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Von Roo REALLY doesn't want to play me again...

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So, I totally kicked his behind on Thursday...


8 levels, why thank you so much!





He's awake between 8 and 9am in my neck of the woods. I had a call to make this morning and that's apparently the best time for it (i.e. maybe only 20 minutes sat on hold rather than 45...) so I thought why not, let's visit Roo while I'm waiting. If I lose a level it's just one of the ones I gained from him anyway, so no real lose. I was willing to risk that for some free training!


Seems he wasn't though!


I click on the Count Von Roo is awake! link on the Dailies page and my laptop immediately freezes up, and stays that way.


This wasn't morning browser grump either, (browsers clearly need coffee too, that's the only way to explain how sluggish they can be when they first start up :laugh:). I'm sat there, phone clamped to my ear, patiently listening to the same recorded message and snippit of music over and over again, and looking at the unmoving loading images for both tabs...


Then I look at the time down in the corner, 8:44 it says. Hang on a minute! I look at the clock on the mantelpiece, it's nearly 5 to 9 now, things really have frozen up entirely...in the end I had to force a shut down, and restart, and of course it was after the hour by the time I got back on and he was asleep...


So fine, ok Von Roo, I get the message, you don't want to face me again! :rolleyes: What a wuss :laugh:

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Count Von Roo: Oh dear, it's that pet that gained 8 levels from me... Well nobody makes a fool of me and gets away with it! Snowager!


Snowager: Hmm? (What is is Count Von Roo?)


Count Von Roo: You like blasting people with ice and freezing things, correct?


Snowager: Mmhmm! (You bet I do!)


Count Von Roo: Well then, freeze that cursed pet owner's computer so they can't make a fool of me again!


Snowager: *fires massive ice blast at jellysundae's computer* Mmmhmmhmm! (Now they will never be able to challenge you!)


Count Von Roo: Great work Snowager! Although they might get suspicious that their computer is a block of ice...


Magnus the Torch: I could breathe fire on it and still keep the computer frozen... but I'll need a favor.


Count Von Roo: Sure, anything to keep that pesky neopet from beating me two days in a row!


Magnus the Torch: I want you to find out which came first: The Draik or the Draik Egg!


Count Von Roo: Very well... Perhaps Finneus will have the information I need!


After a long, arduous journey, Count Von Roo finally reaches Altador. He sees Finneus entering his study room.


Count Von Roo: Hey Finneus!!!


Finneus: Bwaahh!! *turns around* Oh, it's just you, Count Von Roo. Did you need something?


Count Von Roo: Actually yes I did. I was wondering if you had a book on the history of the Draik.


Finneus: Sure I do, but why would you need something like that?


Count Von Roo: Well, I am trying to figure out if the Draik came first or if the Draik Egg did.


Finneus: Hmmm, I see... Unfortunately I lent that book to Kauvara. I'm sure if you paid her a visit you would get the answers you need.


Count Von Roo: You mean I have to go all the way back to Neopia?! Hrrrmmph...


A disgruntled Count Von Roo continued on his journey all the way to Neopia in hopes of seeking the answer he requires.


Count Von Roo: Kauvara, I came across many lands seeking a book that is in your possession.


Kauvara: Oh, and what book might that be? I have many books here.


Count Von Roo: I am looking for the book that Finneus gave you about Draiks.


Kauvara: You mean this book right here? *Holds up the book about Draiks* I was going to look for a potion in here that could turn any neopet into a Draik, but it's just the history of them! I guess I will have to find a different potion to create.


Count Von Roo: So does that mean I can have the book?


Kauvara: Very well, but I want something in return. I need an Everlasting Apple. I misplaced mine and I am running low on its essence.


Count Von Roo: Do you have an idea who I could get that from?


Kauvara: Perhaps the Shop Wizard could help you. He knows a lot about the value of those sorts of things.


Count Von Roo: Okay, I will pay him a visit.


Count Von Roo takes a quick stop at the food shop in Neopia Central before heading to find the Shop Wizard. After about 20 minutes of exploring, he finds him.


Shop Wizard: Abracadabra! Alakazam! This wand I just got is a total sham!


Count Von Roo: Is everything alright Shop Wizard?


Shop Wizard: Oh, I don't know. I got this wand in hopes of making my job a little easier, but it doesn't help at all! That's the last time I give the Pant Devil 5,000 neopoints for an item...


Count Von Roo: Well I was wondering if you knew where I could get an Everlasting Apple?


Shop Wizard: Sure I do, but why would you need something valuable like that?


Count Von Roo: It's a really long story... you wouldn't care to hear it.


Shop Wizard: ...Very well. Although the Everlasting Apple is too expensive for me to locate, I believe I saw Brucey B munching on one. Try asking that Yurble Elder over there if he knows where he went.


Count Von Roo: Okay, I will go speak to him. Thanks for the help.


Count Von Roo walks over to the Yurble Elder, who seems to be asleep on a bench.


Count Von Roo: (Oh do I envy him... I should be sleeping in my coffin right now...) HEY ELDER, WAKE UP!


Yurble Elder: Bwah, what? Why have you awakened me?


Count Von Roo: I want to know if you saw where Brucey B went.


Yurble Elder: Yes, I remember him mumbling "I'll never be good at Cheat! I guess I'll just go take a visit to Count Von Roo's coffin. He should be able to cheer me up!"


Count Von Roo: Oh for crying out loud! You mean to tell me that this whole quest around Neopia has led me right back where I started?!


Yurble Elder: Hmmm... It does seem that way, yes. Now if you'll excuse me, I was dreaming about Rainbow Doughnuts.


