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Looking for advice!

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I have been away from Neopets for a long long LONG time - so I was hoping to get some advice on weapons and such. 

Is there anything that is nerfed that I should look to replace ASAP.  What is my next big upgrade that I should be actively working towards?  General Thoughts/Suggestions?


Current Items:

Elephante Unguent

Garoo Elite Blaster


H4000 Helmet

Honey Potion

Psellias Fighting Fan

(2 TWR Event Items)

But before that I had

Green Sticky Hand

obsidian dagger


Current Stats:

Level: 97
Health:  / 191
Mood: delighted!
Hunger: bloated
Strength: LEGENDARY (100) -> Actively training to get to 125 boost
Defence: GREAT (30)



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Your weapons are decent however, I would really work on training your Defence. That is very low at the moment. You don't say what you have for Faerie abilities, but I am assuming since you are level 97, you have lens flare. If not, I suggest you change to it.  Since you are so close to level 100, you may want to think about training to it and getting burrow too. Your strength does need some improvement, but not as much as your defence right now.  Good luck.

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Back in my day I don't think defense really did anything (?) so I didn't bother training it :-P

I did research and am not at the 35 boost for defense.  I've acquainted myself with faerie abilities and have most of them.  I don't tihnk I want to get to level 100 though because 4codestones is better than 5.

What are your thoughts on weapon improvements?


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Hi Erebos, Looks like you've gotten some very good advice so far. And I like your set's "vintage" look! Having some old school weaponry like the Garoo Elite Blaster is nice, haven't heard of anyone using that in awhile. ;)

Garoo Elite Blaster is an 11-icon weapon. Charelan's advice on the Yooyu Knuckle Duster is definitely solid advice. As it's a 14-icon constant. Per rntracy1's advice, Defense does help. Always did as far as I'm aware. Some people though, prefer to spend their training NP on Strength and HP 3x the pet's level. And go with strength and endurance to survive and win their fights. From what I understand, this is more feasible for pets who use the Lab Ray every day, as Defense tends to be much lower for those pets. As the boosts are the same for Defense, as for Strength, you can calculate how much damage your defense blocks similarly. Though total amount depends on your boost and how many of the opponent's icons you can block. So it's a little more complicated than doing your Weapon's max damage. However, you may find the damage calculator to be useful.


As far as your set goes,

Elephante Unguent, I'm assuming your pet is still an Elephante, so that item is good.

Psellias Fighting Fan only does 9 icons total, I'd recommend either another Yooyu Knuckle Duster (so 2 in total), or if you want a dual duty that blocks a little dark, Golden Compass might help. It's also a 9-icon attack, but blocks 3 Dark icons constantly.

Downsize and the H4000 Helmet are perfect!

Honey Potion, sad as I am to say it, should be replaced with the prize from the GMC that just ended.

Thistleberry Pingrenade Should replace Honey Potion. It's still being tested due to some Fractional Earth icons, but it appears to be between the power of the Honey Potion and the might of the Ghostkerbomb. Right now, it appears on the Trading Post for about 225k NP, that's a pretty good deal for an upgrade to the weakening Honey Potion. Seems so far that it does about 17 constant and 6 fractional icons. Which would mean that it's got a max of 23 icons. Of course as I said, it's still being tested so this could change slightly. But considering the price of this per points, and the price of a Ghostkerbomb which can do a MAXIMUM of 30 icons for about 7-7.5million NP. I'd say 225,000 NP is a STEAL.

The TWR Event weapons are ok, though the Staff of Devilish Laughter seems to only do it's max damage against the Wraiths. So you may want to stow that one in your SDB after the plot is over. the Corrosive Spear Wand seems to do 10.6-16 icons of damage. So probably more useful. ;)

Hope you find this info useful. Happy battling! :D

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Thank you all for the advice.  Changes I've made

Strength boost : has hit 125

Defence boost : has hit 35

Got myself a Turned Tooth to replace my fan (for probably half the price I paid a long time ago)

Using the Thistleberry Bomb with my Honey Potion - but will probably replace HP soon :(


And to Clairfy - My philosophy was defense didn't matter if I bursted them down - so it was H4k downsize then hit them with the HP and beserk.  You used to be able to beserk to increase your damage by 1.5x or 2.0x. 

I am now trying to actively get my defense boost to 55

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Congrats on reaching the next boosts for your pet! I really find that training can hone even the dullest weaponry into something much stronger. ;)

Sounds like you've made some good changes to your set. I hope it carries your Battle-career far.

Ah, I see. Yeah, I used to use a similar strategy when I was a lower level and then as an intermediate battler though I've always kept my defense balanced. In the Old BD, sure Berserk increased the damage you inflicted, but like with the other stances, it also meant you could be hurt that much more, unless you were using a normal or defensive stance. But then that is like what we have now, the "normal" stance. So it quite literally was a double-edged sword because it could cut both ways. Sometimes, if I knew I was going to lose, I'd go with Berserk, just to try and force a double knock-out, for a tie. lol
I miss the species-specific abilities. I don't know where they'd be incorporated into the NEW BD, unless they shared the Faerie Ability selection slot, but If you needed to defend yourself and still chip away at the opponent's HP, two shields and a pet's natural attack abilities could be useful in such a situation. ;-) I don't know what they were for other pets, I only remember 2 my Peophin had, Peophin Trample and Splash. Splash was the strongest and the last peophin species ability, I think it unlocked at level 20... Though I can't recall for CERTAIN anymore, it's been too long. ;)

Best of luck getting your pet to the next defense boost!

Happy battling! :D

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