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Question about 1 player Battledome Challengers

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Sorry for the long buildup to my question. If I'm wrong about what's in the buildup, please correct me. If I'm right, maybe someone will find it useful.

So I've become really into battling in the 1 player battledome recently. I started out training my jubjub, Anarchy_3_3, specifically to get the meuka avatar sometime between last years faerie quest event and now. I got it eventually, and kept going. My jubjub has long since gotten me the ghost lupe and the black pteri avatars, and I hope to one day to have her able to beat the space faerie (I have her as a challenger already from one of the pieces of merchandise I asked my dad for years ago- before I even used the battledome). In the meantime, I discovered the usefulness of beating the other challengers within my range for the various prizes. There is something I don't understand though, and I can't find the answer anywhere. According to the source I'm using (Jellyneo's battlepedia) the amount of damage my own neopet can deal with an equipped item (assuming for the sake of simplicity that nothing is blocked by the opponent) is based on her attack stat and the number of attack icons that item deals. The amount of damage she can block with an item is based on her defense stat, the amount of icons of each type that item blocks, and what type of icons she was hit with. Anarchy_3_3 is level 63, has 138 hp, an attack of 81, and defense of 94 (Thank you to the latest faerie quest event for really adding to her training). Lets say she throws a shooting star muffin (15 icons, 5 each of fire, air, and dark). She has the potential to do 30 damage if the opponent blocks nothing or if she uses lens flare, since 81 attack means 2 damage per icon. For defense, lets say she uses the parchment cloak to defend from an opponent with her exact stats throwing the same muffin back at her. It blocks no fire icons, 5 air icons (yes, her intelligence is above 150), and about 2.6 dark icons. 94 defense means 2.5 damage per icon can be blocked. She gets 10 damage from the fire attack, the air attack is completely blocked, and she gets only 3.325 damage (not sure how it's rounded in actual battle) from the dark attack (2.67 icons multiplied by 2.5 blocked per icon), for a total of either 13 or 14 hp lost. First off, Am I right?

Main question: do the challengers in the 1 player battledome have stats that behave in the same way? All I can find on different guides regarding the opponents themselves is the hp each has on each difficulty level and each one's abilities and items. It would be nice to know, for example, how much damage Viras Winged Dagger's 8 icons of darkness can do when fighting her at a medium difficulty before I decide what items I should use to go up against her. I could always purposefully take a hit without trying to block anything to satisfy my curiousity, but losing isn't fun and my jubjub doesn't have enough of a hp advantage over medium toughness Vira for that to not be a major risk. Can anyone help answer this?

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Wow, what a lead-up to your main question! LOL
So there's this article that was submitted by a TDNer to the Neopian Times that I do believe will answer your questions on Defense. I'll try to answer that later as I'm fighting the urge to sleep (it's early morning here right now). That being said I think your math is probably right. I'll check it later today. In the meantime, this terrific article should help.

Secondly, I think you might find TDN's damage calculator useful. You don't have to look up the boosts/multipliers then. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/site/damagecalculator/

Though TDN'S BP does have the list here.
It's also in that Neopian Times article I linked you to with the first link.

As for your MAIN question, it's a really GOOD one. I don't personally know. I was wondering the same thing awhile back. Right now the boosts for Pets, maxes out at 750, which gives it a multiplier of 16 x # of Icons int he attack or defended. It doesn't make sense to give the 1p opponents a massive advantage that keeps them from being beaten. For example, the Space Faerie. She's tricky at 450, her lowest difficulty level, but if you go Medium or Hard difficulties with her. It's like tackling a boss from a war plot. (To look at the collected stats in TDN's BP profile of her) that's what I've determined anyway. Long story short, I don't think anyone other than TNT knows exactly how damage is calculated for opponents with such HIGH difficulty settings. TNT's view on things with the BD, historically have been that even if the 1p opponents have an advantage we players can't do in battle, such as multi-using once per battle or once per day items or abilities. It's up to us to get creative to deal with whatever the 1p opponents dish out. It's not really FAIR in that sense, but it does make for a more interesting challenge.

As for Vira, looking at her profile... http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/oneplayer/viewprofile/106/

If you're really uncertain if you want to try her on Medium. You could get some equipment that will help specifically with her weaknesses. Both attacking and Defense. In this way, you can hedge your bets a bit. Downsize! Is an excellent if you don't already have it, blocks 50% of all damage once per battle. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/weapon/viewweap/273/
It seems to me like it'd be useful for testing your jubjub against Vira. If you need some set building advice. I'd be happy to help. Oh yeah, looks like your JubJub is just a couple of Strength points away from the 85 - Boost/Multiplier. It would definitely be helpful to get that before trying Vira on Medium. *yawn* Ok, I'm gotta call it a night/morning. Try to get a couple hours of shut-eye. I'll check back later though. Sorry I couldn't be of more help right now.

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1P Challengers have the Strength Boost that is the amount of their proposed difficulty, therefor Easy Space Faerie has 450 Strength Boost.

  • 1P Challengers always have 1 Speed (You always go first)
  • 1P Challengers always have 1 Defense (You do the same amount of damage per icon always)
  • Reflected Icon uses your opponents Strength Bonus against them (If you reflect 10 Icons and they have 750+ Boost you will do 160 damage)

I hope this helps, the only thing that matters in 1P usually is your stats rather than the opponents, however recently with the new battledome some things like stealing are no longer working properly, not sure about reflection as well. 


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