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The Hunted

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PLOT: It's the year 2208 and wolves are extinct. Or so humans think. They don't know is that there are still some wolves alive, even living among them. The wolves have learned to create an illusion to appear human. Though, they are not actually human. They can not pick things up with their 'hands,' nor interact.



You are a part of one of the last packs left on the Earth. And each day is a struggle to survive. ( I will edit this later, just want to see if there's interest first before pouring out my heart and soul into the plot)





Each character has the illusion to appear human.


Each character can have one additional ability of choice. This power MUST have a weakness. (EG: A wolf has the power to take away any sense they please from an enemy, but in doing so, make the other senses stronger.)


The only wolves that can have more than one extra ability are the alphas whom can have two, and the Healer who has the ability to heal and one other ability.



Alpha Male: Taken (Khaos)

Alpha Female: Taken (Kira)


Beta Male: Open

Beta Female: Open




Hunters: Three spots open

Cub sitter: Two spots open.


Other Wolves:



FORM: (3 characters max, this form can be applied to a human character as well.)

* applies to optional




Wolf & Human appearance:


*Personality (If you'd like to develop character first, feel free):


*Song that fits your character?




No Mary Sues (flaws are love)

No posts shorter than five sentences.

Literacy is a must

When writing out of character, use (()) or OOC

Despite the fantasy elements, wolves must appear normal. No purple, pink or even BLUE eyes. Yes blue eyes. As adults, wolves don't have blue eyes. As a puppy, this is fine.









Name: Kira (Alpha Female)


Gender: Female

Age: Appears 18 in human form. But is a four year old wolf.


Wolf appearance: Grey and White, Pale yellow eyes.


Human Appearance: 5'4, red hair, green eyes. Long, wavy hair.



Power(s): Kira can make herself appear invisible, but this is just another illusion. She can still be heard.

Her senses are more powerful than other wolves. She can smell, hear and see things the other can't at times. However, that much going on in her head often leaves her with headaches.


Personality: Kira appears on the outside to be a powerful wolf. But in reality, she's scared of the future and it gets hard for her to act like she thinks they'll all be okay. She's stubborn and her temper is easily tested. She's not trusting, except of a select few and isn't gentle about telling others what she thinks. She's brutally honest, and sometimes, her words come out harsh and feelings get hurt.


On a more positive note, she cares too much about the rest of her pack and would willingly die for any of them. Even those that test her patience.





If anyone joins, would anyone be against me putting all the characters on a Neopets page? Just to keep it organized. I'm a little OCD about that stuff. XD And yes, if you're wondering, the wolf/human part is based off the anime Wolf's Rain.



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FORM: (3 characters max, this form can be applied to a human character as well.)


Alpha Male please?

Name: Khaos

Age: Form of an 11 year old human, but 2 and a half year old wolf (considered a puppy, right?)

Gender: Male

Wolf & Human appearance: Wolf: Black and somewhat brown fur with blue eyes



Human: black hair with blue eyes Anime+guys+with+black+hair+1.jpg


Power: can suck the life and blood out of other opponents and has very good hearing sense, but his vision is not so good.

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Age:Human Age: 15 Wolf Age: 3 Years

Gender: Male

Wolf & Human appearance::

Human Form:





Power: If you look into his Eyes while they turn Red,you get into big depressions.But if he uses his Power,His eyes are bleeding and he cant see anything from one eye for a day.

Personality (If you'd like to develop character first, feel free): Hes the Born Hunter.He only lets his anger out in combat with enemies.

Other: As a 2month old puppy the humans killed his Parents.

Song that fits your character:http://youtu.be/4zjVb78Jk-M

Beta Male?

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Name: Kiyoko Okura

Age: 14 in human years, 2 in wolf years.

Gender: Female

Wolf & Human appearance:

Wolf: 0_a325_dd3b0ae_XLjpg.jpeg



*Personality: Is very sweet around everyone, but if someone threatens her or her friends, she will stand up. She is also stronger than she looks.

*Other? She just loves snow! She'll play around in snow, lie down in snow, or just watch the snow. She hates hot places though.

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