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TDN Chat Now *Online*!

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After several extremely successful tests, we have decided to open TDN Chat indefinitely! Come in and chat away with your fellow TDN comrades!



The chat platform is called IRC, short for Internet Relay Chat. For an in-depth guide to IRC, see http://www.irchelp.org/


For most users, however, this will be enough: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/new2irc.html.


Rules that apply:

  • No spamming. (meaningless content, one word per line messages, number voting etc)
  • No profanity, sexual references, discussions concerning illegal activity, harassment, or taking advantage of another user (i.e., trying to ask for a password. NEVER give out your TDN or Neopets password)
  • Respect other users and staff.
  • Users (non-staff) may not bring chatbots into TDN IRC; Management is the only bot.
  • Users (non-staff) may only login in with one client at a time.
  • You must sign in using your forum display name or some variation of it. (No spaces, only underscores)
  • You may not impersonate another user.
  • Only TDNStaff will have op privileges. DO NOT ASK FOR THEM.
Joining the chat room means you have read and agreed to abide by the rules mentioned above.


Violations will result in administrative action and will count towards infractions on your TDN forums account. Widespread abuse will result in the chat being removed permanently.


Staff will appear on IRC as either half-op or full op.

Remember, IRC is a privilege.



Connection Information:



Feel free to join using Mibbit! Simply click this link, enter your nick name and voila!

If you wish to join using a specific client for IRC

Server: thedailyneopets.com

Port: 6767

Room: #tdnchat





Are messages logged?

Yes, messages are logged, so don't try anything funny!


I don't like mibbit. What other clients can I use?

There are many, many different IRC clients on the internet. Some include ChatZilla, mIRC (commercial), XChat, Pidgin, IceChat, Colloquy, and liteIRC.


Who is management?

Management is our bot responsible for channel administration.


How do I report other users?

Please report it to Crimson on TDNForums via PM with the offending messages.


Is the channel moderated?

The channel IS moderated, but not real-time 24/7. We can and will look through logs. However, TDN is not responsible for the content of the channel. We will do our best to keep it calm and appropriate.


Can we create other channels?

Creating other channels is currently disabled.


How do I do <this> in IRC?

Read the IRC link in the above post. It's there for a reason, you know! ;)


I accidentally joined as mib_42345. How do I change my name?

In the chat type /nick newnickhere (ie: /nick Crimson)

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