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Happy Acara Day!

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Transparent & Stealthy

clo_acara_wig.gif clo_acara_dress.gif clo_acara_shoes.gif clo_acara_lipstick.gif

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The Transparent Acara is nice! But, I do like Transparent, as a color, on pets. The Stealthy one looks fine, too. And the description for the outfit is interesting - "This might not always be as they seem or so that’s what they say about this deadly yet darling ensemble, ...". I believe this is a reference to Poison Ivy, the DC comic supervillian.

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Both of these look great! Transparant looks biologically okay, as far as I can tell and I am not an expert at all.  The ears are boneless, like they should be, and the 'horns' do not have bones in them too, interesting! When seeing a new transparant pet  I keep thinking about the transparant peophin that was a train wreck before it was fixed (notice the bones in the ears, ear fin and tail fin and the reversed spine in the chest) :laugh:


peophin-transparent.jpg >>> 4.png

Stealth looks good too: the lightning is very detailed. It kinda looks to happy for me though, I like the fierce facial expression of some of the stealthy pets more. Clothes are cool too, I think they'd look nice on a woodland Acara!

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Oooooh I love the Stealthy one! I feel like some stealthy clothing covers up the pet too much so you can't see its face or anything, and I like how this one is designed kind of like armor while still being able to see the actual Acara underneath. 

I also like the Transparent one well enough, although it's not a color I would ever use for my pets. I do wish they had removed the smile line though, it looks funny over the bones/teeth on the face. As @Josi said, it's interesting that the 'horn' things are boneless, but I think it looks kind of empty up there. Kind of neat that it really is transparent though, as you can see the horns through the ears!

Regarding the outfit, I had the same thought as @Scoobert_Doo, it definitely looks like a reference to Poison Ivy. That red wig looks pretty jarring on the blue Acara in the picture, but could be nice on other colors I suppose. It could definitely look good on a Woodland Acara like @Josi said. 

Overall, not a bad pet day!

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