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Two New Weapons on the Scene

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Two new weapons were announced via the News this week: Jhudora Hourglass and Dual Batons of Katsuo.

bd_jhudora_hourglass.gif wea_dual_batons.gif

It's TIME for us to get a HANDLE on these new weapons!

If you have any information about these weapons or any others, please contact us.

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I happened to snag "Dual Batons of Katsuo" from Wonderous Weaponry. Sold for 10K NP. They are "ultra rare" (R96). What other information can I provide? Willing to let someone borrow them to try. I haven't tried them in battle, yet.

EDIT: Tried them in the Battledome. "You swing at S750 Kreludan Defender Robot with your Dual Batons of Katsuo!" Physical (Fist) X2, Fire (Flames) X2, Earth (Leaf) X2, and Dark (Purple Flames) X2.

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