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Hard time with hulking wraith

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Im having a hard time defeating this one and while I have been training its taking a while. I have not been able to get any wraith blood and im having a hard time getting wraith fangs as well. Any recommendations on battledome items I should buy?neo.thumb.PNG.d42113f7e4911f305a94372a202dea41.PNG 

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Did you get the Blazing Embers sword when you find/battle Malum?  How about the Thistleberry Pingrenade? Since this Shoyru is your strongest Pet, I would give him all the Wraith weapons.

If you aren't adverse to spending NC, I recommend getting the training Fortune Cookie that cuts your training time to 30% -40% faster to try to get your Shoyru to Level 50 to get the faerie abilities Throw Pillow or Lens Flare. Also getting the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie helps you to get your Pet's stats up quickly for 9 days. Good Luck! :medieval:

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You could probably use a better healing item, tbh. If you're willing to invest some NPs, the Greater Healing Scroll is what many people recommend. The Thistleberry Pingrenade is a really good item for battling, as midnight_spell360 said. The other wraith weapons will also help. & I would train your strength up one level to gain the extra strength boost: http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ 

Good luck! :happydance:

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Hi Saryt! First of all, you've gotten some EXCELLENT advice from @midnight_spell360 and @YarnednDangerous!

Second, here are the stats and equipment for the Hulking Wraith that I have collected. He usually uses 2 pieces of equipment together, which is why I put a line of space between each set of 2 weapons. I should let you know, Hulking Wraith's weapons are mostly Hidden Tower level. This does NOT mean you can't win, but it may take a few tries. I'll continue "talking" below the stats for Hulking Wraith.

Species Skeith

Difficulty    HP
50            58
290          290
371          371

Healing Fire

Jhudoras Bewitched Ring
Shield of Faerieland

Rancid Battle Dung
Clawed Shield

Skarls Hasty Mace
Tower Shield

What kind of budget/NP are you able to put toward Battle equipment? If I know how much you are willing to spend, I can look through the Equipment database and see what I can find to recommend that will fit your budget.

First though, I would recommend getting your battle-pet up to Level 50, as @YarnednDangerous recommended. Lens Flare will stop your opponent from attacking during the turn in which it is used. Throw Pillows does the same, BUT is only once per day. While Lens Flare is Once Per Battle. There is a strategy that uses Throw Pillows on an strong adversary, you'll probably need it for beating Malum. But I recommend Lens Flare for Hulking Wraith. To exchange Lens Flare for Throw Pillows will only cost half the faerie blessings. Once you pay full price for one level-tier's ability, the blessing cost for all abilities in that tier are reduced by half and stay that price forevermore. Long story short, get Lens Flare when you get to level 50.

When you have decided on how much NP you want to spend to improve your battle set, please post a reply and I'll see what I can recommend for you. Oh, but BUY A DOWNSIZE! right away! You may only equip one to your pet, but for one round it blocks 50% of ALL damage! Here is the link to the item's entry.

That will help you greatly with defense! You can buy them from user shops, or from Defence Magic in the Neopian Bazaar.

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I have a few blood and fangs in by SDB. I could send a few of each. How many do you think you need?

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Im willing to spend up to 500k! I got the faerie fortune cookie and im trying to level up as fast as possible!

thank you for all the help!!



update: Just bought downsize! and a greater healing scroll!

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Awesome @saryt! I see you've added Downsize and Greater Healing Scroll to your set, AND trained your Strength and Defense to the boost at 35. Which means your boost multiplier is 1.5 now. Next boost is available at 55. But let's try and get you a victory over Hulking Wraith before that.

Ok, for weaponry, you probably should avoid using your Shining Celesta Sword. Because it's mostly light-icons. And Hulking Wraith's Jhudoras Bewitched Ring which blocks ALL light icons when it is used. It also has a challenging mostly dark icon attack. You COULD try countering it's attack with an Ultra Dark Reflectorb, they are cheap and reflect 50% of the dark icons back at the opponent. But they can also permanently break, and you can only equip 1 at a time. Still, it's a cheap way to reflect darkness. I'll list my recommendations at the end of the post so they're easier to read, and if I think of anything else, I will add it.

Reflecting Vanities is a decent to good weapon. Against Hulking Wraith it can do between two different attacks. All or some of those icons, should get through his defense, regardless of what he uses. If you received a Blazing Embers weapon, from finding/getting Malum as a battle opponent, that is also a good weapon to use. Between that and Reflecting Vanities, you should have a good shot at winning. Depending on what Hulking Wraith uses, and how you fight.

Oh, and you can remove the Flask of Liquid Light from your set as well. In 1p it only does something like 8 icons.

