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Found 40 results

  1. AHOY. My name is Kaitlin, I'm 23 and got back into my 12 year old Neopets account over the summer. I've spent the last year trying to accumulate neopoints to fulfill the neo-goals my child-self could never achieve. After coming onto Neopets somewhat regularly for this long I figured maybe I should meet some people IRL I'm a recent college grad, work in IT, and am trying to revive my old hobbies like drawing! I love to make music and I enjoy anime and video games. Nice to meet you tell me about yourself
  2. Hi ... I am new. I have been with neopets for ages (almost 13 years) - luckily never got banned for some weird stuff. Made a Lutari today, totally excited about this (I know some might think, ok get a grip, but really, I have always wanted one, always.. ...) Was on hiatus for like 8 years or something. Anyways, I am now using the app and all of it, and love it. Shame Keyquest is gone. Happy Day to everyone!
  3. YarnednDangerous


    Hello all! I am new here on TDN forums, even though I've been lurking around for a while haha. I've been playing neopets for a long time off and on. I've been on this current account for the past 10.5 years (starting in middle school hence the lame username lol). I just started being more consistent about playing a few months ago so this is the first plot that I've been active for. Quite exciting and vaguely frustrating (my poor low stats >.<) I'm excited to chat with y'all, & if anyone has any Neopet advice -- especially about how to defeat Malum on hard haha -- I'm all ears :)
  4. sassypants_22

    Hi everyone :)

    Hi! My name is Sara and I'm returning to Neopets once again. I've been playing since I was about 12 and I'm 22 now. Trying to save up Neopoints to get some paint brushes and make my pets look all snazzy.
  5. Hi! I'v been on Neopets for a while on and off for a few years. I've never made an account on any kind of forum before, so I want to make new friends! Thanks!
  6. danascullymd

    Newbie Here!

    Hi, everyone! I am Carissa and I am new to TDN forums! I have been playing neopets for 10+ years, with my main account (dreamzeppelinarcher) being 95 months old. On Neopets, I really enjoy playing games, chatting on the boards, dice-a-roo, and collecting as many avatars as possible. Irl, I'm into anything to do with music, TV, film, poetry, literature and more. I hope to find a good sense of community here that enjoys neo as much as I do!
  7. Hey guys, Zulia here. I returned to Neopets a month ago after a few years of hiatus. I missed the JS transition, and several site changes. Now I'm back and more serious than ever about improving my account. I collect weird and gross foods/items, avatars, trophies, and neopoints by way of the stock market and food club betting. I just fought in my first Obelisk battle with the Brutes (yay! they won) and got interested in battledome for the first time ever. I love TDN because they have the best resources for Neo users. I rely on TDN to help me collect avatars, get great scores on games, do my dailies, figure out how battledome works, and know whats going on in Neopia.
  8. Huffle


    Hi, I'm Gloria, and I'm new to both the forums, and newish to neopets. I had neopets a looooong time ago, and forgot everything about my old account. All I remember was that I had a Hissi. So, about a week or two ago, I was reminded of neopets from a youtube video featuring nostalgic sites, and neopets was one of them. Deciding to relive said nostalgia, I decided to create an account. However, when I looked through the pets, I couldn't find a Hissi. So, I looked it up and found that Hissis are apparently special, and could only be adopted on a certain date. So, I waited until May 4th and now I have my Hissi. His name is Parseltounge (I'm sure some people will get the reference). This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie). This topic was posted in the wrong area. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been MOVED from 'Neopets General Chat' to 'Introductions & Welcome'.
  9. Hey guys! Thanks for taking a second to help me out with my dilemma. I just morphed my Aisha into a baby and I have this custom in mind. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1146436 I'm incredibly new to NC trading and I don't want to make a really bad decision. I have one person on the line saying that they will trade 3 not-so-rare and items (only 2/3 are even part of the custom) for Scaly Sea Monster Facepaint which is worth about 5-7 GBCs and I have another willing to do a 1 to 1 trade for Baby Summer Wings, which I've come to understand are more difficult to come by. Do I go with the wings or the three less expensive items, one of which is still a buyable? It's really time sensitive so I would greatly appreciate the help!
  10. redfox4242

    Hi I am new to Neopets

    Hi I am new to Neopets. I just posted a couple of coloring pages that I did. http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/46045-tyrannia-coloring/#entry805977 http://www.tdnforums.com/index.php?/topic/46046-krawk-island-coloring/ I enjoy Neopets but I am new to the web site. I have a few thousand neopoints. I have a stylish Quiggle neopet. This web site is really fun. My username is proposedendgame. Cheers
  11. butterflybaby8628

    Advice please!

