talk to, or exchange items with. None of that social "Neofriends" part of the Neopets universe ever noticed me. This makes me sad, because I really want to have friends. More than anything I do. I love talking to people. The reason I joined this forum is to make friends who like Neopets, like me. If anyone would like to be my friend, please message me. I'll accept anyone, no matter what. Thanks for reading!
  21. Peawesome

    peawesome here!

    hey! im Sammy A.K.A peawesome if you see my neo userlookup u can see that i love to make music (electronic principally) i hope to meet nice people here . :)
  22. taylormaety

    Helloo again Neopets.

    Hello! I'm not quite new to Neopets, I has an old ten year account that I can no longer access, so I thought I'd start over. I'm TÆ, known as taylormaety on Neopets. I would love some new neofriends! I'm looking forward to being part of such a strong community again. I do like to do some random polls, giveaways, I'm helpful with quests, donations and I even have two pets up for trade. I'd love to have some requests! TÆ
  23. emily_speck_15


    I am new here and can't log in... but when I click on a topic it auto logs me in. When I try to log in the site tells me my email is invalid but I keep getting emails from tdn... Is there a way to log in without email?
  24. laceew45

    I am new here!

    I am new! I have played neopets for many years, but I recently got back into it! I am addicted again. I am collecting avatars and stamps and gourmet food and reading books! I am a College Junior studying Psychology and Criminal Justice. I am learning HTML and CSS. I love my iPhone 5s. I also love taking pictures of nature. I have my own blog. I don't always get on and I hate that. I am a huge procrastinator and when things get hard, I usually quit. I want to fix that. I am a huge ALABAMA Fan! ROLL TIDE!
  25. Hi all! A long time ago I played on neopets and kind of ended up stopping cause of everything going on in life. A couple of days ago I returned to neopets and Im looking forward to start over again and play a casual game. I am looking forward to chatting with you all let me know if you have any question and I'll be happy to answer. Eldimme