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Found 2 results

  1. I recently just got back to playing neopets and I'm clearing my safety deposit box. I found a pirate draik egg in it, that I don't even remember getting. Should I sell it or use it? What do you guys think? Thanks!
  2. I received a Pirate Draik Egg from the forgotten shore. This is one of my dream pets so it is super exciting! However, I do not have a name for him/her. I don't want to hatch it until Neopets is completely done with transitioning and so I have until then to pick an awesome name. I have been searching Untaken name pet pages and have yet to find one I really like. Conditions: 1. I would like for it to be a Non-gender specific name. 2. I would Like it to either start with P or L. 3. No spaces or underscores or numbers 4. No longer than 8 letters. 5. No shorter than 4 letters. 6. Could either be piratey or sound piratey. or none of that. 7. I will give you credit on his/her pet page if I choose the name you give me, plus when I create a page of all my pets, you will also receive credit on there. Thanks!
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