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Found 3 results

  1. Who do you think has been an awesome neofriend and deserves a gift? This isn't really a contest or giveaway, but I figured this would be the best place for it. I'm just looking to gift some random unsuspecting people and surprise them with something to make them smile! I'm super thankful for how many people have helped me out throughout the years and have gifted me and I figure what better week to spread that thankfulness than Thanksgiving week! How it Works All you need to do is post the username of someone you think deserves a gift or a cheer-me-up and a theme of something they might like or collect. What I'll send to people is completely random and the prices will vary, but I will try to stay with in things they like or collect. You could post a wishlist, gallery, or just simply give me a guideline of things they like. You can nominate friends or family, doesn't bother me :) (if you don't feel comfortable posting a username you can PM on here) Again this isn't an item grab or a giveaway, just looking to give back to some well deserving people :) Thanks again everyone!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you guys have an awesome Thanksgiving! Does anyone have some plans for today? :laughingsmiley:
  3. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but I'm very tired of being bombarded at every turn by one holiday or another. BUT THIS! no THIS! Ugh, I'm stretched to the limit just keeping myself fed, clothed and housed in this economy without commercialism trying to seduce me into buying over-priced holiday merchandise with it's bright colours, catchy jingles and persistent pushing. I am tired. Tired of having to brace myself against the constant pressure to buy, buy, buy. I'm exagerating, of course, but really...it does feel this way a lot of the time, especially as yet another holiday is coming up. I realize many would argue that a lot of these holidays are solemn religious afairs, but for the most part, at least for the main "Western" culture ones like Christmas and Easter, they aren't even based in the religion popular opinion claims them to be celebrating! I know...I've said religion twice now. Please don't jump down my throat. I'm not trying to be offensive, and I appologize if I have offended you, or do so in the rest of my post. I'm just expressing my frustration and trying to initiate a good-natured debate :) So, what do you think? Are holidays just a way for companies to keep people buying and consumers to have a reason to shop, or are they really what society advertises them to be, that is holy-days?
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