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Found 15 results

  1. I have no experience trading Neocash (NC) items. I have purchased a few over the years from the mall using NC won on the Expellibox. I also recently gifted an NC item to a friend. Is there a page or thread somewhere teaching the right way to do the trading? I have seen wish lists on another site. Is it all just a long process of contacting people one by one to see what they want for each item or is there a site comparing asking prices? I'm also wondering if anyone has had good luck using NC to get an item they thought would be worth more later and then successfully trading for something of higher value than the NC they spent for the original item. Also, is it possible to use Neocash to get an NC item in a trade, such as offering 100 NC in a gift box? I'd like to get NC back for some items that I don't want, if possible.
  2. Have any of you ever had a spell where you receive only ridiculously LOW offers on your lots on the TP? Because I sure have! I wish there was somewhere to report these people because it feels like they are just trying to rip people off and hope that someone will accidentally press the ACCEPT instead of REJECT button. Like a lot will be worth far over 200.000 and they're bidding 70.000.
  3. queenrenly

    Help with UC Trading?

    So. One of my friends who doesn't have an acct here is attempting to trade her VWN UC Faerie peophin to eventually get a VWN UC Faerie Wocky. Does anyone have any RECENT tier lists or maybe info about hierarchy within tiers? The tier system itself makes sense, but I'm not sure when these guides have last been updated. If anyone has any info, that would be wonderful!!
  4. title speaks for itself. What are the best ways to trade using just starter nc? (i've never been able to buy nc I saved my starter for a while) any tips from skilled nc traders?
  5. Hey guys! Thanks for taking a second to help me out with my dilemma. I just morphed my Aisha into a baby and I have this custom in mind. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1146436 I'm incredibly new to NC trading and I don't want to make a really bad decision. I have one person on the line saying that they will trade 3 not-so-rare and items (only 2/3 are even part of the custom) for Scaly Sea Monster Facepaint which is worth about 5-7 GBCs and I have another willing to do a 1 to 1 trade for Baby Summer Wings, which I've come to understand are more difficult to come by. Do I go with the wings or the three less expensive items, one of which is still a buyable? It's really time sensitive so I would greatly appreciate the help!
  6. emily_speck_15

    NC trading values

    So I am a bit of an idiot and read a guide showing what prizes tyou could get from the nc section of the charity corner and fell in love with the Window with Twinkling Lights Background and immediatly bought a backpack using the nc on one of my sides and sent it to myself... Anyone who is more knowedable than me probably realized that if you look at last years guide, the prizes will varry from what you can get this year. Yeah, I was that idiotic... So I was wondering, since I am planning on trading whatever I get fromt he store, what people think will have the highest trading value.... Moccasin Shoes-Handheld Green Spardel Plushie-Cherry Blossom Gloves- Short Golden Curls Hair-Stained Glass Feather Wind Chime Here is a picture of all the options plus the background offered last year. https://openneo-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/outfits/001/012/029/preview.png
  7. I've wondered this for a long time, but never actually asked anyone about it... Is there a specific reason why NC trading is done via gift boxes? It almost seems like it's supposed to discourage trading, but then again I don't see why trading is bad. Or is it simply because when they made gift boxes in the first place, they didn't expect so much trading to happen and people haven't requested a new way to trade? Is this often discussed on the NC Mall boards? I never go there. So many questions, lol. Gift boxes are so impractical. In the beginning I barely had any boxes because they didn't sell cards in my country, I could only buy online. Gift boxes are a little easier to come by now, with the capsules and everything, but they're still kind of a hassle. Could there be a new trading system in the future (perhaps similar to pet trading, with a monthly limit and all) or is there a reason this would be impossible?
  8. Sora828


