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Does Ghoul Catchers Not Work After First Play?

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Hi guys, got a conundrum. Decided to give Ghoul Catchers a try, as someone mentioned it's a very easy 50k a day. So I played it yesterday and got the 50k, and was ready to play it again and have it added to my daily list.

However, when I clicked it this time, it was perpetually stuck on a screen where it says "Welcome Back ------." The dashes I figure are supposed to be where my username would go, and yet, my username never came up. I waited for a solid ten minutes and absolutely nothing happened.

I tried IE, I tried the IE extension for Chrome, and I just feel stumped. Is this game broken? Or am I doing something wrong?

Before anyone asks, yes, I tried to download the game on my phone, but my phone is so old with its technology, when I try to open it, it auto closes the app. And my old iPhone, which I feel would handle it, says the app isn't available despite what the site says. So I really have no choice but the use my computer.

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It's not just you. No idea why it worked for you the first time and not the second time, but Ghould Catchers has been having issues for ages. I personally haven't tried playing it in a long time, so I don't know too much about it, but you can read about glitches other people experience(d) in this thread.

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