I'm going to recommend the Leaf Shield, As it will help with Earth and Physical, The water defense won't help in this fight, since Hulking Wraith does not use water.

I'm going to recommend the Earthen Scorchstone. It's cheap, about 2500np, and blocks 4.5 icons of both darkness and air. The tricky thing with Hulking Wraith is that 2 of his weapons, Rancid Battle Dung and Skarls Hasty Mace, both attack with earth and air. Earth is fairly easy to block, but air.... is another story. Hmm... you could also get a Shield of the North Wind. Blocks a decent amount of air too.... Very cheap at about 100np. Also, the 50% breakable reflector for Air icons is the Double Dryer. There is also a unique little weapon called the Bubble Blaster, it attacks with 4 air icons and reflects 25% of air icons that you are attacked with. Let's see, for Bombs, I'd recommend Smelly Dung Muffins. 15 icons, and hulking Wraith can't block all of it, though sometimes the Physical will be blocked. But, nor does it use Fire icons, which he can reflect if he uses his Clawed Shield. There is also a one use item called a Thick Smoke Bomb. At your pet's level you can mainly get these from the shop wiz. I will add these to the Alternative Equipment list below, for your consideration.

Ok, so here are 2 lists, definite, and alternative. Unfortunately, I couldn't narrow it down to JUST 8 items. LOL I made the Alternate Equipment list because those items, while good for a budget (i.e. CHEAP), they might just give you the help you need for a victory. Yet they aren't great weapons.

Though I've used all of them in the past when I've needed a couple extra icons for a specific opponent. I've also used the items in the Definite List, which has 2 slots open that you could add in 2 more items. Or 3 if you decide not to go with the Smelly Dung Muffin. ;) I will say that if memory serves me correctly, The Double Dryer (50% air reflection) CAN be paired up with the Bubble Blaster. So, that means the double dryer should reflect 50%, and then of the 50% that will hit, the Bubble Blaster I think should reflect 25% of THAT amount of air. At least that's how someone once explained it to me many years ago when I was still pretty much a rookie battler. ;)

Definite List
Reflecting Vanities   (Constant Attack)
Blazing Embers   (Constant Attack)
Downsize!    (50% Defense once per battle)
Greater Healing Scroll (50% Heal once per battle)
Earthen Scorchstone (Multi-use, blocks 4.5 Dark and Air icons)
Smelly Dung Muffin Muffin (10-15 icons, depending on if he uses Shield of Faerieland to block the 5 physical. One Use )
(Empty Slot)
(Empty Slot)

Alternative Equipment. (Might be useful)
Ultra Dark Reflectorb (Multi-use, Can break, cheap and reflects 50% of darkness back)
Thick Smoke Bomb (Negates ALL damage for one turn, one use)
Shield of the North Wind (Multi-use, blocks 5 air icons, 3 physical and 2 water)
Bubble Blaster (Multi-use 4 air attack, reflects 25% of air back at opponent, CAN break)
Double Dryer (Reflects 50% of air back at opponent, Can break)
Shovel Plus (Reflects 50% of Earth back at opponent, Can break)

I hope this helps! If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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2 hours ago, saryt said:

I beat him! multiple times now! Plus ive been working on my stats quite a bit. Thank you again!


Wow! And not even at level 50 yet! Congrats on doing so well! :D Especially without the Lens Flare ability! :D

If you want to try Malum, on Hard difficulty for the achievement. I would recommend the when you reach level 50, that you get the Throw Pillows ability and use that strategy with your current stats. I've never used it, but basically the way I understand it is.. You enter battle, and Use Throw Pillows with your two best weapons to attack. Then, since Throw Pillows is once a DAY, you leave your battle tab/window open, wait until sometime after midnight NST has passed, and then you attack while using Throw Pillows again. So it's one attack per day. Now, I haven't tried this, but maybe you can close the tab/window, and then re-enter battle on the Challenges tab on the Battledome's main page. I'm guessing that will work. But I really don't know.

However, while using this strategy over the course of several days, avoid things on the site that could hurt your pet or reduce it's HP to 0, such as visiting and getting blasted by the Snowager. Or getting singed or zapped by spinning some of the wheels. If anything like that happens, you need to use your Greater Healing Scroll in the BD the next time you use Throw Pillows, which means you'll only be attacking with 1 weapon that time. Which will draw out the battle longer. Another method I've heard to avoid this issue, is training HP at a training school and waiting until the lesson is over to take your turn in the BD.

When you are ready to take on Malum, here are the stats of his I collected, similar format to Hulking Wraith's stats.

Happy Battling! :D

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