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Unobtainable Avatars

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Would it be time to move the following avatars from Obtainable to Unobtainable status?

  • Bilge Dice
  • Bilge Dice - Lucky Streak!
  • Heermeedjet
  • Lennies Rule
  • Merouladen
  • Mynci - Halloween
  • Punchbag


Also, would like to call attention to a Darigan Pteri at 630 days old: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=IsaPrettyPony

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Our unobtainable category is for retired avatars that have no chance at being re-released, like plot avatars. Bilge Dice avatars are simply rare and the DoN avatars are on Neopets to-do list. The only avatar listed that is truly permanently unobtainable is Lenny Conundrum avatar. It has been switched to unobtainable.

In the future, please submit a ticket to us so we can address these corrections as it's not guaranteed that the staff members who look after this department will see these threads in a timely manner :)

EDIT TO ADD: We are aware that Bilge Dice has been offline for a year+ but here has been no actual confirm (that I know of) that it won't be coming back... Scrappy has also mentioned features being fixed/brought back.

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