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Guidelines to Testing Weapons

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Yes, there are guidelines for this, too. ;) This is just to give you an idea of what we are looking for in a weapon test.

  • Please have a good understanding of the Battledome and how weapons are tested (including knowledge on variable icons, boosts, resistances, stances, and icons). This just reduces spam in this forum.
  • This forum is for weapon testing only; do not post inquiries or problems with the tdnBP here.
  • Posting screenshots and stats of pets are preferred when giving weapon tests.
  • If you cannot test a weapon yourself and you still want to contribute to TDN, please find someone who can test a weapon (such as any BP Staff Member). You can make a topic here in the forum or PM any staff member in purple. We are willing to give reasonable collateral for lending (We will not give a Super Attack Pea for testing a Wooden Blocking Shield :P Nice try, though).

Not too many, just be sure to follow them!



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