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Daily Dare Brings New Weapons

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Daily Dare prizes include new weapons for battlers to try out. These weapons might just be game-changers in the Battlepedia!


Daily Dare 2017 Weapons:

Please contact us if you have any additional information about these weapons!

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I'm a little curious about the name-choice for the Cursed Elixir of Neovia. Given what it does, wouldn't something more positive make more sense? 2 icons attack AND heals 40hp (probably once per battle)? Sounds like a pretty nice blessing instead of a curse. ;) lol It's pretty cool that they released some decent equipment for the DD this year! Water Powered Pistol looks really useful. Since I don't think Fire defense has been very common. But especially with such a powerful attack. Maybe the AC this year will have a decent weapon or two. XD

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