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on the forums. I used to play neopets about 13 years ago and was SUPER into it. However like most of us as I grew older I lost interest. A few months ago I decided it would be fun to try it out again. Unfortunately my old account has been deleted due to inactivity but I'm really enjoying my new account. Anyways, one of the things I was doing when I last played neopets was trying to get the pack rat avatar so I decided this would be the first thing I would accomplish now that I'm back. 4 months, later and with a lot of dedication I've gotten it! I'm proud to say I've gotten most of it for free through my dailies. I have two problems now: 1) what should I try to accomplish next? I'm a very goal orientated person so it's much more fun for me to be trying to achieve something. 2) While doing my dailies I've gotten a handful of NC mall wearable items (mainly through the money tree). As of right now I'm really not much into the idea of customization. That may change but for now it's not appealing and sounds like a lot of work. Plus, I really like my Neopets in their natural state :) At the time I was acquiring them I assumed I would be able to just sell them in my shop when I achieved the avatar but I've discovered that is not allowed. So my question is what should I do with them? Is there a way for me to (legally) make a profit off these items? I don't want to trade for more or different ones so I'm not sure what to do. If it helps I have: Prissy Miss Bow, Elegant Gold Necklace, Pastel Blue Hair Bow, Flower and Jewel Circlet, Hero of Neopia Foreground, and Silver Star Bracers. I've got about 4 Basic Gift Boxes. And I've also got a NC Mall 8th Birthday Mystery Capsule that I'm not sure if I should open or not. One last question: What about customization appeals to you? What got you into it? Is there a favorite item of yours? Well thanks for your help in advance and have fun out there!
  12. ewinrepp

    hello I am new here

    Hi my name is Eric and I am new to this forum and though that I would just say hello!
  13. I've been on Neo for a long time, and while I use TDN every day to do my dailies, I've never been a part of the boards :/. I'm looking to change that though. Nice to meet you all!
  14. I've never actually gotten into a lot of neopet based forums, even neoboards, until now. The neopets community is huge! First day here at TDN but have definitely used this site in the past; played neopets since it was THE THING in my middle school years -- while everyone dropped it, I have grown quite attached to the site! I feel like neopets is a game that gets better with age. I've discovered so many things in the past year -- the value of UC, FC, really wealthy neopians, really generous neopians, and all around interesting things that make this site so enjoyable. Cheers to everyone! (as a greeting and also a figurative raising of glasses) :rock:
  15. Cootie

    Hello, hello!

    Welp, I've finally decided to join TDN! I've been playing Neopets for like a thousand years on and off since I was maybe 8 or so, and was sucked in again once I started college because I finally kind of understood the crazy economics that I had no idea I would need to understand in order to play a pet site. It's definitely more fun for me nowadays though, and after a hiatus while I was finishing up school I finally returned and am determined to start entering the beauty contest again, finish painting my pets the way I want them and prepare for endless frustration while I try to increase my avatar count. So yeah, hi c: I'm Cootie, nice to meet you.
  16. TheNeonHyena

    'Ello 'Ello

    Heya all, Izak here! New to TDN but far from new to Neopets. Started my first account way back in 2002, though because I had to fake my birthday to do so and forgot my password, I simply visit those pets from afar now. Used to just kind of hoard up items and play games, but recently decided it was time to start actually doing some things on my account. I have become a bit of an avatar hound, before stumbling upon this site I had never even known there were so many avatars for NP. I'm a bit paranoid about being frozen so I tend to avoid the forums and such on there, but I'd like to make a few friends and learn a thing or two about a site I love.
  17. triadinfinity

    Hi All

    My name is Triad, and my neo un is the same as it is here: triadinfinity. I've been on neopets for about ten years, but lost access to my original account, boo. So I made this account around mid-2013 in order to get back on site. I didn't have any goals on my first account, but now I'm working towards some pet colours and items. I've seen other neopets affiliate sites, but I've always gone to TDN for guides and dailies, so it made sense that I finally made an account to keep track of my goals towards items and avatars. Right now on site I'm looking to learn the stock market and zapping pets I adopted from the pound before putting them ufa again c:
  18. nicolelouise


    Hi everybody, I've been hanging around here for the last few days and posting on a few things but essentially I'm a newbie to this place, so I thought I should really introduce myself and say hello. I joined neopets years ago when my oldest child got into it, and when he grew out of it, I put it aside. Now my youngest is into it, so I've started playing again and it's a trifle addictive! I'm enjoying tdnp site a lot because there's so much about neopets that I actually have no clue about. I guess I've just played on the periphery for the most part. And this site has lots and lots of answers for me, which I love. Why be clueless and in the dark if someone else out there has done the thinking for you and is just handing out the answers for free, right? I promise to get a better avi, I just hated being a blank nothing. And I will investigate signatures when I have the time, but I'm pretty useless when it comes to tech stuff. Anyway, hello from the Southern Hemisphere...the rest of y'all are sleeping!
  19. Hey guys! I'm Valkeyrie, or lizzyjane101 on neopets :D I was really intensely into neopets when I was a kid and started a new account a few months ago (because I'm doing my final exams right now and I'm dumb). Feel free to add me :) I'm 18 and an uber fangirl of pretty much everything under the sun. I like Dr Who, HP, Sherlock, K-pop, youtubers, and I'm a huge Shakespeare nerd. I'm also a part time music teacher/ percussionist/ taiko player/ etc. Also, cats.
  20. dawnshine

