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If Neopia Central had a team it will Henry and his fearless team. He lead them though love and friendship because Neopia Central had been ignored sometimes. Now it's time that his team and himself to never be forgotten. They are the best players of Neopia except they have three weaknesses that made them so forgotten. It's no wonder that no one pay attention to them. As long they overcome their weaknesses they will be the ranking top of Altador Cup. During the Aftermaths of the Altador Cups, Ashy has a Yooyuball School in one at Altador and the other in Neopia Central which this little guy teaches the next generation teams the basics of being a true team member. Joey's part time job is at the Rainbow Pool's Food Stand while Natasha basic hobby is doing artwork out of jello. Lily likes to stargaze and tries to practice to the next Altador Cup. Henry's hobby is being a one flotsam band with his guitar at Roo's Island. As the team is forgotten will they ever come back to compete in the next Altador Cup. We will never know.


Default Yooyuball Formation: 2+2


Name: Henry Anderson

Species: Flotsam (Male)

Position: Centre Forward, Team Captain

Strengths: Scoring, Improved Catching and Throwing, Leadership 

Weaknesses: Getting Dizzy, Unable to find a solution, Bad fallowing  

Paint Color: Electric 


Name: Natasha Hoppers

Species: Blumaroo (Female)

Position: Goal Keeper

Strengths: A better at jumping, Fast Thinker, Smooth Speed

Weaknesses: Hit on the forehead, getting out smart, unable to block in time

Paint Color: Jelly


Name: Ashy Colorful

Species: Kacheek (Male)

Position: Centre Defender

Strengths: Speed Blocking, Holding competitions, Great Charging

Weaknesses: Disco Music, Loosing speed, not competing 

Paint Color: Rainbow


Name: Lily Cosmos 

Species: Shoyru (Female)

Position: Left Defender

Strengths: Blocking hard, catching Yooyuball, helping her teanmates

Weaknesses: going too slow, unable to catch it, being hotheaded

Paint Color: Starry


Name: Joey Berry

Species: Zafara (Male)

Position: Right Defender

Strength: Being Super Rad, Great Guarding, Helping the Captain 

Weaknesses: Getting Hit, Unable to think properly, getting distracted 

Paint Color: Strawberry


This my contest attempt to give Neopia Central the respect it deserves. If you want I want you to draw and make pictures of my dream team if you like. Feel Free what you think of my idea below. Their theme song is similar to the Aquabats song called Super Rad. I hope you like it. 

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