The Yurble Elder falls fast asleep on the bench. Count Von Roo, extremely frustrated, starts his very long trip back to his coffin. Not used to being up this long, he takes a nap at the NeoLodge. Completely refreshed, he makes great time and arrives back at his coffin. Brucey B spots him and his angered face quickly turned into a big grin.


Brucey B: I took so much time out of my day to come up here! Do you have any idea how long of a journey I took to get here?


Count Von Roo: Don't even get me started on long journeys! I've been all over Neopia just to figure out if the Draik or the Draik Egg came first!


Brucey B: That sounds hilarious! Tell me everything you saw and experienced, I could use a good story.


Count Von Roo: I will if you give me that Everlasting Apple you're holding. It would help me immensely.


Brucey B: You know when I bought this, I thought it would be amazing and save me a lot of time to just eat the same food over and over. Unfortunately after about a week, I grew tired of its taste. So sure, you can have it.


Brucey B hands over the Everlasting Apple to Count Von Roo. Count Von Roo cracks a giant grin as he is finally getting closer to figuring out the riddle. He tells Brucey B about his entire journey that he faced in order to solve it, with Brucey B listening intently.


Brucey B: You ran into a Yurble Elder that said he wanted a Rainbow Doughnut in his sleep? Now I have heard everything! *bursts out laughing* Okay, thanks for that entertaining story, now I've got a slot machine to check on.


Count Von Roo finally arrives at Kauvara's Magic Shop again with the Everlasting Apple in hand.


Count Von Roo: I have the Everlasting Apple! Now I believe you were going to give me that book on Draiks in exchange for it.


Kauvara: Ah, thank you so very much! Now I can complete my stock of apple essence. As for the book, it's over on that counter.


Count Von Roo sees the book. He rubs his eyes to make sure he's not dreaming. After realizing he really found the book, he picks it up and jumps for joy. He takes his exit from Kauvara's Magic Shop and travels back to Finneus in hopes of uncovering the mystery behind the riddle.


Finneus: Ah, so I see you found my book! Now lets take a look and see if we can't figure out which of them came first.


Finneus begins scanning his eyes over a chapter of the book called The Origin of the Draik. He begins reading aloud the contents of the chapter.


Finneus: "The Draik has a very long history in Neopia, but the age old question everyone asks is as follows: Which came first: The Draik or the Draik Egg? While there is no definite proof, it is assumed that the Draik came first. Without a Draik, there can be no egg." There you have it! This book assumes that the Draik came first! It seems like we finally have an answer to your riddle!


Count Von Roo is relieved. Now he can tell Magnus the Torch the answer to the riddle! After he calms down from excitement, he heads off to revisit Magnus the Torch. Just after he leaves, a shipment of books arrives.


Finneus: Ah, my twenty copies of The History of Draiks has arrived!


Count Von Roo finally sees Magnus the Torch.


Magnus the Torch: So do you have an answer? Did the Draik or the Draik Egg come first?


Count Von Roo: You might not believe this, but the Draik came first! You have no idea what I went through just to figure that out...


Magnus the Torch: Wow, I can't believe you solved the riddle! Now let me breathe fire on the block of ice.


Magnus the Torch breathes fire on jellysundae's computer. The computer appears to be fully functional, but is still frozen.


Magnus the Torch: There you are, one frozen computer! They won't be able to use it again until after you go back to sleep. Now you better hurry back to your coffin, it's 11:49 pm NST!


Count Von Roo: Oh, you're right! My coffin is 10 minutes away from here! See you later Magnus the Torch!


Count Von Roo rushes back to his coffin. He arrives at 11:58 pm NST, just before he awakes to start Deadly Dice. For some reason, he dreams of Rainbow Doughnuts. He mumbles something in his sleep.


Count Von Roo: I want a Rainbow Doughnut...




Yep, that's totally how it happened.

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HAHAHAHA! OMG! xDD Well! As that's totally what happened, I think I'll forgive Von Roo, just this once. He had to go through SO much trouble to stop me that it made my frustration worthwhile. :laugh:


I hereby declare that Sheepie needs to write explanatory stories behind any URGHH! moments that anyone experiences and cares to share, what do you guys think?! :lmaosmiley:

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HAHAHAHA!  Oh, my goodness!!  I must say I've watched the forums for about 3 years now, and never posted...but this...this is classic!!!  I second the vote for more stories!  Completely made my night.  My whole family is asking what I keep cackling about...but how in the world do you even begin to explain that???!!!   Much obllged to you both!

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Are you all paying attention out there? Sheepit's our designated scribe for tales of Neopian WTFness from now on, it's decided!  :lmaosmiley:  :laugh:

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Bahaha! Great story 444. I'm going to be thinking of rainbow doughnuts & Draiks each time I visit the Count now :p

& congrats on the avatar jellysundae! I'm trying for that one but it's at 3AM for me so I only try for it if my baby boy has me awake then.

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Bahaha! Great story 444. I'm going to be thinking of rainbow doughnuts & Draiks each time I visit the Count now :P

& congrats on the avatar jellysundae! I'm trying for that one but it's at 3AM for me so I only try for it if my baby boy has me awake then.

Yeah, I'm pretty lucky with the time, though for a VERY long time I just missed him, lol. Made him pay for that though! :woot:


Not sure if I will brave him again; I've played him 3 times, and gained 10 levels from that, don't want to push my luck and end up regretting it. I SO nearly bottled out of that last game when it got to losing 8 levels if I continued. I actually clicked to continue without looking and left the room because I didn't want to see what happened. :laughingsmiley:


Oh! TNT totally needs to bring out a Rainbow Doughnut Draik! That would be an interesting-looking beast! lol.

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HAHA! That's AWESOME. He's totally adorable, and I want to squeeze him and hug him and call him George  :happydance:

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