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Hi there, I need a bit of help with my Pet's Lookup. If you forum users wouldn't mind, I wish to ask a few questions about my Mutant Aisha Jojohanna's Lookup.


Ignore low quality image of pet; my flash render quality was set to low to let Habitarium run smoother)

  • Is there any way to center and resize these pieces of text?
  • Anyone know how to remove the white colored "I" shaped bars in your "stats and attributes" table?
  • Can I replace these images (Petpet, neomail owner button, pet page button, stars) with ones of my own? I still want them to be usable, just with different images, because the non-transparency bothers me quite a bit.

If anyone could help me out at all, I would really appreciate it!

EDIT - Oh, I had forgotten to add that I wish to know how to change the species text color! I was able to change the color of "Jojohanna the" and "Aisha", but "Mutant" continues to keep its default color. Anyone know how to edit its color?


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