    I have found a great new game a few years ago called Collectoons. If you remember Cartoonetwork Oribt it is the same game basically, just redone... And if you don't know the game this is your chance because it is still relatively new.. It is an online trading game (with 100s of different cartoon shows) that is very fun and becomes very addicting... there are many active players who are very helpful and nice, you should check it out. If you join my in-game name is Sora and you can message me for help. You can also watch a great video to get the idea of the game here- THIS IS NOT A SCAM... IT IS A REAL!!!! ONLINE GAME, that is FREE... you can check the forums and such on the website.. there are 100's of players playing... I am just one of many trying to spread the word about the game to make the community even bigger. You can go to the Forums if you have any questions before signing up. Also there is a problem sometimes with the email confirmation. If you do not receive an email please go to the forums at this link and the issue will be fixed ASAP by one of the Moderators. http://www.collectowne.com/index.php?showtopic=19407 If you have any questions about the game please reply here and ill get back to you ASAP! But honestly your best bet is trying it out for yourself. It is a game that takes some dedication to collect everything you want. You can't get on and expect to have everything you want within a few months. I have been playing for awhile and there are still some things I'd like to get :P This post has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not double post. Use the edit button if you have something to add. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  9. SimplyBee

    UC Trading

    Sorry if this posted in the wrong area. I'm new here. Basically I traded a real word pet with an expensive draik custom for an UC pet. But before I did this I sent tnt a ticket asking them to let me know if the UC is legit or stolen because I could not find a cache for it anywhere and I know cache isn't everything but can be a clue. (I didn't mention cache to them I just asked them to verify) Anyways tnt never answered so I just went along with the trade and my ticket it still open hasn't been assigned to anyone or anything. I'm just wondering if the pet is stolen will I get in trouble? Even though I asked them and told them if it is to just reverse the trade and put the pet back where it belongs. I'm a paranoid person and my account has a lot put into it. I honestly wouldn't buy/trade for a pet I knew was stolen. I just traded for my ultimate dream pet but I can't enjoy it because I'm so worried I will get frozen now. :( Has anyone ever did something like this? Sent in a ticket to get a pet verified? How did it go? Edit: it wasn't a crazy trade. Like I didn't trade an uncommon real word for a vwn uc royal girl Aisha. I traded a very common real word for a wn uc baby kougra.
  10. i'm so so so new to the whole nc trading thing that it's painful. ok. so. this is what i know: an nc item's value is measured in caps (am i right? pls tell me i'm right). do caps refer to gift box mystery capsules or normal mystery capsules? because i think i just hugely over offered on something and i'm too embarrassed to go on the boards and ask.
  11. So I've nearly completed the np portion of my gallery, and my eyes now turn to the elusive NC market for Roo Island Team Merch. The problem? I have absolutely no idea how the NC market works, and even less things to trade. For those of you veterans, what's a good thing to have on hand to trade? How do you find out the value of things on the market? Are people willing to trade for gift boxes or are most people looking for items?
  12. Hi, so I am looking for a petpage that has a certain set of coding. It has something where you hover over a pet's name and their picture appears to the right. Does anyone know something like this?
  13. Hi guys! As I've mentioned in previous posts on other boards, I caught quite a few nice English RWs in this past Purge. Pretty much ALL of them are UFT. But I don't know how much these RWs are worth as far as trading goes... :/ Could I expect UCs? Or plushies...? I just don't know. Help, please? Here's a list of what I caught and of what's UFT: • Lumps • Diamonds • Struggle • Fraction • Slasher • Lyrics • Sei • Martinez • Deadening That's it! I'm really wanting to trade for UCs. Which names are or are NOT worth UCs...?
  14. skullera

    Help with the trading post

    I recently had my offer on the trading post accepted. I went to the event notification at the top of the screen, clicked on it and then also clicked on the words 'trading post', which were under 'event type' Then I went to my inventory as I realised the trading post would not show me what had been accepted, and found that nothing new had been added to it. I had 50 items exactly, but I bought a cheops plant soon after and found that it had nothing to do with the max. amount of items. (or did it?) Please help me, I need either my offer items back or the things I was trading.
  15. Is this normal? Every time I try to search for a codestone on the trading post I keep getting the message "I could not find any lots fitting that description!" Except... I've totally seen codestones in lots before. Folks are always talking about buying codestones in bundles and I'm hoping I can save a few pennies on training by buying in bulk. xD I don't want a set, just random stones that I'll use up eventually.