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Found 3 results

  1. Have any of you ever had a spell where you receive only ridiculously LOW offers on your lots on the TP? Because I sure have! I wish there was somewhere to report these people because it feels like they are just trying to rip people off and hope that someone will accidentally press the ACCEPT instead of REJECT button. Like a lot will be worth far over 200.000 and they're bidding 70.000.
  2. Mirandaell

    Trading Post Troubles

    I've been having trouble with the trading post as of late. Where to begin really, for starters i search for a common item that people should be trading,for example: Christ mas paint brush, i should find hundreds of lots trading them, but it tells me there's no trades for it, I would think there would be, why not? i can find it on the shop wizard just fine. then when it does come up with something like a specific book it only shows me about 1-4 trades. I highly doubt only 3 people are trading their tuskany treasure book, it's so common and so many usually are just trying to rid of it. there should be hundreds of pages of trades for that, but i find three? Is this a problem for others too, or just me? I feel like others are experiencing this because I personally are not getting allot of hits on my trades where before a lot of free food would have 5 offers in 4 minutes but now hours go by, and i have 1? I do all of my buying/selling via trades here basically and it's hurting me. Is there a way i can fix it, is me, or is neopets being janky like usual? :shiftyeyes_anim:
  3. I'm hunting a decently-priced blumaroo morphing potion. I don't even care which one at this point, I have the pb I want to use on it. As far as I can tell, the cheapest one is the Christmas one (as usual), but all the offers on the TP want TP price. But what is the TP price if nobody's listing one? So here's my question: How do you determine what the TP price is when nobody lists one? Even Jellyneo's current price listing is based solely on one trade which was up last week. That's it. Eurgh.