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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Everyone! As Neopets continues to grow and add more exciting things, we all want to play more, whether it's on our phones, at home, at school at work, in Narnia, on vacation, at Grandma's, and anywhere else we tend to hang out. With TNT also spoiling us with fun content, many of us also have side accounts to hold all our extra stuff. However, TNT also has some strict rules about what is ok and what is not ok regarding accessing accounts and what is allowable/ not allowed on side accounts. Hopefully this thread will help out those who aren't sure what is allowed regarding Neopets accounts. Accessing Your Accounts Accessing Your Account from Different Computers/Locations Multiple People play Neopets on the Same Computer Sharing/Giving Away Accounts Side Accounts Quick List of Activity on Multiple Accounts What is a Side Account? What is Allowed on Side Accounts What is NOT allowed on Side Accounts Account Age Perks/Benefits/Limitations To find out which specific perks you qualify for, visit our calculator and input your account creation date. You can find this date on your userlookup where it says "Started Playing." Some general account age limitations for accounts up to 5 months old are as follows: Additional Perks: These are perks that are granted once your account reaches a certain age and are often referred to as "Loyalty Perks" Other Information For more in-depth information concerning account security issues and how to prevent them, feel free to visit this petpage. (Thanks to Zephyr for sending it our way!) If you have questions that aren't answered above, feel free to ask them below and the answers will be added to this post. This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Neomysterion). This topic is regarded as of high importance by site staff. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been PINNED.
  2. My sister and I both play neopets. I've been playing for years, she has just recently started. We have different emails but we use the same computer (she doesn't have her own) The two neopets accounts belong to two different people but I'm afraid neopets will think we're the same person, is one of us not allowed to do dailies/play games? What can we do in this situation?
  3. Hi guys, I was in one of my side accounts just before and my daughter asked my how many np that account had and I reflected on the fact that what was out was ALL of my np because I don't have a bank account, which made me wonder...is earning interest on a bank account considered 'earning neopoints' and as such a no-no for side accounts? I've always figured it was so I've never done it, but I wondered what you guys all thought? I mean, I'm aware that I could put the points into the bank and NOT claim the interest, but if I was to claim it I have so few np in those accounts that the interest would be negligible and I find it hard to see why TNT would care. The only reason to use the bank would be to protect my funds from RE where I could lose money, and I've just never bothered. So. What do we all think?
  4. In the TDNForum guidlines one of the distinctions of a S.P.A.M. message is one that "bump(s) an irrelevant topic back up to the top." or one that is a "Duplicate topic" Now what if you want to say play a game that hasn't been active in four years? Which is better? To duplicate a thread topic? Or to bump an existing topic? Should you bump but in only certain circumstances? Should you duplicate if instead you need to Necrobump? Basically I just want a clarification of the rules, thanks.
  5. I got another FFQ and as I have buzzin, I was thinking about trading it. I haven't traded pets nor FFQs before so.... 1) What is possible in terms of a trade these days? Could I trade for an UC pet-I like kaus, greys and darigans? a battle pet? 2) I want to follow all/any rules and not endanger my account. What do i need to know? I am using this as a basic guild http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=548162&week=587. Thanks
  6. Are we allowed to replay the levels in GC? I'm unable to get past a certain level, so can I replay the ones before it?
  7. Hello guys :3 I'm new to the TDN forums, and um I was just wondering is this place as strict as neo? Can you upload personal pictures/a profile picture of yourself etc? Slightly confused. Lots of love+snugs sarah_louisee
  8. Is it against the rules if I ask for help on my PetPage? Like for tips, daily links, coding? To put it in simple terms: hiring, but not actually paying them?
  9. Before we get started, is it a user lookup or an user lookup? I don't know, an just sounds stupid in my head right now. ANYWAY, to the topic on hand, I have this awesome, amazing, brilliant idea for a(n) user lookup as part of an application for two pets. BUT everything I want to add isn't going to fit unless I either implement awkward scrolly boxes, or over all scrolliness, OR if I have a hidden div. The idea would be that there's the main div, the one you see when you click on the link to my lookup, has stats, trophies, blah blah blah all the boring stuff. Then you click on a link which is anchored to a hidden div, which reveals itself in all it's awesome pictures-of-my-pets glory. Simply, is this neo-legal? Or are you not allowed to have hidden divs on a(n) user lookup? (As a side note, I have no idea if I'm using the right lingo here. If I'm not making myself clear, I'll try and re-explain. Probably with diagrams and/or live examples.)
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