    Neopian Times

    Hey all you TDNFers~ I've been on TDNF for a little while now and talking with you all daily and hearing your ever-honest opinions on a wide range of things and advice to people makes me feel comfortable turning to y'all for some help every now and then. I'm a writer IRL, but I've never tried my hand at writing for a Neopets publication. I will be honest and admit that I don't usually read all of the Neopian Times every issue, because I think it reads more like a bunch of short stories as opposed to "articles" and it's hard for me to get into them feeling that there should be at least some newsworthy stuff in there. I'd like to try to write a legit "news article" for the times! I don't expect my first tries to land me anywhere, but I would love it if they did. My question to you, amigos, is what do you deem "newsworthy" right now, OR what would you find interesting to read about that isn't the same-old-same published every time around? I know the Altador Cup is on the horizon but since I've been inactive on Neo for a few years until January I have never participated and I don't know anything about it so until I can experience it firsthand I'm not sure I can write anything about it, even a preview or buildup of expectations on things to come. Therefore that is kind of out of the question for now. Maybe as it starts I can write in some sort of "coverage" on it but for now, not an option. Any other ideas? ((((: Thanks in advance for any input you throw in. I always appreciate your feedback and help.
  21. Hi! I'm new to the forums. I've been playing neopets off and on for over 10 years, but I've been playing steadily on a new account (forgot the old one) for the last three. Just wanted to say HELLO :)
  22. sagittariusfaerie

    Well buongiorno, everyon

    Bonjour, guten tag, shalom, hola, and hello.... How is eveyone? So I am new to TDN, but have been on neopets on and off for years. I was wondering if anyone is looking for neofriends, because I know I am. If you are please add me sagittariusfaerie Thank you very much! ciao! Casey
  23. dawnshine


    Hello friends! I'm Hailey. I've lurked the site for a while for my dailies and help on neo-related topics. Yesterday I guess I just decided to make an account on here and today I validated and here I am to say my hellos. I've been a player since Neopets first surfaced, however I was inactive for a number of years throughout high school and some of college. I made a new account when I was in college, and then it was inactive until last month and now I am back in the game. I'll just ask this here with my introduction, although I'm sure there is a better place for it, where did my display picture come from? It is, indeed, me- however I don't know where it came from and how it is my profile picture? I sure would like to know though, so I can save a copy of it for myself! Anyways, aside from that creepy little tidbit of a question, hello! Nice to meet you all. Now I'm going to read into forum etiquette more somewhere so I know what I should and shouldn't post and where I should/shouldn't post it. =P
  24. Kalmiya

    Hacked and Frozen :<

    Hello. Yesterday, I decided, to play a game that my friend plays a lot, it looked fun. And so I created a neopets account, I choose a cute little blue shyrou as my neopet and she's adorable. I tried to play games to earn neopoints but the only one that would load was kassbasher so that's the one I played. And today I decide to play again, I was browsing shops and I saw an item for a more than reasonable price in a user's shop. So I clicked it, and unbeknownst to me, that wasn't actually an item, that was a redirect page to a fake log in page. So what did I do? Being tired and numb brained, I, without thought, reflexively entered all my account details to log in, and dreadidly hit enter. It was right after that I realized that something was off, looked up at the web url, and knew that I was doomed. So then, the first thing I did, was fly over to my account settings, change my password, and thought I was safe. I reported the player, and, thought that was that. Next thing I know, several minutes later I'm looking at a screen telling me: This account has been FROZEN for the following reason: Due to potentially suspicious activity on this username, it has been frozen for the owner's protection. This can include falling for a scam or entering information into a fake login page. If you would like information on getting this account back, please contact us by clicking here. If you think the above reason was applied to you by mistake, please contact our support staff by clicking here. Don't forget to include your USERNAME and explain why you think your account should not have been frozen. If you DID break the rules, please do not contact us again. Your account will NOT be unfrozen and you will not get your Neopet or items returned. But, you are welcome to create a new account, as long as you follow the rules. Remember to read our Terms of Use thoroughly. So I clicked the link, and it brings me to three options: Open a ticket: Report Abuse: and Snail mail: It seems the top 2 would be the ones I want, except they require me to be logged in, However, I cannot log in, because I get the same screen telling me that I've been banned. I've looked around on the only page for several hours I can but I just keep getting notes and redirects telling me that I HAVE to log in just to reach any kind of admin. Is there some kind of link, or email I'm missing that anyone can please post for me? If so thank you. I am still very new and so far my experience has been very very not fun :<
  25. Hey, I'm Maya! I've been playing Neo for 10 years but this is my first time ever on TDN. I didn't even know this place existed. Anyways, I'm just poking around and looking to see how this place works!