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A Neopets Roleplay

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Well, for a good amount of time now I've been perfecting my neopets characters. Given that the main reason I play neopets is for a creative outlet with my writing, you could say I've been giving it a lot of time and effort, and now I believe one of my favorite characters, Raehgyn, is finally good enough to be in a roleplay. His background is set, thus forth emerging his personality and I feel I have enough to really give him a great story, with the help of others in a similar position as me. I'm looking for people who enjoy creating unique and exciting characters and have a passion for writing. Literate only, and hopefully you have at least one well rounded character fit for a long term roleplay. I, of course, don't expect a new reply daily, life can get in the way, but I do however, hope to find people, or at least one person, who can stick to a continuous roleplay that will grow and flourish with time. I don't like to set plots, because I enjoy the sense of adventure and creativity that comes with making up a reason for things on the spot, that is how life goes isn't it? You don't know exactly where you're going until you get there? If you're worried about the roleplay becoming dull, or lifeless, no need, the roleplay may not have a definite plot, but with your creativity and mine we can find a balance with our writing and a reason for each step will work itself out, and I'm rather good with creating such reasons on my own, so hopefully you'll be willing to join. The same general rules apply, and given that I'm looking to find experienced role-players, I feel I have no need to even say them again, you should know what they are and TDN already states them loud and clear if you've read their rules page. If you wish to join, simply post a quick bio of your character and let the games begin. Anyone may join, even if the roleplay has already started, I mean, people walk in and out of your life randomly, but I do request however, if you feel you are going to leave for a while, have your character leave as well, we don't want any lifeless characters roaming around in the roleplay, muddling it up with the silent wonder eh? I'll post Raehgyn's bio, and with that, allow you the freedom to tell me all about your lovely character.

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Species: Faerie Kougra

Type:A pleasant mix of Anthro and Quad


Age: 19 (human appearance)

Hair: Bright Blonde, short and straight, usually slightly messy

Eyes: Deep Amethyst, flecks of gold

Features: His wings are white and feather with a wingspan of about 9ft (yeah, you notice him when he walks in the room) and have flecks of gold littered amongst the cream coloring.

History: Raehgyn grew up the son of a Duke, and it shows through his personality. Though he does enjoy fancy things, and will only take the finest of wears, he has a bit of a wild side and enjoys the thrill of the hunt. His mother died when he was very young and his father never took the time to care for him. His servant, Charles, follows him wherever he goes always fulfilling his duty of seeing Raehgyn safe and sound throughout each day. Given Raehgyn's attractive appearance, he's always been the center of attention and expects nothing less from everyone he meets (to say narcissism would be an understatement) though don't let his immediate words affect you, given the right amount of time and you'll start to see what he's really all about ( he can't wear this mask forever).

Qualities: Raehgyn is particularly skilled with a bow and arrow and has great leadership capabilities, though he believes that's his place regardless. Though, he lacks a sense of direction, he makes up for it in pure luck and intuition. Don't let him around small petpets though, he's not a fan.


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[[Before I jump in - because I really, really want to - I guess I need to expand on my character; Zedaz. Erh.. I don't know if you'd be open to brainstorming some ideas with me on that? But if not, reserve a spot for me, please!

I think this will probably be where I post his bio once I have it done..]]

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