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Found 2 results

  1. Anxious Zombie

    Nay for getting your score reviewed

    I got my score reviewed on Pterattack after playing for a few hours (several games) just to get a good score, and then didn't even get bronze. It wouldn't be so bad (Extreme Potato Counter seems to ALWAYS review my score) if it didn't bring on a panic attack that then had me move over 100 items over to my side account. I also made myself come to terms with possibly losing my Zombie Aisha and Grey Kyrii, only for TNT to send me an 'everything looks legit'. I wish I could draw so I could make that into a comic.
  2. I beat the top score in Castle of Eliv Thade (English is my strongest subject and language, so solving the anagrams was easy peasy, I have a good IQ I guess (never been tested, Im just assuming I have a high "English-IQ" since I take advanced English classes, I suck at math though. I wouldnt get a top score in Maths Nightmare, but in a word game, sure why not!). I usually just played till I got 1000 NP then send score, then I decided to try aim for the 1st place trophy. I played a few rounds and because of type-os, I lost lives and fell short of the no 1 spot and didn't send my score. I was in the top 100, then I played again the next day aiming for the number 1, and I got there, submit my score ... They think I'm cheating. How long does it take to find out if your score is valid or not? I sent a support ticket saying I didn't cheat etc etc but they just quoted the usual rules to me "You may not be a cheater but your score in under review blah blah blah". I just wanted to know will I be emailed when they decide if my score is valid or not? What should I do?