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Found 1 result

  1. This is base on the Sims why because I'm sick and tried of users using calk boards and posters as the way to make a wall and a room. So I made this walls and someday going to make stairs so neohome can expand more like the Classic Neohomes and Expanding a neohome will cost more NC. The walls you get to make a room for each neopet from the bedroom or living room will cost 10,000 NPs maybe sometimes a bathroom. The prices may barely on the which one you like your pet's bedroom to be like You will notice I'm bad at drawing Walls even in making 3D image that bad I did my best to draw. These are the walls I made base on the classic neohome. One is the standard wall, one is cardboard, a brick wall , a wooden wall, a bamboo wall (sorry I was bad at drawing it), a stone wall, a cloud wall, a ice wall, a chocolate wall, a marble wall, a jelly wall, and the last one that is very special that will cost 13,000 Neopoints or 400 Neocash this is a Aquarium wall for the Tuskaninny, Peophin, Koi, Jetsam, Flotsam and Maraquan neopets when adding this wall the will be filled with water for your aquatic neopet to swim. This is what will look like when the neopet wall has been added (and yes I'm bad at drawing walls) This going to be the thing for me to enter the contest I will do the Inkblot Idea later for just share your thoughts and tell me what you think about adding this idea. Update 1 The standard wall is free Update 2 I' am submitting this as an idea for the staff to consider doing and is something users can do on their own. You put the walls the way sims 4 does in the building section but it does not have the features of Sim 4 because I don't want any lawyers of EA to sue Neopets. I need to change it Or it be just ripoff or Knockoff of the Sims 4 and Neopets will get sued. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0JQXljgpxw&ab_channel=Cyliena https://simsvip.com/the-sims-4-building-guide/ You use the Wall drawing tool to make a room but it will not be the same as Sims 4
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