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  1. 1. Would you like the Dailies app on iOS or Android?

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Hey All,


I'm currently developing a nice simple Android application for performing all of your Neopets dailies on the go! The app holds all of the information you need for completing the daily, as well as the direct link to the page, so you don't need to waste valuable mobile data or navigate those pesky flash maps.


Best of all, you'll also have access to the latest Neopian news, crossword answers and the like.



-A mobile friendly list of Dailies that WILL work on your mobile. 
-Direct links to the Daily on Neopets.com, so you don't need to waste data or navigate those pesky flash maps.
-Mobile access to the TDN News blog.
-Some game guides you can access anywhere, anytime without internet connection (this feature is yet to be decided, will likely be added after release)
-Live updates of the Crossword and Puzzle solutions

If you have any other recommendations, please don't hesitate to post them below, and I'll see if it is possible.




So who's interested? I'm looking for Beta developers, so if you have an Android phone, please post with the brand name, model, and Android version number.



If you are interested, or would like to give me some recommendations for features etc, please post!!




Dailies links are now added I'll be adding some guides to the app soon.





I should add, the app will come to iPhone, however you'll only be able to use non-flash dailies (most of them are non-flash).


I'll only do it if I have some supporters though, and people who actually want it



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Updated list of features above. This is now the official thread of the app, as TDN has agreed to support me throughout the development process. Everyone thank TDN :D


If you have any suggestions, or questions, please do post.


Unfortunately Habitarium runs in Flash, and the Flash is very memory demanding. It doesn't work in my Android test environment.


Dailies that will definitely work are some like: Soup kitchen, fruit machine, tombola, scratch-cards, wheels (Run in Flash, but they do work), Lever of Doom (if you are an avatar adict), etc.

Most common dailies work.


I'll be posting screenshots soon.



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Official announcement from developer:

It is possible for the iOS devices to run the app, however iOS devices will not be able to run the Neopian Wheels. Other basic dailies, such as Tombola, and the Fruit Machine WILL work though. The app will be released onto the iTunes app store after we have tested the water with the Android application. We don't currently have an iOS Developer's account, so we don't want to waste $99 on an account and find that the app isn't wanted anymore. We have, however, already started development on the iPhone version, so it shouldn't be too far away should the Android version do well.


If we have support and we most likely will release it for iOS.



Please vote for an iOS version in the poll at the top of this thread.






App shots:





Live updates of the Faerie Crossword and Daily Puzzle are now added to the app. Answers courtesy of TDN :D



Looking for someone to make some graphics for the app. If you are chosen, you'll get your name/username in the ABOUT tab, with URL etc.

Runners up will receive a nice little prize after development is complete.



Sorry for the triple post!


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Actually, I can make you a Windows Phone 7 version :D

I just need to have a look at the costs for putting the app on the market.

I'll add the W7 option to the poll, please record your interest in the platform there.


UPDATE: Poll updated :D


UPDATE2: Well, turns out WP app developing costs $99. We'll see how the Android version goes, and how many people want the Windows version.

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My iTouch would love it... depending on the price lol! Anyways! Gl! I think it's cool! I don't do wheels as dailies anyways lol

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Ryuusei, the app would be free for all platforms (maybe Windows 7 will cost $0.99 w/o ads). It may be ad-supported, however we are yet to decide that. If it is ad-supported, there will be an ad-free version available for purchase.




Cool, thanks StarryEyed502.


For anyone else who intends to post the details, I only need the MODEL and the ANDROID VERSION. I don't need the Build number.


Starry, I've registered you in the list of Beta testers to be notified once I've got a Beta version released. New screenshots will appear soon, as the UI has changed slightly, with new images etc.



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Screenshots are being updated as we speak. If you don't like crossword and puzzle spoilers, please don't view the images until you've worked them out!




This update adds puzzle and crossword solutions, and addresses copyright concerns regarding icons.



IMPORTANT: Are there any game guides you guys want in particular?



Here is an update from the leader of the dev team:


We have now finished the crucial parts of the application: the news feed, the dailies links and the puzzle/crossword solutions. We can still put loooads more into the app, so we need some suggestions! What would you like to see in the application?

Any game guides you think would be especially useful?

We are still searching for Beta testers. As soon as we get some contribution from you guys as some new features to add, we'll be releasing the app onto a subdomain of TheDailyNeopets (will probably by dailiesapp.thedailyneopets.com). Thanks to Ian for

organising the subdomain.

Beta testers will be able to log-in with a unique username and password (will be emailed to Beta testers) to download the app.

The app will then be released to the Android Market after all bugs have been ironed out. (Probably will be within 1 week).

We'll keep you up to speed with the latest dev announcements as we finish each section.

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You definitely should :D.


Khelddar, do you have any recommendations for features?




We are busy developing a website for the app, and will popna thread on our company forums. This thread will remain active however.


Stay tuned for the release of the website, and for the special offer we have planned. :D

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We've almost finished our website. Our development twitter account will soon be available, and Beta testers will be soon notified to download their copy of the application.

ETA for Beta version: 2-5 days

ETA for Public release: 5-14 days (depends on bugs found in Beta testing)




We are still looking for Beta testers- please post below if you have ANY Android device. You'll be rewarded :D


Undeadwife, thanks! You've been added to the Beta test.


EDIT: Sorry for double post, edit wouldn't work from my mobile. How do I delete this post?


Moderator Edit: Posts merged. :)

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Ohhh..This sounds interesting..

I don't mind being a beta tester.. =D


I have a Samsung GalaxyTab..

Firmware Ver 2.2

Hmm, actually it would be nice if we could access the Habitarium from the app, since it would be more convenient though I haven't actually tried accessing the Habitarium from my GalaxyTab...


(erm..It's fine if I don't have a Twitter account right? =X)

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